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# 18:56:34 linuxjacques I'm trying to build the powerpc-e500v2-linux-gnuspe sample from the latest HEAD and it's failing on PPL with "configure: error: Cannot find GMP version 4.1.3 or higher."
# 18:56:50 linuxjacques yet it already built GMP 5.0.1
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# 19:28:45 y_morin linuxjacques: revert to using GMP 4.3.2.
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# 19:30:11 linuxjacques y_morin|away: yeah I tried that - same error
# 19:30:38 linuxjacques now trying without GRAPHITE which removes need for PPL
# 19:33:54 linuxjacques hmm, it looks like the PPL configure sub-executable (conftest built by configure to check GMP version) was segfaulting
# 19:34:23 linuxjacques I have these in my messages log: conftest[2258] trap divide error ip:400518 sp:7fffe99b26d8 error:0 in conftest[400000+1000]
# 20:03:43 y_morin|away linuxjacues: that's perfectly normal. In the process of testing stuff, ./configure generates some executables and runs them. If some do segfault, it can be expected behavior. It happens here as well.
# 20:20:31 linuxjacques y_morin|away: yeah it _could_ be normal, or it could be the conftest which is supposed to return a value based on the version of GMP - hard to tell. Either way, I can't get PPL to pass its configure test.
# 20:20:56 linuxjacques the toolchains built without GRAPHITE / PPL
# 20:21:00 linuxjacques toolchain
# 21:20:34 y_morin|away linuxjacques: What's your host? Gentoo with PAX?
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# 21:21:03 linuxjacques y_morin: this time it's Fedora14 X86_64
# 21:21:09 linuxjacques (I do use gentoo at home)
# 21:21:41 linuxjacques could it be picking up the host (Fedora) GMP libs?
# 21:21:52 y_morin Can you look at the config.log from PPL and see what it was trying to do at the time of breakage?
# 21:22:03 y_morin linuxjacques: yes it can do tht as well.
# 21:22:09 y_morin *that
# 21:22:47 linuxjacques y_morin: yeah I can find it again - it was building a little conftest which just linked a GMP lib (IIRC) and ensured the version was >= 4.1.3
# 21:23:22 linuxjacques the Fedora GMP would have been built with gcc 4.5.1 - not sure if that has a different ABI than 4.6.0 (which crosstool-ng is building)
# 21:23:34 y_morin Yes, I know. But in the config.log, you'll see exactly what was going on: the program, the compile command line.
# 21:23:50 y_morin Then you could redo the same build, but with the -Wl,-verbose flag
# 21:24:00 y_morin And then you'd see where it finds the library.
# 21:24:17 y_morin To rule out it picking the system library instead of our own version.
# 21:24:42 linuxjacques y_morin: Ok looking
# 21:25:08 linuxjacques but how would I be sure the env was the same between what I do on command line and crosstool-ng build?
# 21:25:23 linuxjacques sometimes there are lib paths etc.
# 21:25:28 y_morin The env has nothing to do when running gcc and ld.
# 21:25:36 y_morin All that matters is the arguments on the command line.
# 21:26:17 y_morin You'll see something like: 'failed program was' just after the last failure (other program failures are OK).
# 21:28:11 linuxjacques configure files aren't exactly ... readable - looks like this check starts on line 11163 of the PPL configure
# 21:28:30 y_morin linuxjacques: no, I'm speaking about the config.log, not the ./configure...
# 21:29:16 y_morin just search for the error message.
# 21:29:52 linuxjacques y_morin: aah, OK
# 21:31:35 linuxjacques I used the same build dir to build without PPL, so it looks like it wiped out the ppl build dir - let me re-config and try it again (should only take a couple of minutes)
# 21:31:49 y_morin OK, no problem...
# 21:33:22 linuxjacques it's building GMP now - then maybe one other package, then PPL
# 21:33:36 y_morin GMP -> MPFR -> PPL
# 21:33:36 linuxjacques yeah it's GMP, MPFR, PPL
# 21:34:20 linuxjacques OK, it failed on PPL, and there's a fresh segfault in my messages log - looking for PPL config.log now
# 21:36:43 linuxjacques I believe this is the relevant part of the PPL config.log: http://pastebin.com/fQqBS7aC
# 21:37:46 linuxjacques this is interesting: GMP header (gmp.h) and library (ligmp.*) version mismatch: header gives 4.3.1; library gives 5.0.1.
# 21:38:02 linuxjacques the Fedora version of GMP is 4.3.1
# 21:38:17 linuxjacques so it's finding the correct lib but wrong headers?
# 21:38:23 y_morin And you configured 5.0.1 in crosstool-NG, right?
# 21:38:45 linuxjacques y_morin: int this case, yes, though I have tried 4.3.2 as well
# 21:39:14 linuxjacques maybe I should remove the Fedora gmp-devel package
# 21:39:55 y_morin In fact, if you look at the conftest compile line (6 in the pastebin), you'll see it does not pass any -I flag.
# 21:40:26 y_morin No, companion libraries are becoming mainstream in current distors, and we have to support that as well.
# 21:40:35 y_morin *distros
# 21:40:55 linuxjacques yeah I didn't feel right suggesting it :-)
# 21:41:18 y_morin And because it does not pass any -I flag, it includes gmpxx.h from your host include path, not our.
# 21:41:34 y_morin (line 98 in the pastebin)
# 22:01:09 linuxjacques y_morin: as a test, I removed the Fedora gmp-devel package, and now the PPL build fails with: conftest.cpp:84:19: fatal error: gmpxx.h: No such file or directory
# 22:01:22 linuxjacques which I guess would be expected with no -I
# 22:27:12 linuxjacques re-installing the Fedora gmp-devel package and choosing GMP 4.3.1 in crosstool-ng allows PPl to build
# 22:38:05 bhundven y_morin: have you tested building x86_64 on i[x]86 with static toolchain?
# 22:39:30 y_morin bhundven: probably not, I can't remember. I mostly do real crosses here (eg. ARM and MIPS).
# 22:39:38 bhundven ok
# 22:40:18 y_morin So if you tell me it is broken, I wouldn't be too surpised. Disapointed, maybe; surprised, no. :-/
# 22:40:25 bhundven heh
# 22:40:57 bhundven well, I'm still trying to figure out the actual problem, so I'm not raising any alarms yet..
# 22:41:25 y_morin bhundven: but if you have a fix, tonight is your last chance at it before the release: I am rebuilding all samples before the release on Saturday evening.
# 22:41:39 bhundven not yet... just getting into it.
# 22:41:48 bhundven next release ;)
# 22:42:10 y_morin And building all of them takes roughly 16h on my machine, so I'm not ready to handle a third or second build...
# 22:42:16 y_morin Yep, probably! ;-)
# 22:43:52 y_morin hates Java: the Java frontend takes 20min to build...
# 22:44:43 y_morin linuxjacques: I'm not too sure what to expect at this step (I mean no -I). It works for me here.
# 22:45:19 y_morin linuxjacques: I guess that, although you removed the -devel package, you still have the runtime (eg. the libgmp.so.x.y.z is still here)
# 22:45:51 y_morin In this case, it can still link with it. It's just the headers it does not find... :-(
# 22:45:57 y_morin Which is weird.
# 22:46:00 linuxjacques y_morin: yeah removing the runtime would probably want to remove the compiler
# 22:46:10 y_morin definitely, yes. Sad...
# 22:46:31 y_morin OTOH, I am working on making the complibs in crosstool-NG optional, in case the host system already have them.
# 22:47:03 y_morin But that's not ready, my host still does not have them (I'm still on Debian Lenny, and not ready to upgrade).
# 22:47:21 linuxjacques lol, doing "yum erase gmp" wants to remove just about every package on the system
# 22:47:31 y_morin He...
# 22:48:31 linuxjacques Fedora rawhide has 4.3.2, maybe I'll build / install that
# 22:53:26 y_morin linuxjacques: probably, yes. It is built with the host compiler, so it should be the ABI.
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# 23:02:07 linuxjacques_ I built/installed 4.3.2 from the rawhide srpm and now PPL is happily building against that version
# 23:02:26 y_morin \o/
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