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# 05:15:26 ringlej While trying to use gdb built by ctng-1.13.0 inside kdevelop, I'm getting an error: "You need gdb 7.0.0 or higher. You are using: GNU gdb (crosstool-NG-1.13.0) 7.3". Is there a way to build gdb in ctng without the gratuitous change to "gdb --version"?
# 13:17:01 sh4rm4 haha
# 13:17:14 sh4rm4 they should fix kdevelop instead
# 13:20:19 sh4rm4 for a quick fix. use a hexeditor
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# 19:19:45 kos_tom ringlej: I think yes.
# 19:41:37 ringlej kos_tom: how? I can't figure how ctng changes how gdb reports the version number...
# 19:45:15 kos_tom hm, seems like the menuconfig has no option for that
# 19:45:21 kos_tom but you can easily hack the gdb build process
# 19:46:24 kos_tom just edit scripts/build/debug/300-gdb.sh
# 19:46:26 kos_tom and remove the line
# 19:46:32 kos_tom extra_config+=("--with-pkgversion=${CT_PKGVERSION}")
# 19:46:54 kos_tom and also send a bug report to the kdevelop people.
# 19:57:44 ringlej kos_tom: thanks for the pointer to where ctng sets the version. Why do you think its a bug on kdevelop's part? How would you expect them to handle parsing the output of gdb --version to get the gdb version if the format of the version string is modified from what the upstream gdb reports?
# 20:23:55 kos_tom the thing that ct-ng does is supported by upstream gdb
# 20:24:03 kos_tom the --with-pkgversion is something that gdb supports upstream
# 20:24:14 kos_tom and many other toolchains use the same option.
# 20:24:25 kos_tom so basically, kdevelop should just ignore what is between parenthesis.
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