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# 20:28:26 sh4rm4 when i tried to build a toolchain with musl libc, it failed because of a missing "link.h". that one seems to come with glibc
# 20:29:33 sh4rm4 i wonder if whatever gcc is trying to build there can be avoided / circumvented
# 20:34:08 kos_tom sh4rm4, could you post your .config and put the full build log somewhere and post a mail on the mailing list ?
# 20:34:17 kos_tom or at least pastebin your build log and config, and post the URL here
# 20:35:49 sh4rm4 kos_tom, i wasnt using ct-ng
# 20:35:57 sh4rm4 since there is no template for musl
# 20:36:29 kos_tom ah, since this channel is named #crosstool-ng, I was assuming that all discussions are related to ct-ng
# 20:36:40 sh4rm4 also i prefer gcc 3.4.6
# 20:37:08 kos_tom ouch, gcc 3.4.6 is a prehistoric thing
# 20:37:16 sh4rm4 because i can build it on 64 mb ram machine
# 20:37:32 sh4rm4 while gcc 4.5 eats up as much as 1.1 gb while linking
# 20:38:48 sh4rm4 and takes 4 times as long to compile ...
# 20:39:20 kos_tom I guess you should do cross-compiling.
# 20:40:03 sh4rm4 just to use gcc 4 ?
# 20:43:43 sh4rm4 i ended up compiling it in a chroot using --with-sysroot
# 20:43:59 sh4rm4 all statically linked
# 20:44:07 sh4rm4 on 32bits
# 20:44:14 sh4rm4 works well on 64bit as well
# 20:44:48 sh4rm4 the --target option was causing the xgcc invocation, which caused the problem
# 20:45:14 sh4rm4 btw: the entire toolchain is only 6 MB .xz archive
# 20:46:17 sh4rm4 a simple select server compiles to a 2.5 KB statically linked binary
# 20:46:36 sh4rm4 while with gcc 4.5 it's 9 KB
# 20:48:07 y_morin sh4rm4: as kos_tom said, this channel is dedicated to crosstool-NG discussions. If you are trying to add musl support in crostool-NG, then you are welcome to discuss here. Otherwise, there are better channels to ask for help. I'm afraid people here do not have much musl knowledge (except that it is an umpteenth C library).
# 20:49:13 sh4rm4 y_morin, i would like to add musl support
# 20:49:26 sh4rm4 thats why i am trying to understand the issue i was having
# 20:49:39 y_morin sh4rm4: Good!
# 20:50:12 y_morin sh4rm4: right, but I'm afraid none here will be able to help you get musl built. When you know that, we can help integrating in crosstool-NG, of course! :-)
# 20:50:38 sh4rm4 i read something about that on the gcc bugtracker... apinski was basically telling that "glibc is required to cross-compile"
# 20:50:49 sh4rm4 however that doesnt make much sense to me
# 20:51:01 sh4rm4 (talking about the "link.h" issue)
# 20:51:46 y_morin sh4rm4: whatever link.h is, if gcc needs it, then the C library should porovide it. If it does not, this is a bug in the C library.
# 20:51:48 sh4rm4 my guess was that you guys ran into that issue as well and solved it somehow
# 20:52:43 y_morin sh4rm4: from what you said earlier, link.h seems to be provided by the C library. gcc must be using that to build target libraries (eg. libstdc++)
# 20:53:28 y_morin sh4rm4: so link.h must be installed by the C library when doing the headers+start_files pass.
# 20:55:01 sh4rm4 it was building some "unwind" stuff
# 20:56:06 sh4rm4 which is obviously not required normally, because it builds fine with --disable-bootstrap but without --target
# 20:59:42 sh4rm4 maybe it could work with this patch ... http://old.nabble.com/PATCH%3A-Include-%3Clink.h%3E-only-if-USE_PT_GNU_EH_FRAME-is-defined-td29645209.html
# 21:00:54 y_morin sh4rm4: try with gcc-4.6, it already has bionic support, so the link.h issue could go away with musl as well...
# 21:01:26 sh4rm4 y_morin, yeah, but i dont want to use that slow bloated beast
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