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# 20:01:15 daggs1 y_morin|away, hello :) did you was the log I've posted?
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# 20:03:10 y_morin daggs1: hey! Yes, I looked quickly yesterday evening.
# 20:03:29 y_morin daggs1: yet, I did not look too much in details, though, so I did not find the cause...
# 20:04:13 daggs1 ok, I assume you'd want the config.log right?
# 20:04:46 daggs1 what strikes me odd is that the config.log seems ok, e.g. finished succseffully
# 20:05:05 y_morin daggs1: can you check that you have the static version of ncurses on your system?
# 20:05:30 y_morin daggs1: you selected to build a static toolchain, so you need the appropriate .a libraries
# 20:06:00 y_morin daggs1: that's my initial guesstimate as to the cause of this issue.
# 20:08:04 y_morin daggs1: yes, the top-level config.log is OK, the issue occurs in a sub-dir (but which one is not obvious, due to parralelism)
# 20:08:30 daggs1 y_morin, I doubt ubuntu/fedora are shipping static versions of ncurses, is this a must?
# 20:09:37 y_morin daggs1: Yes, they do. Ubuntu has them in libncurses5-dev (or ibncursesw5-dev for the wide-chars version)
# 20:09:55 y_morin daggs1: For Fedora, it might be a similar package, ending in -dev or -devel, I think.
# 20:10:03 daggs1 mmm sec
# 20:10:19 y_morin daggs1: and yes, the static version must be installed if you want to build statically...
# 20:11:16 daggs1 I see, I'll ask at fedora's room, one sec
# 20:11:20 y_morin daggs1: canyou check if you have: /usr/lib/libncurses.a (or /usr/lib/libncursesw.a)
# 20:11:52 daggs1 y_morin, I'm not at work now so nope, I'll check tomorrow and post findings here.
# 20:12:03 y_morin daggs1: OK.
# 20:13:06 bhundven yea, there are seperate -static packages that are not installed when you install the -devel package on fedora
# 20:13:42 y_morin bhundven: hello! Thanks for the clarification! :-)
# 20:13:50 bhundven hey yann
# 20:13:51 daggs1 bhundven, what do I need to install to get static ncurses?
# 20:14:14 bhundven yum install ncurses-static
# 20:14:31 bhundven I don't have any fedora boxes right now though
# 20:14:33 bhundven to verify
# 20:14:46 y_morin bhundven: BTW, I applied two of your three patches. What's the status about eglibc, then?
# 20:14:56 bhundven I have a patch to submit
# 20:15:10 bhundven I'll send that today
# 20:15:23 y_morin bhundven: great! Thx. :-)
# 20:15:24 bhundven I have a bunch of patch queues
# 20:15:41 bhundven if only the patch I want to hg email is in qapplied
# 20:15:45 bhundven will it be the only one sent?
# 20:16:04 daggs1 bhundven, thanks, I'll try it in a few hours and report back
# 20:16:56 y_morin bhundven: yep: hg email --outgoing -> sends only changesets that are not present in the upstream repository.
# 20:17:37 bhundven k
# 20:34:17 bhundven btw, y_morin, I have gotten a ton of bounces when I email patches from your email address
# 20:34:35 y_morin bhundven: @anciens.enib.fr ?
# 20:34:40 bhundven yea
# 20:34:49 y_morin bhundven: this email is dead, I switched to @free.fr
# 20:34:55 bhundven ok
# 20:35:39 bhundven should probably update docs/C - Misc. tutorials.txt
# 20:35:53 y_morin bhundven: Yep, right.
# 20:37:28 bhundven emailed patch for eglibc-2.15
# 20:38:24 y_morin Sigh... A lot of old emails to update through-out the code... :-/
# 20:38:33 y_morin Time for a find + xargs! :-)
# 20:38:37 bhundven :D
# 20:38:38 y_morin bhundven: Thanks!
# 20:38:49 bhundven no problem!
# 20:39:07 y_morin bhundven: this is to be applied on-top of your previous one, or to replace it?
# 20:39:18 bhundven they are seperate changes
# 20:39:32 y_morin bhundven: OK.
# 20:39:47 bhundven one adds eglibc-2.15, and the other is a fix to not test __builtin_expect
# 20:40:31 y_morin bhundven: I'll coalesce the two patches into a single one, as eglibc-2.15 would be unusable without the patch, I guess...
# 20:41:14 bhundven right
# 20:41:17 bhundven that's fine with me
# 20:41:21 bhundven thanks yann
# 20:44:32 bhundven I have some idea's for fixing the multi-arch multilib configs, but I'm going to wait until you do your 'incoming build/host/target frontends'
# 20:46:15 y_morin bhundven: I also have an idea, too: always ask the multilib list to the core gcc. That requires that my candian-revamp is finished first, though.
# 20:46:29 y_morin bhundven: so, in the meantime, canadian+multilib is broken.
# 20:47:16 y_morin bhundven: never mind, I mixed up the latest canadian+multilib vs. your 32/64 issues...
# 20:48:39 y_morin bhundven: anyway, don't hold your beath, the MQ for the canadian revamp has been floating for 14 months, now... :-/
# 20:48:46 y_morin *breath
# 20:49:48 y_morin bhundven: on a side note, in case you find it interesting: http://ymorin.is-a-geek.org/hg/kconfig-frontends/
# 20:52:36 bhundven yea, I saw that
# 20:52:40 bhundven very cool
# 20:52:46 y_morin :-)
# 20:53:50 bhundven that'll help you keep in sync with kernel.org's kconfig
# 20:54:05 bhundven got a few projects I might make kconfig'urable
# 20:54:17 bhundven anyways, off to lunch
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# 22:34:21 bhundven http://www.cmcrossroads.com/bradapp/acme/branching/branch-creation.html
# 22:34:28 bhundven heh
# 22:36:44 bhundven I feel crazy when I've worked with multiple vcs's in one day
# 22:37:07 bhundven but it makes me feel good that I can use the same vcs patterns in all of them
# 22:38:52 y_morin bhundven: I disagree with C2 (Branch per task). Before merging back to '/devel_line', a first merge from '/devel_line' to the branch should be done, as solving conflicts on the branch is better than holding the 'trunk' /locked/ in the meantime.
# 22:39:14 y_morin bhundven: plus, regular nerges are important, especially for long-lived branches (more than a week).
# 22:39:24 bhundven true
# 22:40:01 y_morin bhundven: but yes, dissociating the 'process' from the 'tool' is a major point in any VCS solution.
# 22:40:52 bhundven yup, and it seems to me that each company I've worked for has used the same patterns, but like you said above with C2... may have different policies
# 22:40:53 y_morin bhundven: but globally, that pointer is a must read! Thanks!
# 22:41:00 bhundven yea
# 22:41:32 bhundven I was looking for something to point git newbies to, and figured it would be better to understand process then the tool
# 22:41:51 y_morin bhundven: I have the exact same issue here! :-)
# 22:43:12 y_morin I will probably need to set up some introduction to VCS in general, and the process we use, then introduce the tool (undecided yet, 50% git 50% hg).
# 22:43:31 bhundven I like hg for this project
# 22:43:46 bhundven mq is so much nicer then stash
# 22:44:06 y_morin bhundven: but even before you introduce people to VCS, you have to instruct people *why* VCS is a good thing, and that, *no*, it's not wasted time.
# 22:44:20 y_morin bhundven: yes, MQ is, IMHO, the best selling point of hg.
# 22:45:00 y_morin Plus, hg syntax is very straight forward (for people coming fom, eg. svn).
# 22:45:18 bhundven it's slightly confusing coming from git
# 22:45:29 bhundven but after you figure it out, it rocks
# 22:45:38 bhundven I just haven't been able to use hg for large projects
# 22:45:58 y_morin Man, git is awfull... Want to see the delta between two cset, use 'diff'. Want to see the delta of a single cset, use 'show'. Man, what the heck?... :-(
# 22:46:10 bhundven lol
# 22:46:15 y_morin :-)
# 22:46:20 bhundven seriously
# 22:46:46 bhundven or: git log -p
# 22:46:57 y_morin Yes, the git->hg transition may get a bit frustrating. But the other way around is, too.
# 22:47:07 bhundven yup
# 22:47:14 bhundven I can imagine
# 22:48:25 y_morin bhundven: no, 'log -p cset' prints the log from that cset to HEAD, not only of _that_ cset.
# 22:48:39 y_morin Plus, if you just need the diff (for whatever post-processing), log -p gives you the log message,too.
# 22:49:43 y_morin Anyway, git is like any other tool. Once one knows his ways with it, it gets easy. It;s just that the learning curve is steeper than with any other VCS tool I used.
# 22:56:26 bhundven yea
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