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# 18:57:45 mnt_real y_morin|away: looking at linaro's patch on making pkgversion optional
# 18:58:21 mnt_real y_morin|away: isn't the inclusion of pkgversion part of the license ?
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# 20:39:09 y_morin mnt_real: hello! Not sure what you mean by "inclusion of pkgversion part of the license".
# 20:39:43 y_morin There is nothing in the license that sttes the "crostool-NG" should be part of the pkgversion. That's a restriction, and thus is not allowed by the GPL.
# 20:39:57 y_morin s/sttes/states/
# 20:41:33 y_morin mnt_real: That's just that I would prefer that stock crosstool-NG does set pkgversion to "crosstool-NG foobar", but nothing prevents someone from removing that part of the code and simply setting it to "foobar"
# 20:41:51 mnt_real y_morin: thanks for the explanation, I misunderstood then, for some reason we had to have that string as part of the generated toolchains
# 20:42:31 mnt_real y_morin: I meant, for some reason I thought we had to have that sting part of the generated toolchains
# 20:43:02 mnt_real y_morin: god I can't type /sting/string/
# 20:43:34 mnt_real y_morin: toolchains I was shipping I always left that string to show that it was generated by crostoolng
# 20:43:38 y_morin mnt_real: no, no, not at all. But what the GPL states is that you have to supply the "scripts used to control compilation and installation" (in GPLv2)
# 20:44:12 mnt_real y_morin: OK so we need to supply crosstoolng which is the script ...
# 20:44:22 y_morin So having that string in toolchains help identification.
# 20:44:50 y_morin mnt_real: yes, that's explained in the LICENSES" file in the top-level dir of crosstool-NG, last section.
# 20:44:57 mnt_real y_morin: besides I thought it is nice to have the string there to give the right credit to crosstoolsng
# 20:45:12 y_morin Yes, that also! :-)
# 20:45:37 mnt_real y_morin: so I will continue including the string and refer to the repository as the sources
# 20:48:03 y_morin mnt_real: we're sliding to a sensible subject here. IANAL, but pointing to the upstream is usually considered enough. But the _letter_ of the GPL states, roughly, "on the same place as the executable", which means: the CD or CD set, the same FTP, and so on... GPLv3 is more laxist on this subject, though, but I don't know it enough to comment.
# 20:48:35 y_morin And that's all I'll state on this subject for now...
# 20:52:35 mnt_real y_morin: thank y_morin, no worries, I will read up more as well and make sure I'll continue providing whatever necessary if not more, thanks for your attention so far
# 20:52:52 y_morin mnt_real: my pleasure! :-)
# 20:54:53 mnt_real y_morin: thanks for maintaining such a nice tool, you are doing a very good job, it helps me quite a bit.
# 20:59:39 y_morin mnt_real: Cheers! Thanks, it helps reading such comments! :-)
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# 21:16:27 mnt_real y_morin: just saw your post on the subject, I feel bad I created the confusion, hopefully it will be helpful for some others at some point as well, you stated it all very clearly, thanks again
# 21:17:43 y_morin mnt_real: don't worry. I prefer that questions be asked, and get answered, rather than FUD being disseminated! :-)
# 21:17:59 mnt_real y_morin: :)
# 21:18:38 y_morin mnt_real: thank you for raising the issue. Hopefully, it's all set now!:-)
# 21:19:12 y_morin is just considering doing the 1.13.0 release right now....
# 21:19:42 y_morin Everything look nice, and it's anyway too late to add anything new.
# 21:21:13 y_morin OTOH, releases usually appear on the last day of the month, so I may just prepare the release now, and push it when I'm back from ELC-E/LinuxCon, just in case there's a last-minute issue popping up...
# 21:31:21 mnt_real y_morin: I can test 1.13.0 for my set of toolchains (arm, powerpc) when the release becomes available
# 21:32:28 y_morin mnt_real: you can test right now by using the repository. I'll push a last changeset that updates all the samples, in the coming minutes...
# 21:33:51 mnt_real y_morin: OK, I will just do that, have your last changeset and will test it out ...
# 21:36:28 y_morin mnt_real: OK, it's in. Thank you! :-)
# 21:38:03 mnt_real y_morin: great, thanks, I'll let you know if I see something strange, will test probably little after supper time, are you in European time ?
# 21:38:17 y_morin mnt_real: UTC+0200, yes.
# 21:40:42 mnt_real y_morin: OK we are at -5, we'll send you and e-mail then if there is anything and if you are gone, goodnight then ...
# 21:41:40 y_morin mnt_real: OK, thanks! I'll probably be gone at 00:00 here, in about 30min...
# 21:42:10 mnt_real y_morin: sounds good, have a good night and a nice start tomorrow :)
# 21:42:31 y_morin Cheers! Have a good evening! See ya!
# 21:42:37 mnt_real y_morin: :)
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