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# 15:14:15 tempura hi there
# 15:17:06 tempura i'm using a ct-ng made compiler to compile for my target and need my application linked against libuuid built as a buildroot companion package
# 15:18:15 tempura my question is how to get the ct-ng made compiler and linker use libuuid.h and link against libuuid.so from in buildroot's generated target fs
# 15:40:43 tempura um, found out how to do it
# 15:40:48 tempura thanks for having me over :)
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# 19:32:26 daggs1-home y_morin, hello!
# 19:32:28 daggs1-home whats up?
# 19:32:42 y_morin daggs1-home: hey! :-)
# 19:33:03 daggs1-home did you've heard about the new compiler on the block?
# 19:33:45 y_morin daggs1-home: which one are you speaking about?
# 19:34:15 daggs1-home pathscale has open sourced their c/c++ compiler
# 19:34:48 y_morin is un-piling the huge pile of mails accumulated during a WE party...
# 19:34:55 daggs1-home :_D
# 19:34:57 daggs1-home :-D
# 19:35:39 y_morin No, I hadn't heard of it so far.
# 19:36:32 daggs1-home ok, say did you encountered any issues when compiling a file with -Wl,-static?
# 19:39:49 y_morin daggs1-home: yes/no. Depends on what you are calling 'issues'.
# 19:40:24 daggs1-home this: /opt/server/local/inst/crosstool/x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/gcc-4.6.0-glibc-2.11.1/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/4.6.0/../../../../x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc_s
# 19:40:32 daggs1-home collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
# 19:41:21 y_morin but usually, when linking, either you directly use 'ld' and can then pass -static; or you use 'gcc' and pass it the -static flag.
# 19:42:09 daggs1-home yes, thing is, it is part of a configure process of a software
# 19:42:39 y_morin I am not sure what happens when you are using 'gcc' as the linker frontend, do not tell it to link static (without -static), and only tell 'ld' to link static (with -Wl,-static).
# 19:42:52 daggs1-home it wants to verify that you can compile c programs so it runs a command with that to makesure
# 19:43:25 y_morin daggs1-home: is it a standard ./configure you are using ?
# 19:43:35 daggs1-home yes
# 19:44:04 y_morin sorry, dunno...
# 19:44:04 daggs1-home sec
# 19:45:47 daggs1-home mmm, looking for that issue in normal compilers means that libgcc_s.so is missing but it does exists
# 19:46:20 y_morin daggs1-home: libgcc_s.so is a shared lib, so ld is not gonna use it, as you are asking for static link.
# 19:46:48 y_morin but as you are not telling gcc to do so, maybe it is passing the shared lib to ld, instead of the static one.
# 19:47:31 y_morin daggs1-home: what is the full failing command line when calling gcc ?
# 19:47:39 daggs1-home I've tried that but it doesn't seems to work
# 19:47:52 daggs1-home [16:17:13 eial@eial pastebin]$ /opt/crosstool/x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/gcc-4.6.0-glibc-2.11.1/bin/x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu-g++ -Os -I/u/eial/projects/ScMP64/src/3rdparty/openib/include/ -g -L/u/eial/projects/ScMP64/src/3rdparty/openib/lib -Wl,-static test.c -losmcomp -libverbs -libumad -libcommon
# 19:47:53 daggs1-home /opt/server/local/inst/crosstool/x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/gcc-4.6.0-glibc-2.11.1/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/4.6.0/../../../../x86_64-vSMP-linux-gnu/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc_s
# 19:47:53 daggs1-home collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
# 19:48:35 y_morin daggs1-home: try to re-run that exact same command, and pass: -v -Wl,-verbose
# 19:49:07 y_morin I mean, add those flags when calling cc, it'll show you the full call to ld that gcc is trying to do.
# 19:49:32 y_morin Then, it'll also show where ld is looking for each libs and .o files
# 19:49:49 daggs1-home ok, I'll take note of it and try tomorrow as I'm not at work now
# 19:50:23 daggs1-home so -v -Wl,-static,-verbose?
# 19:51:08 y_morin yes, that works also. You can pass multiple -Wl args: -Wl,-static -Wl,-verbose
# 19:52:03 daggs1-home ok, will try, thnaks :)
# 19:54:39 daggs1-home no that is strange, it fails on my local compiler
# 19:55:56 y_morin daggs1-home: ? What has your local compiler to do in this? You are calling the cross compiler...
# 19:56:16 y_morin Is your local host also an x86_64 ?
# 19:56:51 daggs1-home y_morin, I know, I've thought of trying to see what is the output at my home
# 19:57:08 daggs1-home I'm running gentoo x86_64
# 19:57:41 y_morin daggs1-home: OK, so you tried to reproduce the issue with your native compiler, right?
# 19:57:53 daggs1-home from the output, I see that is looks for libgcc_s.a
# 19:57:57 daggs1-home yes
# 19:58:42 daggs1-home but I have libgcc_s.so
# 19:58:42 daggs1-home so maybe the issue is the need for libgcc_s.a too
# 19:59:17 y_morin daggs1-home: Try adding -static to the gcc call, instead of -Wl,-static, and see if it helps.
# 19:59:30 daggs1-home mmm it seems that I need -static-libgcc added to gcc
# 20:00:27 y_morin daggs1-home: except that, if you tell gcc to link static with '-static', it'll do it for you: it is gonna use the static libgcc, *and* tell ld to only use static libs.
# 20:00:58 daggs1-home works but it doesn't looks for the lib in question
# 20:01:44 daggs1-home so, I need to modify the configure script to compile with -static instead of -Wl,-static?
# 20:03:25 y_morin daggs1-home: just check if it works in the first place. If it does,, then you can hack it into the ./configure.
# 20:05:53 daggs1-home g++ -static-libgcc -Os -Wl,-static -Wl,-verbose conftest.c passes that issue but fails on libgcc_eh
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# 20:49:18 tkil where should i start looking, to figure out why /usr/lib/libnss_... files are not getting copied to my root when i call "...-populate"?
# 20:50:32 y_morin tkil: run ...-populate --help
# 20:50:46 y_morin tkil: the libnss are never copied automatically, because:
# 20:51:13 y_morin 1) there is no program that is linked to them
# 20:51:25 y_morin 2) so there is no NEEDED tag for them in programs
# 20:51:38 y_morin 3) so 'readelf -d' can't see they are needed.
# 20:52:41 y_morin Beside, depending on the system, populate can not know what libs to copy. Do you want to use files? NIS? YellowPages? LDAP? Other?...
# 20:52:46 tkil y_morin -- (this is anthony.foiani@gmail, btw.)
# 20:53:01 tkil let me read the docs again, brb
# 20:53:04 y_morin tkil: Hello Anthony! :-)
# 20:53:17 tkil ah, -l it is. :)
# 20:54:04 y_morin tkil: yep, you can even pass it -L to accept a file with one lib listed per line.
# 20:55:02 tkil indeed. on a related note, is there a similar flag to get the debug-root stuff populated? (that question might not make any sense)
# 20:55:18 tkil i was somewhat confused when i didn't have strace on my populated root...
# 20:55:29 y_morin tkil: no there is no such flag. Yes, it makes sense to copy the gdbserver
# 20:55:42 y_morin And of course, the other tools.
# 20:56:06 tkil (although it might not really matter, as my current workflow is to make a min root (and package that for initramfs or whatnot) then add more stuff and make that my live nfs root.)
# 20:56:23 tkil spiffy. thanks again!
# 20:57:23 y_morin tkil: but as the tools in debug-root are for, well, debug, it makes sense IMHO to let the developper just copy what it needs, even afterward.
# 20:58:28 y_morin tkil: but adding such a flag should be relativelt easy. Smthg like: -t tool1[:tool2...] ( eg.: -t gdbserver:strace:ltrace )
# 20:58:57 tkil agreed, hence my comment about my workflow. (although i could see a different workflow, where someone would want a fat and porky nfs root until they've ironed out most of the difficulties on the prototype device, then start trimming out the fat...)
# 20:59:59 y_morin tkil: both have advantages: fat means easy to progress at begining, harder at the end of dev cycle. Slim is the other way around: slowest at beginning of dev cycle, easier at the end
# 21:00:42 y_morin has to recover from a tiring WE... Going to bed now..
# 21:00:51 tkil have a good evening!
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