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# 04:30:39 masternon_ Anyone has experiences of building a x86_64 system?
# 04:37:12 djerome masternon_, not with crosstool-ng, but i just finished building an x86_64 cross-tool chain with my own scripts
# 04:37:36 djerome maybe you have an issue i also ran into
# 04:38:48 djerome masternon_, is your host also an x86_64?
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# 04:56:46 masternon_ djerome yes.
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# 05:20:31 masternon_ Hi, djerome
# 05:21:03 masternon_ Yes. My host is also x86_64.
# 05:21:23 masternon_ My question was not about the toolchain but the build itself.
# 05:21:42 masternon_ You have a minute?
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# 05:23:29 djerome yes, i had stupendous fun with the same situation
# 05:25:46 masternon_ No, I meant the build went through successfully. However, the grub-install failed (GRUB v0.97) if I use a new BusyBox. Do you use BusyBox?
# 05:26:20 masternon_ The old version I have is BusyBox v1.8.2. The new one is 1.19.4
# 05:27:32 masternon_ If I build the it with the old version, the grub-install is fine. But I got Kernel Panic right after "pivot_root" (Which is from Busybox pkg; not util-linux) in the next boot.
# 05:28:02 djerome Oo, i build a busybox system, but i dun use grub
# 05:28:13 masternon_ What do you use? Lilo?
# 05:28:48 djerome yes, lilo. i had a problem building a pure 64-bit system with grub. id un remember exact what though. and lilo is much smaller
# 05:29:45 masternon_ yes. I know the legacy GRUB doesn't support 64-bit. So I compiled it separately used the 32-bit toolchain.
# 05:29:51 djerome sorry, i'm not familiar with making grub booting systems
# 05:30:12 masternon_ In fact, I had the whole system built with i686 toolchain without any issue.
# 05:30:24 djerome so, doesn't your target system then need the 32-bit libc
# 05:30:25 masternon_ Now I need to migrate it to x86_64.
# 05:30:54 masternon_ djerome. I thought it's statically-linked.
# 05:31:10 djerome o, i see, i guess so.
# 05:31:10 masternon_ Doesn't need share libraries.
# 05:32:37 masternon_ djerome: Is this channel always so quiet? Besides two ops, rest of the people are bots or human?
# 05:33:31 djerome masternon_, i dun know. i joined a day ago, or so. just because i was having a hard time making my x86_64 cross-tool chain and i thought i might ask so questions
# 05:33:53 masternon_ Got it. You don't use crosstool-ng? Why not?
# 05:33:58 djerome "some questions" even
# 05:34:37 djerome nope, i started my tool chain building when it was floundering after kegel stopped working on it
# 05:34:46 masternon_ It's pretty straight forward to compile a toolchain.
# 05:34:47 masternon_ Oh.
# 05:35:11 djerome so i wanted to know how to do it, and i just kept maintaining my own
# 05:35:25 masternon_ how to do what... the crosstool-ng?
# 05:35:50 djerome yes, make the cross-tool chain builder
# 05:35:59 masternon_ Got it... to follow the way kegel left over....
# 05:36:04 djerome i might not do it now if i didn't already have it
# 05:36:37 djerome i thought it was to big for me, i dun need all the options
# 05:37:09 masternon_ Did you reference buildroot.org or cross-lfs.org?
# 05:37:40 djerome but ima using glibc-2.14, binutil-2.22 and linux-3.2.x, i dun think cross-tool-ng has this newer versions of things
# 05:38:21 djerome by reference, you mean... i read everything i could to figure out the build steps
# 05:38:26 masternon_ You can use the versions you have with crosstool-ng
# 05:39:01 djerome cool. like i said, i'd probably not start make my own now
# 05:39:25 masternon_ I am using glibc 2.9; gcc 4.4.3 and linux 3.0.22
# 05:39:36 djerome but at the time... i want to see how it could be done
# 05:39:51 masternon_ So you are the expert now. :-)
# 05:40:59 djerome no way... i barely understand what i'm doing. i'm not like yann
# 05:41:32 masternon_ Yeah. I guess the channel is more prosperous when Yann is around. Anyway. It's being late. I'd better pack up and go home. It's nice to find some "real" person to talk to.
# 05:42:05 djerome hah, anytime. come over to #ttylinux anytime you want to talk cross-tool or making linux systems
# 05:42:18 djerome g'night
# 05:42:25 masternon_ Cool. Got it. nite.
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