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# 04:54:33 imMute I've been trying to cross compile for an embedded system we are developing at work. The ct-ng script worked fine on the work box (Ubuntu Karmic x86_64) but the same .config blows up on my ArchLinux box as well as on Fedora 16.
# 04:56:27 imMute I even tried the arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi.config example but I still get errors about make targets during the libc headers step. The issues doc said use an older version of make, so I compiled 3.80 and it still says that
# 04:57:49 imMute (The issue I was having with Arch and the other .config were internal gcc errors, which I attributed to Arch having an "experimental" version of gcc)
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# 14:48:13 imMute I might just end up installing ubuntu x86_64 on something so I can just use the already-compiled binaries :(
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# 18:25:09 imMute gah. I just realized pretty much all the errors i've been getting now are "Makefile:240: *** mixed implicit and normal rules. Stop." even though I'm using make-3.80
# 18:25:15 imMute I have no idea what to try now. any ideas?
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# 20:15:17 imMute aha, apparently ct-ng is creating a .build/tools/bin/make binary that is v2.82
# 20:15:20 imMute now why is it doing that....
# 20:22:04 y_morin imMute: hey! This is a wrapper script to your own make.
# 20:22:43 y_morin imMute: so if your host make is 3.82 (I hope it's not 2.82!), then the wrapper just calls this.
# 20:24:13 y_morin imMute: If you have make issues, then you can ask ct-ng to build a make 3.81. Go to: "Companion tools" -> [*] Build some companion tool -> [*] make
# 20:26:03 imMute y_morin: right, and it is still "pointing" at /usr/bin/make rather than /somewhere/else/bin/make (which is earlier in my PATH). apparently you have to specify where make is whne *compiling ct-ng itself*
# 20:27:36 y_morin imMute: .configure looks for a 'make' in the PATH, and then uses that to setup crosstool-NG. So if you built your own 'make' after you installed crostool-NG, it will still use the old one.
# 20:28:08 imMute right. I just recompiled ct-ng and its still using the old make
# 20:29:13 y_morin Hmm... Lemme check...
# 20:29:31 imMute and apparently this version of ct-ng doesn't have the option to build make
# 20:30:36 imMute I'll try the latest ct-ng with the option to compile make turned on
# 20:30:51 y_morin imMute: you have to first enable "EXPERIMENTAL" in "Paths and misc options"
# 20:31:25 imMute right, I did. the companion tools shows up and lists automake, m4 , autoconf, and something else, but not make
# 20:31:35 imMute I'm nuking everything and starting over
# 20:31:37 y_morin imMute: what ct-ng version are you using?
# 20:31:48 imMute I was using 1.9.2, going to try 1.13.2 now
# 20:32:04 y_morin imMute: Oh yes, 1.9.x was lacking 'make'.
# 20:33:03 imMute It wont matter that ct-ng was built with make 3.82??
# 20:33:43 y_morin imMute: Nope. It does matter only for old versions of the Linux kernel, the glibc nd eglibc, and maybe old versions of gcc as well.
# 20:33:58 y_morin imMute: old, meaning "before make-3.82 was released"
# 20:34:09 imMute screw it, going to rebuild ct-ng with the old make anyway
# 20:34:22 y_morin imMute: but ct-ng itself is immune to the make-3.82 changes.
# 20:34:45 y_morin imMute: it's not like configuring+building crostool-NG took ages! ;-)
# 20:35:00 imMute thank god
# 20:35:54 imMute running the cross build would take > 2hrs on my VM. I did that once then said, NOEP.
# 20:36:37 y_morin imMute: "NOEP" ?
# 20:36:44 imMute nope*
# 20:37:17 imMute I'm trying the arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi.config example config (with a couple minor path changes, and the make change) and seeing if that works. if it does, then I'll praise
# 20:38:48 y_morin imMute: I just did the folowing: build crosstool-NG with my host /usr/bin/make, then install another make in /opt/make/bin/make, export it to PATH, then re-run ct-ng's ./configure, and it properly picks the new make.
# 21:00:56 imMute oh snap, it moved past teh libc_start_files step - that's a first!
# 21:03:16 y_morin imMute: Yeah! :-)
# 21:04:24 imMute man, I'm glad I'm not in charge of the hardware behind this VPS - I've been *hammering* the disks for the last 3 days.
# 21:28:18 imMute well shit, puked on building cross-gdb with a python error
# 21:34:24 y_morin imMute: Yep, 1.13 does not have proper checks in place to test for python, especially if you ask for a static link of gdb.
# 21:34:56 imMute so the solution is to... not build gdb?
# 21:35:17 imMute I probably don't need to as I already have gdb on the target
# 21:36:10 imMute oh, just noticed a [ ] Enable python scripting option under gdb. going to turn that off now
# 21:36:16 y_morin imMute: it's about the cross-gdb, not the native one. And you can simply disable python script: [ ] Enable python scripting
# 21:36:22 y_morin Hehe! :-)
# 21:36:58 imMute whee, moving on. (also, thank freaking god for the RESTART option)
# 21:37:20 y_morin imMute: The restart does not work if you change the configuration!
# 21:37:36 imMute even just that one little thing?
# 21:37:50 imMute nope, apparently not.
# 21:37:53 y_morin imMute: that's because crosstool-NG has no way to know if the config change has an impact on the previous build...
# 21:39:00 imMute quite true. although it'd be cool if you could say "yes the config changed, but continue where you left off anyway - I think I know what I'm doing"
# 21:39:33 y_morin imMute: I already looked at it, and that's not that simple...
# 21:39:52 imMute I figured as much. not complaining :)
# 21:40:09 imMute I'm assuming you're teh guy that wrote crosstool-ng?
# 21:40:36 y_morin imMute: when I wrote all that scripts and Makefile stuff some 5 years ago, it seemed like a pretty neat thingy. Now, as time passes, I see that there are real issues with the design...
# 21:41:12 imMute ever thought about redesigning it?
# 21:41:20 imMute or does it work well enough to not bother?
# 21:42:08 y_morin imMute: Yes, I am thinking about it. But I have much more important to finish first. And yes, it works pretty well for my use case, but really I want to change some big things in the design...
# 21:43:31 y_morin imMute: basically, instead of this all-linear build procedure, I'd like to switch to a Makefile-based dependency, so that not-dependent steps can be built in parallel; eg. binutils do not require the complibs, so there's no point in waiting for them to finish before building binutils).
# 21:44:32 y_morin Especially since, at least on my machine, about 1.3rd of the time is spent in ./configure, which is not parallel at all, so I have a bunch of CPUs just idling for 1.3rd of the toolchain build (jeez, that's eleven hyper-threads doing nothing!)
# 21:44:46 imMute thatd be pretty cool, but yeah, I can see how that would require a major overhaul
# 21:46:12 y_morin imMute: basically, it's not that technically complex: all the steps are already self-contained, and run in their own sub-shell. The big hudle would be about the big scripts/crosstool-NG.sh that is not really thought out (well, at the time, I thought it was, but, hey!...)
# 21:46:23 y_morin *hurdle
# 21:47:25 imMute jeez PPL is murdering the RAM, but barely touching the CPUs
# 21:47:46 y_morin imMute: Even on my machine with 6GiB, it swaps horribly...
# 21:48:21 y_morin But I build 12 jobs in //
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# 23:31:19 imMute y_morin: so the example config build worked. going to try the work config again (it ran out of disk on the first try)
# 23:32:22 y_morin imMute: The samples are just that: samples, known to build; users can then tweak them to better fit their needs. But at least, they provide a known-working starting point
# 23:32:48 imMute mhmm. if it didn't work, then I'd know something was definitely up
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# 23:58:37 imMute y_morin: woot! it finished!
# 23:58:43 y_morin \o/

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