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# 18:30:46 imMute in step 'Installing C library headers & start files' I get the error "checking for suffix of object files... configure: error: in home/msickler/workspace/cross-toolchain-attempt-9001/newctng-attempt1/.build/arm-cortexa8-linux-gnueabi/build/build-libc-startfiles': configure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile"
# 18:30:51 imMute the deuce does that mean?
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# 19:58:15 y_morin imMute: look at the config.log file in the libc build dir (usually, smthg like: .build/[tuple]/build/build-libc-start-file/config.log)
# 19:58:39 y_morin imMute: I have to reboot, and I'll be back in ~5 minutes. Please wait until I'm back! ;-)
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# 20:04:31 bhundven /topic …Lastest release: 1.14.1…
# 20:04:33 bhundven :D
# 20:04:52 y_morin bhundven: Right, I always forget that!
# 20:05:33 imMute y_morin: Aha, I see something "conftest.c:1: sorry, unimplemented: -mfloat-abi=hard and VFP"
# 20:05:52 imMute which is an error I had seen before, but on a different stage of the build and never really got an explanation what it meant or how to fix it
# 20:05:58 bhundven y_morin: haven't had time to look at that arm (e)glibc issue
# 20:06:39 y_morin imMute: It's currently not possible to request hard floats with VFP. Sad, but that's the current state... :-(
# 20:06:51 imMute y_morin: tbh, I have no idea what that means
# 20:06:52 y_morin bhundven: remind me what it was about?
# 20:06:55 imMute y_morin: either part.
# 20:07:15 bhundven y_morin: lemme find it, I don't remember the specifics
# 20:07:22 y_morin imMute: in the target sub-menu, you choosed "hard floats", and set the FPU to "vfp".
# 20:07:39 y_morin imMute: switch to soft floats, and remove the FPU specification.
# 20:08:26 imMute I have "Floating point: (hardware (FPU))" and "Use specific FPU" is empty
# 20:08:53 imMute is that what you mean?
# 20:10:14 y_morin imMute: yes. I'm not sure about the combinations, but hard-float currently only worked for me when I set FPU=neon.
# 20:10:34 y_morin imMute: If your processor does not have neon extensions, set use "soft float"
# 20:10:56 y_morin bhundven: sure, no worries. ;-)
# 20:11:41 y_morin is reading the 3.4 changelog: https://linuxfr.org/news/sortie-officielle-du-noyau-linux-3-4 (warning: in French)
# 20:11:55 imMute Interesting. Here's the skinny - this project currently uses a toolchain built with ct-ng 1.9.2 - it has those same two FPU settings. I'm trying to build a toolcahin using ct-ng 1.15.2 and the same config, but I have problems everywhere.
# 20:12:46 y_morin imMute: unfirtunately, it's not currently guraranteed that using an old .config with a newer ct-ng will work.
# 20:12:57 y_morin imMute: can you pastebin your .config?
# 20:13:20 imMute right, I've also tried using a blank config then making the changes from the old config that made sense
# 20:13:25 imMute sure. hold on
# 20:16:05 imMute the 1.9.2 config: http://pastebin.com/DkDgd2QX
# 20:16:51 imMute and the 1.15.2 config: http://pastebin.com/BDyr1m4L with the FPU set to neon (which is compiling right now)
# 20:17:19 bhundven http://sourceware.org/ml/crossgcc/2012-05/msg00019.html
# 20:17:44 y_morin imMute: are you sure your processor has the neon extensions ?
# 20:18:46 imMute about 95% sure, checking
# 20:19:18 y_morin imMute: what processor is it?
# 20:19:35 imMute TI's AM35xx
# 20:20:07 imMute datasheet says it has the "Cortex-A8 Neon Co-Processor" so that's a yes.
# 20:20:40 y_morin OK, then neon is even better than vfp! :-)
# 20:20:58 imMute hmm. same error:
# 20:21:02 imMute configure:2782: arm-cortexa8-linux-gnueabi-gcc -c -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -mlittle-endian -march=armv7-a -mfpu=neon -mhard-float -O2 conftest.c >&5
# 20:21:05 imMute conftest.c:1: sorry, unimplemented: -mfloat-abi=hard and VFP
# 20:21:56 y_morin imMute: There is a cortex-a15 sample with neon. Try to build that, then tweak the config to suite your needs.
# 20:23:51 imMute arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabi <- that one?
# 20:24:01 bhundven y_morin: I'm guessing ubuntu 11.10 had an older host gcc, and 12.04 is using latest 4.6 linaro.
# 20:24:50 y_morin bhundven: Ha, it was the (e)glibc build failure. But it is not specific to ARM, AFAICS...
# 20:25:17 bhundven oh, other archs have this issue?
# 20:25:28 bhundven lol
# 20:25:46 bhundven in that case I was looking in the wrong spots.
# 20:26:21 y_morin bhundven: yep, it's not even (e)glibc. It's gcc.
# 20:26:34 y_morin bhundven: the failure is in libquadmath (and libbfd?).
# 20:27:21 bhundven yes, I think you and I were failing in bfd, and he was failing with glibc locales, same config
# 20:27:32 bhundven target bfd
# 20:28:13 y_morin bhundven: Ah, yes, kos_tom's issue. That's another problem, indeed.
# 20:28:55 y_morin bhundven: for the glibc locales issue, I don't think it's worth spending too much time for lenny, unless you know of a path off the top of your head.
# 20:29:04 bhundven makes me wish we had an issue tracker.
# 20:29:22 y_morin bhundven: the libquadmath issue I was able to track it down to some known PR in gcc.
# 20:29:32 bhundven ah
# 20:29:36 bhundven cool
# 20:29:39 y_morin bhundven: Hehe! I was planning on a bugzilla.
# 20:29:58 y_morin bhundven: but it requires a DB, and is a bit involved wrt configuration.
# 20:30:02 y_morin I lack those skills.
# 20:30:08 bhundven google code does mercurial, but we could just use it for the bug tracker, and still host with osu
# 20:30:24 bhundven I'll help
# 20:30:31 y_morin I would like a very simple BT, very light.
# 20:31:07 y_morin bhundven: no, no hosting on sites like google or bitbucket or whatever. I don't like centralisation! ;-)
# 20:31:12 bhundven hehe
# 20:31:16 y_morin bhundven: great! :-)
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# 20:33:58 imMute y_morin: If I were to be targeting the 2.6.37 release of the linux kernel, should I use the versions of gcc/libc/etc from that "era" or could I use the defaults/latest ?
# 20:34:30 y_morin imMute: you'd be pretty safe with whatever gcc/binutils.
# 20:34:57 y_morin imMute: For glibc/eglibc, I'm not so sure. Using a more recent one should be OK.
# 20:35:12 imMute alrighty. I'm trying that arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabi sample config right now
# 20:35:29 bhundven if you do not want to support abi/api's before 2.6.37, you're safe with the sample config
# 20:36:11 bhundven but if you want to support building kernels before 2.6.37, in the (e)glibc config section, you can change it to support back to an older version you also want support back to
# 20:36:17 imMute I dont think that's going to be a problem :)
# 20:36:31 bhundven just fyi ;)
# 20:36:33 imMute we're pretty much stuck with 2.6.37 because that's what TI used in their latest PSP
# 20:38:06 imMute okay, another (unrelated to this problem) question. I'm using 1.9.2 and a known-working .config to compile against a kernel tree that we already have rather than use one that's downloaded. I doubt that it's actually necessary to do this - I dont think TI changed enough in their PSP to make a difference, but I get this error:
# 20:38:26 imMute sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/sys/syscall.h:25:24: error: asm/unistd.h: No such file or directory
# 20:38:37 imMute many times during the Installing C library start files step.
# 20:39:03 bhundven at my old job we were stuck on 1.9.0
# 20:39:33 bhundven I had branch updated (sneekily behind their backs) to 1.10.somethingish
# 20:39:44 bhundven to fix some bugs like that
# 20:40:07 bhundven I wish I could still access their p4 repo :(
# 20:41:12 imMute y_morin: or should I not even worry about that?
# 20:42:05 y_morin imMute: the asm/unistd issue rings a bell, but it was a long time ago....
# 20:42:27 y_morin imMute: IIRC, the kernel changed it's installed headers at some point, might be around 2.6.37 or so...
# 20:46:40 imMute well either way, it looks like that example config will work
# 20:55:56 imMute y_morin: $self->travel($home); ill let you know how the example config works.
# 20:56:11 y_morin imMute: See ya!
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