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# 08:02:57 hank__ hi guys. y_morin was saying the other day that 2.6.14 is too old for newer versions of uclibc. is 2.6.24 any better?
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# 19:20:52 tick I used the latest release 1.14.1 and tried the sample config x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (only removed Java and Fortran support). It failed at cc_core_pass_1 (Build failed in step 'Installing static core C compiler')
# 19:22:03 tick I checked the doc. The B. Known Issues.txt and it mentioned the workaround of building shared companion libraries?
# 19:22:21 tick However, I don't see that option in the menuconfig
# 19:22:42 tick Anybody?
# 19:23:53 tick ?
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# 19:30:55 imMute tick: you might have to enable "Experimental Features"
# 19:31:31 tick I tried. I still didn't see the menu items.
# 19:31:55 imMute stick around till y_morin shows up, he'll probably know
# 19:33:10 tick In fact, I checked the companion_libs.in in .../lib/ct-ng.1.14.1/config and no menu items for companion libraries
# 19:33:33 tick I wonder if the doc is out-dated.
# 19:34:29 tick If someone has successfully create 64-bit toolchain and provide the config as a sample, I assume it shall work, isn't it?
# 19:35:19 tick Thanks imMute. Do you know when y_morin usually go online?
# 19:35:50 imMute he's usually online, hasn't been on since yesterday though :/
# 19:36:11 imMute and I've successfully compiled a 64-bit toolchain, using one of the exmple config
# 19:36:53 tick I bet you don't see the config option (Build shared companion libraries) in companion libraries section.
# 19:37:47 tick Which one did you use?
# 19:37:52 tick Are you using 1.14.1?
# 19:38:17 imMute no, 1.13.2
# 19:49:23 tick Ok. I downloaded 1.13.2 as well and it doesn't have this option either.
# 19:49:43 tick Let me try it on 1.13.2 again.
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# 20:13:40 tick Hi, y_morin. imMute suggested that I should ask you the question. Do you have the log history of the channel?
# 20:14:07 y_morin tick: just ask again, please.
# 20:14:17 tick Sure.
# 20:14:25 tick Plz give me a minute.
# 20:15:15 y_morin tick: OK, issue with comanion libs... Just a sec...
# 20:15:32 tick You saw the log?>
# 20:15:54 y_morin tick: yep.
# 20:15:59 tick It failed at the step 'Installing static core C compiler'
# 20:16:02 tick thanks.
# 20:16:16 y_morin tick: can you pastebin your .config ?
# 20:16:22 tick The config I used was from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
# 20:16:26 tick Sure.
# 20:17:22 y_morin tick: that sample built for me here (Debian squeeze, x86_64).
# 20:17:48 y_morin tick: so, it is be a difference in your machine.
# 20:18:01 tick You meant my build environment?
# 20:18:11 y_morin tick: yes. What is it?
# 20:18:21 tick Fedora Core 14 but it's a VM.
# 20:18:51 y_morin tick: a VM is not a problem. FC14, I don't know that distro.
# 20:19:06 y_morin tick if you could also put your build.log somewhere I can garb it...
# 20:19:53 tick I am working on it. I am with my laptop now but the build VM is on the other network and the NAT is not there.
# 20:22:26 y_morin imMute: yes, it happens I'm not on-line for different reasons: sleep, day-time job, work in the house, hanging out with girlfriend... All the real-life fuss! Hehe! ;-)
# 20:23:00 y_morin is eco-conscious, and powers off his computer when not sitting on front of it. :-]
# 20:23:20 y_morin kos_tom: around?
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# 20:41:56 tick Hi, y_morin
# 20:42:00 tick Ahh....
# 20:42:23 tick Sorry for the delay but someone was in my cube.
# 20:43:02 tick msg /y_morin|away Here is the link
# 20:45:52 y_morin|away is now known as: y_morin
# 20:47:41 y_morin tick: OK, I got he files, I'm looking at them... (no need to PM next time).
# 20:48:17 tick Sure. Sorry.
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# 20:49:01 y_morin tick: no problem. I found your issue: the sample by default wants to statically link libstdc++, but your system does have the static version of libstdc++.
# 20:49:11 y_morin Raahhhh....
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# 20:53:48 y_morin tick: http://crosstool-ng.org/download/ibot-logs/today.html#quick-20:49:01
# 20:55:07 tick So what do I have to do?
# 20:56:14 y_morin tick: either install the static libstdc++ on your system (probably some -devel package), or de-select "Link libstdc++ statically" in the C compiler sub-menu.
# 21:01:36 tick Yeah... I deselected it before and later on it failed at libc step I think. The "B - Known issue section" mentioned about those cases and suggested to use Shared companion libraries
# 21:02:27 tick However, I didn't see the option listed in the companion library config
# 21:02:47 y_morin tick: you mean, the "libgcc not found" issue ?
# 21:03:59 tick Don't quite remember and the build log was overwritten. I will make a build again and forward you the log.
# 21:04:07 tick Otherwise the config file looks fine, right?
# 21:04:22 y_morin tick: indeed, the shared option has disapeared (last april).
# 21:04:50 tick But in the doc it still mentioned it (specifically for 64-bit build)
# 21:04:58 tick Sorry for the typo
# 21:05:24 y_morin tick: right, the doc is laggign behind (as is often the case for the doc! :-] )
# 21:05:29 y_morin *lagging
# 21:06:04 tick :-) Got it... so if I don't see any option being mentioned in the doc, I can assume it's fine.. right?
# 21:06:21 y_morin tick: well, the code is The Reference! :-)
# 21:06:54 tick I know. I checked companion_libs.in and didn't see it there. But I was wondering if I should go back to use the old version. That's confusing me.
# 21:06:55 y_morin Seriously, keeping the doc up-to-date is tedious. So if the doc says something that is not available, it's probably an oversight, yes.
# 21:07:31 y_morin tick: and your .config looks OK.
# 21:07:37 tick Thanks y_morin.
# 21:07:49 tick I am going to make a build again. Will you be online for a while?
# 21:07:51 y_morin tick: I'd like to gt that build.log file where the build breaks in glibc, when you get it.
# 21:08:01 tick Sure.
# 21:08:17 y_morin tick: it's 22:07 here (France), so expect me to be still here for 2-3h...
# 21:09:09 tick I am sure it won'g take that long to reach that step. All the tarballs are in place. It should not take more than 30 mins.
# 21:09:14 tick won
# 21:09:17 tick won't :-)
# 21:09:58 tick TIA.
# 21:10:06 y_morin ;-)
# 21:11:22 tick So a quick question. Do I have to use Debian-based linux disto.? Fedora is not good?
# 21:11:31 tick Does that really matter?
# 21:12:27 tick Even the popular Suse in Europe is RPM-based pkgs.
# 21:12:27 y_morin tick: it should not matter. If it does not work, we fix it (at least we try!). Debian is just what I use. If you want to switch, you're welcome (of course!), but that should not be a requirement for using crosstool-NG.
# 21:13:10 tick Installing binutils now.
# 21:13:44 y_morin tick: that said, I can't fix distro-specific bugs by myself (I can't take the burden of installing zillions of distros on my machine, much less test on all of them).
# 21:14:03 tick Understood.
# 21:14:41 tick Building static core C compiler
# 21:14:57 tick Hopefully it will pass this time.
# 21:15:06 y_morin tick: that was not aimed at you specifically, sorry for the strict sentence. That's why your help in debugging this issue is appreciated! :-)
# 21:15:44 tick Ok. Should I take it as a compliment? :-)
# 21:16:40 y_morin tick: let's fix the bug, first! :-p
# 21:18:11 tick Ok. C compiler passed. Kernel headers passed. Now it's the part... Boom.
# 21:19:04 y_morin Really? "Boom"? There's no such string in the crostool-NG source code! :-p
# 21:19:16 y_morin OK, let's look at this build.log, now...
# 21:19:18 tick Ok. !
# 21:19:26 tick I am uploading it.
# 21:19:29 y_morin K
# 21:21:25 tick http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16714304/build.log
# 21:21:47 tick http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16714304/.config
# 21:22:31 y_morin tick: Oh, that one is known: Makefile:240: *** mixed implicit and normal rules. Stop.
# 21:22:35 y_morin tick: just a sec...
# 21:23:05 y_morin tick: can you run: make --version please?
# 21:24:04 tick GNU Make 3.82
# 21:24:10 y_morin tick: Bingo!
# 21:24:14 tick What?
# 21:24:20 tick That make package is not good?
# 21:25:07 y_morin tick: http://crosstool-ng.org/hg/crosstool-ng/file/369e2fbe9010/docs/B%20-%20Known%20issues.txt#l220
# 21:25:23 y_morin tick: --> The build fails with "mixed implicit and normal rules. Stop."
# 21:25:42 tick Now you refer me to look at the doc :-)
# 21:26:04 y_morin tick: there was change between make-3.81 and 3.82 that broke many Makefiles (glibc, but also the Linux kernel).
# 21:26:19 y_morin :-)
# 21:26:48 tick So. Should I go back or there is newer version?
# 21:26:59 y_morin tick: basically, the parser changed, and what was accepted (but not documented) is no longer valid.
# 21:27:14 tick Shoot.
# 21:27:24 tick Please tell me your recommended version
# 21:27:47 y_morin tick: you can ask crosstool-NG to build the supported version for you (it's in the workaround for this issue).
# 21:28:20 tick How?
# 21:28:38 tick in the doc sorry.
# 21:29:16 tick That's EXPERIMENTAL.... is it safe? Or maybe I just manually install make-3.81?
# 21:29:43 y_morin It's safe. It;s EXPERIMENTAL to not be available by default.
# 21:30:05 y_morin Usually, I'd suggest you upgrade to a newer glibc version.
# 21:30:39 tick Ok. Let me try it again. BTW, is there a way to build from the last failing point instead of rebuild again? I know I can specify the step. But can I use the step as the starting point?
# 21:31:10 y_morin tick: yes, but that won't work when you change the config. Use: ct-ng +step
# 21:31:59 tick Yes!... Oh no... Is it possible to workaround it? :-) (I know there is nothing impossible)....
# 21:32:14 y_morin tick: not possible.
# 21:32:32 tick :-) Just kidding.
# 21:32:34 y_morin tick: that's a limitation, I know. Maybe in the future it will be possible, but not planned.
# 21:32:39 y_morin :-)
# 21:32:55 tick Ok. So internally it fetched make-3.81 and build it.
# 21:33:01 y_morin yes
# 21:33:12 tick What kernel version do you recommend?
# 21:33:32 tick I am using the config from the samples so it's 2.6.32.x I think.
# 21:33:35 tick It's kind of old.
# 21:33:40 y_morin Latest version of everything! :-)
# 21:33:55 tick I don't dare to try the latest version. It's more like a beta tester.
# 21:34:09 y_morin Well, they are pretty stable.
# 21:34:57 tick Actually, the project is about to upgrade the current 32-bit system to 64-bit. We build the embedded system and build everything from source. That probably means I have to upgrade all the packages/utilities as well?
# 21:35:14 tick I am pretty new in this field so if you don't mind I ask stupid question.
# 21:35:59 tick Or do I just setup kernel option to simulate 32-bit?
# 21:36:29 tick Probably that's not the right question.... forget it.
# 21:36:47 y_morin tick: you don't have to upgrade any package (except those that are not 64-bit clean).
# 21:37:07 tick That's what I meant. How do I know?
# 21:37:13 tick I have to check everyone of them?
# 21:37:15 y_morin tick: but if I had to do such an important upgrade (32->64), I take the opportunity to upgrade as much as possible as well.
# 21:37:57 tick Yeah... right. If I am standing at the same level as you guys I probably will go for it. But I am not a hacker.
# 21:37:59 y_morin tick: yes, you have to. There are aseveral routes you can go: run them, and wait for breakage. Aufdit them for breakage. Look at their bug-tracker. Look at their commit logs.
# 21:38:41 tick Oh... well.... nice.
# 21:38:42 y_morin tick: well, if you get away with building a toolchain, you can certainly handle the rest! ;-)
# 21:38:55 tick Thanks for the boost :-)
# 21:39:49 tick So besides toolchain. update package. Is there any place I can refer to for the good/stable Kernel options? Anything else I need for 64-bit system?
# 21:40:00 tick Kernel module?
# 21:40:50 y_morin tick: without much info from your project HW, I don;t know. But the Linux kernel is rock solid on x86_64.
# 21:41:25 y_morin tick: obviously, you'll need the kernel drivers (modules or built-in) for your peripherals.
# 21:42:00 y_morin tick: my very personal view on the subject is: everything as module, except the strictly required minimum to mount the root file system.
# 21:42:03 tick probably for LCD and RAID only. But we need to support VA as well (vSphere 5.0)
# 21:42:10 y_morin VA=?
# 21:42:16 tick Virtual Appliance.
# 21:42:26 y_morin You mean, virtualisation?
# 21:42:27 tick I meant the VA build.
# 21:42:34 tick For VMware
# 21:42:53 tick yes.
# 21:43:00 y_morin Arg. No VMWare! No! Ahhh!.... :-p
# 21:43:19 y_morin tick: you want your target to run virtual machines?
# 21:43:25 tick I know... I lost so many hairs when I tried to include the open-vm-tools into the build.
# 21:44:25 tick The vmware tool. We have the VA build. Of course it's 32-bit
# 21:45:02 tick Nice... it's passed. Now it's installing shared core C compiler.
# 22:23:29 tick Thanks man! It completes the build w/o issues. Really appreciate!
# 22:23:42 y_morin tick: good! :-)
# 22:24:18 tick Sorry for the belated good news. I have to work with someone over his place.
# 22:24:33 tick You have a good sleep :-)
# 22:31:06 y_morin tick: Yes, I think I'll be heading to bed in a short time. But a litle bit more hacking before... :-)
# 22:32:55 tick The wonderful work you have done! Hack more please :-) Nite.
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