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# 18:40:01 imMute alan_o: Thats what I was referring to. I couldn't wait 2 hours for a bash prompt. I really hope he used a computer simulator to simulate the ATmega simulating the ARM - I would *not* want to debug that on hardware.
# 18:44:39 alan_o imMute: yeah, that's what I figured too
# 18:44:45 alan_o It's kind of a strange article though
# 18:45:09 alan_o I mean, for one, a guy with the level of skill required to do something like that, but then he put spaces in his URL for the webpage?
# 18:45:22 imMute if he wrote an emulator for the ATmega, he's certainly capable of writing an emulator for the desktop
# 18:45:26 alan_o That's the kind of stuff Windows users do :)
# 18:45:29 imMute people have fields of experience
# 18:45:35 alan_o That's absolutely true
# 18:45:54 alan_o but one does seem to find trends among hackers
# 18:46:13 alan_o I'm not saying it's fake or anything, don't get me wrong
# 18:47:06 imMute I'm a decent programmer, I've spent time doing some webdev, but my HTML/CSS/JS is absolutely horrid and I can't design for shit. hence why my website is ... "lacking"
# 18:48:00 alan_o yeah, I'm in the same boat. I did HTML back when programmers made the internet (before the artists took it over), and I'm still at about that skill level in web design :)
# 18:50:41 alan_o I don't think there's any way other than an emulator to do a project like that, as Linux requires to be able to run from RAM, and if your RAM bit-banged, you're out of luck.
# 18:50:54 alan_o Or at least some kind of software layer, maybe not necessarily an emulator
# 18:50:59 alan_o Now that would be an interesting project.
# 18:51:20 alan_o Software MMU + External RAM access....
# 18:51:22 alan_o Well
# 18:51:39 alan_o I mean it'd still be emulated. Even if you were emulating your own instruction set
# 18:52:14 imMute emulation sounds like a fun project, but I wouldnt want to do it
# 18:53:24 alan_o Yeah, I have two friends who have independently of each other designed emulators. There must be a certain type of hacker that's drawn to it.
# 18:54:24 alan_o one did 8-bit NES, and the other has done a few different game consoles with varying levels of support (of course, old game consoles).
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