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# 16:15:21 alan_o Hi, I'm having a problem with a ct-ng-based system. It's x86 and PC-104, so it should be easy, but I'm stuck. I can build and run the Linux kernel, but any program I try to run as /init fails with general protection. I know that it's a vague description of the problem, but I'm not sure what else is relevant. I'm running ct-ng 1.14.0 and have selected all the packages as the latest (except for the kernel). I'm mostly right now looki
# 16:15:21 alan_o ng for someone to point me in the right direction as to what I can do to solve this. I've googled for this problem and haven't found much, but I could be just searching for the wrong things.
# 16:15:29 alan_o anyway, any help is appreciated.
# 16:16:05 alan_o I'm note even sure ct-ng is the right place to be asking
# 16:19:41 alan_o Actually, I just tried a re-build of the kernel, and I think I may have it....
# 16:20:14 alan_o I rebuilt the kernel (3.1) after changing the kernel version in ct-ng to be an older one than that (3.0.x)
# 16:20:27 alan_o ok now to build busybox again.....
# 17:49:48 alan_o looks like it all works now.
# 17:50:44 alan_o It would appear that when I build the kernel, I have to have CT-NG configured for that kernel version or older, or else programs built with that same CT-NG will not run under the built kernel.
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# 19:34:23 kos_tom alan_o: can you pastebin your ct-ng .config file ?
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# 19:50:57 alan_o kos_tom: sure
# 19:53:27 alan_o http://pastebin.com/u4TwrLpU
# 19:59:51 kos_tom do you pass special flags to gcc when building your userspace side ?
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# 21:37:43 y_morin alan_o: NPTL will not work for i486. NPTL requires instructions that only came with i686 (maybe i586, but I'm not sure).
# 21:37:54 y_morin kos_tom: hello! How was FOSDEM?
# 21:38:18 y_morin alan_o: you will have to use LinuxThreads for anything i486.
# 21:39:21 y_morin alan_o: As for the kernel version, the running kernel must be supported by the glibc:
# 21:39:49 y_morin So, either one of these three conditions is enough:
# 21:39:57 y_morin 1) the same kernel headers are used
# 21:40:09 y_morin 2) a more recent kernel is running
# 21:40:25 y_morin 2b) or an older kernel is used to build the toolchain
# 21:40:37 y_morin 3) the glibc is ocnfigured with back-ward compatibility shims
# 21:47:32 kos_tom y_morin: hello! FOSDEM was too short, as usual.
# 21:47:46 kos_tom and the way back to Toulouse was a bit complicated by the snow in Toulouse.
# 21:48:00 y_morin kos_tom: too short, I can understand! ;-)
# 21:48:03 kos_tom our flight on Sunday evening was canceled, we had to wait Monday morning... but we had 10 customers waiting in Toulouse for a training session...
# 21:48:44 y_morin Ooopss.. Hopefully, they understood you were doing some kind of "technology survey", hence your beinf late! ;-)
# 21:48:53 y_morin *being
# 21:50:19 y_morin kos_tom: I ca never properly remember the requirements for NPTL. Was the minimum CPU supported i486, i586, or i686?
# 21:50:29 y_morin *can never...
# 21:54:03 kos_tom I also never remember.
# 21:54:27 y_morin Sigh... The only docs I could find wrt NPTL design are dated back to 2003-2005...
# 21:54:37 kos_tom I think it uses cmpxchg
# 21:54:42 kos_tom so I would be tempted to say i486
# 21:54:44 kos_tom but I'm unsure.
# 21:54:53 y_morin kos_tom: Ah, yes, that's the instruction! Thanks!
# 21:55:22 kos_tom http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=849#c4
# 21:55:32 kos_tom seems to confirm that >= i486 is the requirement for nptl
# 21:56:32 y_morin kos_tom: Thanks! It would indeed yield a toolchain compile error, not a runtime error.
# 21:57:44 y_morin kos_tom: further assesed by the first sentence there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_486#Improvements
# 21:59:18 y_morin remembers that time, when a *fast* CPU would run at a mere 33MHz clock... Sigh, he's getting old... :-]
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