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# 14:55:02 redengin success, using the new build had to turn on shared-libs to get ncsd to compile but now its done!
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# 21:27:14 kratz00 hi
# 21:27:30 y_morin kratz00: hello!
# 21:27:34 kratz00 i have the same problem like him: http://www.digipedia.pl/usenet/thread/12142/15087/
# 21:27:54 kratz00 any ideas?
# 21:29:13 y_morin kratz00: Error: open CFI at theend of file; missing .cfi_endproc directive
# 21:29:23 y_morin kratz00: that one is known. Lemme remember...
# 21:30:15 Juv1228 y_morin, did you ever look at this patch? http://sourceware.org/ml/crossgcc/2012-08/msg00061.html
# 21:31:21 Juv1228 or this one http://sourceware.org/ml/crossgcc/2012-08/msg00043.html
# 21:31:29 y_morin Juv1228: nope, I missed it (august were holidays). Sorry.
# 21:32:02 Juv1228 ah, no problem. glad i brought it up then heh
# 21:32:39 y_morin Juv1228: yes! ;-) Can you ping them on the list (msg with a single "Ping?" for each of your patches) ?
# 21:32:55 y_morin That will just make them pop into view ;-)
# 21:33:03 y_morin *into my view
# 21:33:06 kratz00 here is the exact message i got: http://nopaste.info/b1a04ab345.html
# 21:33:49 y_morin kratz00: Yep, almost the same. I'm looking for the resolution for this issue. Just a minute...
# 21:35:09 y_morin kratz00: Oh yes, I get it! :-) Older glibc used a construct that was OK with older binutils, but is not with newer binutils.
# 21:35:21 y_morin kratz00: what version of binutils are you using?
# 21:35:39 Juv1228 y_morin, done for both
# 21:35:51 y_morin Juv1228: Thanks for your patience! ;-)
# 21:39:26 Juv1228 [PATCH] [CT_NG] [config] [scripts] fix download options < that patch is probably more subjective than my other one
# 21:40:30 kratz00 y_morin 2.22
# 21:41:08 y_morin kratz00: OK, that explains it, then. glibc 2.10 (which you're using) is "too old". Use a more recent version.
# 21:41:23 y_morin kratz00: or downgrade your binutils to before 2.20.
# 21:41:47 kratz00 actually it's glibc 2.9 i am trying to build
# 21:42:18 y_morin kratz00: your build.log says otherwise: Leaving directory `/tmp/try2/.build/src/glibc-2.10.1'
# 21:42:19 kratz00 y_morin which is the minimum glibc version i can build with 2.22?
# 21:42:57 kratz00 y_morin doh, you are right, sry :)
# 21:43:03 y_morin kratz00: not sure. Why would you not want to use the latest?
# 21:44:34 kratz00 portability, i am trying to build x86 binaries for Linux
# 21:46:44 y_morin kratz00: so, why not use the latest? What is the restriction for using an old version of glibc? Do you have a binary blob of hell that requires that version?
# 21:47:57 kratz00 no, but if a build a binary which requires a recent glibc then everybody needs at least this version too
# 21:48:34 Juv1228 no?
# 21:48:48 Juv1228 the glibc version you are building will be distributed with your toolchain
# 21:48:56 Juv1228 and built for the target, not the host
# 21:49:39 Juv1228 if you want to distribute a single binary for many distro's you should build a static toolchain
# 21:50:22 y_morin kratz00: you mean, you want to install it on existing distros ?
# 21:50:43 y_morin kratz00: As Juv1228 said. ;-)
# 21:50:53 kratz00 y_morin not the toolchain itself, but the binary build with the toolchain
# 21:51:35 kratz00 i can link everythink statically because of license issues
# 21:51:52 y_morin kratz00: you meant "can't", right?
# 21:52:17 kratz00 right
# 21:52:23 kratz00 sry :)
# 21:52:53 Juv1228 well, in that case you will either need to back down the binutils version or require a new version of glibc
# 21:53:16 y_morin kratz00: As Juv1228 just said. :-)
# 21:54:29 kratz00 and we are back at my initial question, if you know what the min. glibc version is which i can build with binutils 2.22 :)
# 21:54:43 Juv1228 its not the best option, but you could also distribute the glibc.so with your project
# 21:56:06 y_morin kratz00: you should first decide on what is the 9oldest glibc you want to support. Then you should use a binutils of that era.
# 21:56:39 kratz00 y_morin i think this is the best approach
# 21:56:42 y_morin kratz00: eg. you can stick to glibc-2.10.1, but then you look at its release date, and use a binutils that was released just before.
# 21:56:54 kratz00 thanks everyone
# 21:57:01 y_morin kratz00: Cheers! ;-)
# 21:58:21 Juv1228 y_morin, i also had a few ideas i wanted to run by you quickly
# 21:58:31 y_morin Juv1228: Shoot! ;-)
# 21:59:09 y_morin smartin: I am beginning to feel schyzonphreniac, following discussions on two channels at a time! ;-)
# 21:59:10 Juv1228 the way we are using ct-ng is as a submodule in our git repo combine with some patches/sample's and a wrapper makefile to tie it all together
# 21:59:50 Juv1228 the biggest issue i have right now is some options are not saved in sample configs
# 21:59:58 Juv1228 or rather are reverted to the default before being saved
# 22:00:08 y_morin Juv1228: what options?
# 22:00:26 Juv1228 one i know for sure is the tarball directory
# 22:00:32 Juv1228 which is logical to reset
# 22:00:54 y_morin Juv1228: does it happen if you run ct-ng on its own?
# 22:01:12 Juv1228 but my idea was to have something along the lines of a .local-config that would be merged with a sample's configuration upon loading it
# 22:01:49 Juv1228 the issues is with ct-ng saveconfig
# 22:01:51 Juv1228 i think
# 22:03:07 Juv1228 http://crosstool-ng.org/hg/crosstool-ng/file/de4120991433/scripts/saveSample.sh.in#l78
# 22:03:22 y_morin Juv1228: yes, I was looking at that exact same line.
# 22:03:52 Juv1228 basically whatever i set to CT_LOCAL_TARBALLS_DIR in my config gets reset to the default in the sample config
# 22:04:17 Juv1228 and what we are doing is trying to contain everything ct-ng does in a local tree (our git repo)
# 22:04:29 Juv1228 so its abit easier to manage some aspects
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# 22:04:53 y_morin Juv1228: The idea behind saveconfig is for the saved samples to be useable as-is by anyone on their machine, without requiring special provileges, hence paths are all saved as pointing to sub-dirs in ${HOME}, because that's the only place that is guaranteed to be writeable for any user.,
# 22:05:05 Juv1228 yes, i understand this
# 22:05:15 Juv1228 im not proposing that line be changed
# 22:05:33 y_morin Juv1228: Yes, understood. Now, lets come up with a solution! ;-)
# 22:05:37 Juv1228 im proposing some sort of 'local' configuration be available to override options in a sample configuration
# 22:06:04 Juv1228 so, if an option appears in .local-config or something, it would replace the option used in the sample
# 22:06:15 y_morin Juv1228: I'm not really happy with this solution.
# 22:06:40 Juv1228 ok, what about it doesnt sound good to you?
# 22:07:09 y_morin Juv1228: would it be acceptable if saveconfig used some environment variable, and if not set, use the current defaults?
# 22:08:07 Juv1228 so if a variable is set dont run that filter line in saveSample.sh?
# 22:08:08 y_morin Juv1228: Providing an override feature is prone to widely open a door to a whole lot of compatibility issues in the config.
# 22:08:32 y_morin Juv1228: Run the line, but with the content of that variable, for example:
# 22:08:40 Juv1228 ah, ok
# 22:09:19 Juv1228 there would need to be two of said variable then, one for CT_PREFIX_DIR and one for CT_LOCAL_TARBALLS_DIR
# 22:09:29 y_morin Juv1228: to save CT_LOCAL_TARBALLS_DIR, look at ${CT_OVERRIDE_TARBALLS_DIR}, and if not set, use ${HOME}/src.
# 22:09:37 y_morin Juv1228: yep.
# 22:09:38 Juv1228 yes, i understand now
# 22:09:55 y_morin Juv1228: do you think that would be acceptable for your use-case?
# 22:10:26 Juv1228 i think so, as long as it would be possible to set those variables in the wrapper makefile we have
# 22:10:41 Juv1228 we are currently importing the ct-ng makefile script in ours
# 22:11:55 y_morin Juv1228: there is a feature in ct-ng so it behaves as a "backend" for an upper-layer build-system. Have you looked at it?
# 22:12:06 y_morin Juv1228: that's what is used in buildroot, for example.
# 22:12:33 Juv1228 yes, knew it existed (we are also looking at using buildroot) but i have not looked into it yet
# 22:13:32 y_morin Juv1228: That feature is probably badly explained in the doc, so if you need more info, just say so on the list, I'll see how to enhance the docs.
# 22:13:54 Juv1228 i think one of the things that was not liked about that solution for our team is wanting to keep the toolchain and our root filesystem separated
# 22:14:13 Juv1228 we have many users who would like to have just the toolchain and use our pre-built rootfs/kernel etc
# 22:14:52 y_morin Juv1228: OK, that makes sense.
# 22:15:24 Juv1228 thanks for the information, ill take a look into that feature and see if i can make it work for us
# 22:16:27 y_morin Juv1228: I was looking at your forbid-downloads patch: there was an explicit change to still use the mirror even if downloads were forbidden: http://crosstool-ng.org/hg/crosstool-ng/rev/d6b2354d9d17
# 22:17:51 y_morin Juv1228: But I think your patch is not bad either. I have to think about it some more (not tonight, but tomorrow, sure).
# 22:18:19 y_morin Juv1228: And OK for your newlib patch (I'll apply tomorrow also)
# 22:18:23 Juv1228 ok, well if you want to discuss it any more you can find me here
# 22:18:39 Juv1228 i have to go now, thanks for the help
# 22:18:43 y_morin Juv1228: See ya!
# 22:19:25 y_morin Juv1228: your newlib patch is not signed-of-by.
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