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# 00:46:05 aspect the freedom box sounds like a wonderful idea, but the website seems to be entirely fluff and legalese
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# 15:43:45 daggs1 y_morin, hello there :)
# 15:44:01 y_morin daggs1: hello there! ;-)
# 15:44:14 daggs1 how are you? long time no see :)
# 15:45:03 y_morin daggs1: many stuff to do, not enough time, as usual. how about you?
# 15:45:33 daggs1 I'm ok, not much has changed here, just the need for a crosstool gdb ;-)
# 15:47:37 daggs1 it's the same termcap missing issue, I had to debug something created with the cross compiler and I've needed to migrate to a 64 bit server that I'm not suppose to work on
# 15:48:13 y_morin daggs1: yes, I remember about the termcap issue. I have not had time to investigate... :-(
# 15:49:18 daggs1 is there any way you can recommend to search? maybe I can help on the matter
# 15:50:08 y_morin daggs1: sorry, I don't have any idea. If you could put your build.log where I can grab it and have a look...
# 15:52:20 daggs1 ok, I'll post it tomorrow and try to see if I can investigate.
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