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# 07:49:16 kos_tom y_morin: I had a quick look at the CodeSourcery shell script
# 07:49:24 kos_tom y_morin: they build their own expat library, their own zlib library
# 07:49:51 y_morin kos_tom: Ah. crosstool-NG builds its own expat, too, but only for the native gdb on the target.
# 07:50:16 y_morin kos_tom: I would like to build as few things as possible. It's a pain to maintain...
# 07:50:47 kos_tom their expat is built this way:
# 07:50:49 kos_tom /scratch/janisjo/arm-linux-lite/src/expat-mirror/configure --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --target=arm-none-linux-gnueabi --prefix=/scratch/janisjo/arm-linux-lite/obj/host-libs-2011.03-41-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-gnu/usr --disable-shared --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --disable-nls
# 07:50:56 kos_tom well configured this way.
# 07:51:14 y_morin kos_tom: Also, zlib is known to have had a bunch of security bugs in the past, and I would not want to rely on anything that uses its own version of zlib, and not the one on the system.
# 07:51:53 kos_tom y_morin: well, if you build static anyway, you're not using the one on the ysstem.
# 07:52:09 kos_tom y_morin: that may be a stupid question, but how do you build something statically against all libs, except the C library ?
# 07:52:24 kos_tom y_morin: I mean, I know you can do gcc -o foo foo.c /usr/lib/libfoobar.a
# 07:52:38 y_morin kos_tom: gcc -static
# 07:52:38 kos_tom but if the thing is like gdb, behind a complex autoconf/automake build system?
# 07:52:51 kos_tom y_morin: this will link statically against the C library as well, no?
# 07:53:08 y_morin kos_tom: well, yes. It's an all-or-nothing option.
# 07:53:19 y_morin kos_tom: I mean, in crosstool-NG.
# 07:53:43 kos_tom yeah, hence my question (not related to ct-ng directly): how do you build statically against some libs, and dynamically against others?
# 07:54:06 y_morin kos_tom: but is it really worth the effort to ask for static-link against foo/bar/buz, but still keep shared-link for libc/libm/...
# 07:54:09 kos_tom in the codesourcery case, they point the gdb configure to a version of libexpat where the shared version is not available, so obviously, it will build statically against it.
# 07:54:19 y_morin kos_tom: Ah. No idea...
# 07:54:44 kos_tom y_morin: yes, because glibc provides backward compatibility, so as long as you build your toolchain on a sufficiently old machine, it will work on many other machines.
# 07:54:52 y_morin kos_tom: But if you use smthg like: ./configure --with-expat=/some:place/blabla
# 07:55:00 kos_tom y_morin: and static linking against the C library makes the binaries really huge.
# 07:55:05 y_morin kos_tom: and you have only static stuff there, then you'd use static expat.
# 07:55:16 kos_tom y_morin: yes, but if you use the system expat, which is installed both shared *and* static ?
# 07:56:00 y_morin kos_tom: Yes, I know the problem, just pointing to how CS did, and how we do in crosstool-NG for the libs we do build.
# 07:56:18 y_morin kos_tom: otherwise, there's no sane way to do that via the ./configure-thinggy...
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# 08:00:04 kos_tom y_morin: yeah, that's what I thought.
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# 15:17:30 ccct y_morin: 1.12.4 completed a build on ubuntu without the loop, thanks.
# 15:28:39 y_morin ccct: OK, thanks for the heads up! :-)
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