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# 17:08:49 y_morin ccct, ccole: any one of you around?
# 17:27:20 ccole y_morin: Hello!
# 17:27:29 y_morin ccole: Heya!
# 17:27:37 y_morin ccole: seen my messages yesterday?
# 17:27:46 ccole y_morin: yes, sounds like good progress!
# 17:28:06 ccole wonders why Ubuntu gang feels there's a need for yet another shell?
# 17:28:27 y_morin ccole: because it is faster.. at breaking things! :-)
# 17:30:34 ccole y_morin: I have found some interesting bugs in GCC and glibc which inhibit my using them. For example, rpc is broken in glibc2.14. And GCC4.6.0/1 produce incorrect asm code for ARM!
# 17:31:04 ccole y_morin: These are known bugs.. but exist in the released tarballs at gnu.org.
# 17:31:50 ccole y_morin: I finally found through steppnig back 1 version at a time that GCC 4.5.3 and glibc 2.13 are a stable combo for ARM.
# 17:34:59 y_morin ccole: RPC is not broken. It;s just "removed" and deprecated in glibc.
# 17:35:26 y_morin ccole: the (long-term) plan is to ramp up to speed on TI-RPC, but it's not ready for prime-time.
# 17:36:02 y_morin ccole: did you try the Linaro gcc-4.6? IOt should be more stable on ARM.
# 17:36:09 y_morin *It
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# 19:29:46 ccole y_morin: Thanks, I hadn't thought to look there; That appears to be a gold mine of patches for the ARM toolchain
# 19:30:26 ccole y_morin: Basically linaro's own + stuff from CodeSourcery, which has not yet been put into GCC mainline
# 19:31:07 y_morin ccole: yes, that's absically the workbench for ARM in gcc, before it gets pushed upstream.
# 19:32:41 ccole y_morin: Awesome, thanks for enlightening me :)
# 19:37:25 y_morin OK, so we are down to this situation, now:
# 19:38:02 y_morin If '/bin/sh' points to 'dash', *and* CONFIG_SHELL is set (even to '/bin/sh' !), glibc build breaks
# 19:38:50 y_morin If '/bin/sh' points to 'bash', *and* CONFIG_SHELL is empty, then it works.
# 19:38:57 y_morin I have yet to test the following:
# 19:39:26 y_morin 1) Point '/bin/sh' to 'bash', and set CONFIG_SHELL to /bin/sh
# 19:39:55 y_morin 2) Point '/bin/sh' to 'bash', and set CONIG_SHELL to '/bin/bash'
# 19:40:16 y_morin 3) Point '/bin/sh' to 'dash', and set CONFIG_SHELL to '/bin/dash'
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# 20:34:57 ccole y_morin: Interestingly, my Ubuntu 11.04 has sh -> dash, however it has SHELL=/bin/bash. That seems like a configuration mismatch to me..
# 20:36:00 y_morin ccole: grep 'your-login' /etc/passwd --> does it show /bin/bash, /bin/dash, or /bin/sh ?
# 20:36:03 ccole y_morin: So perhaps I should try either your #2 or #3 and see if that will work. Both ought to I'd think.
# 20:36:20 y_morin ccole: /bin/sh is the system shell, while it seems that your user-shell is bash.
# 20:36:36 ccole y_morin: passwd says /bin/bash
# 20:37:03 ccole y_morin: OK, I see. ps says Im running bash.
# 20:37:06 y_morin ccole: well, I have another idea in mind: do as for autoconf, and run ./configure explicitly throught CONFIG_SHELL.
# 20:38:08 y_morin *through
# 20:50:13 y_morin OK, that last one is the simplest, and DOES ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! Yeah! :-)
# 20:50:30 y_morin Expect soon a patch on your favorite website! :-)
# 20:56:28 ccole y_morin: Great! Thank you!
# 21:01:30 kos_tom y_morin: BTW, I successfully built and used a toolchain compiled statically with your python/gdb patch applied. But I haven't tested gdb/gdbserver yet.
# 21:01:53 y_morin kos_tom: if it was statically linked, then python is not linked in.
# 21:01:53 kos_tom but at least gcc/ld works, and is capable of building a kernel + a system with X.org and some other stuff, and the system runs :)
# 21:02:07 y_morin kos_tom: That's good to read! :-)
# 21:02:31 y_morin kos_tom: Note however, that bintuils were not entirely build static either.
# 21:03:06 y_morin kos_tom: gold was always dynamically linked: http://crosstool-ng.org/hg/crosstool-ng/rev/293d8334b913
# 21:03:19 kos_tom ah, yes, the gold linker.
# 21:04:01 kos_tom ok, I might add this patch as well, just to make sure, but I don't think I'll use the gold linker here.
# 21:05:05 y_morin kos_tom: are you using the 1.12 series, or the devel stuff form the repo?
# 21:05:36 kos_tom I'm using the 1.12.2 version plus the python/gdb patch.
# 21:06:25 y_morin kos_tom: you may want to upgrade to 1.12.3, there are a few fixes: http://crosstool-ng.org/download/crosstool-ng/01-fixes/1.12.2/
# 21:06:59 y_morin (although the alternat kernel DL locations is now no longer working due to rsyncing an empty dir...)
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