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# 10:55:02 EsbenH_ hmm...
# 10:55:31 EsbenH_ It might be my fault, but hey....
# 10:55:39 EsbenH_ ct-ng build.cc_core_pass_1
# 10:55:55 EsbenH_ which is of-course plain wrong
# 10:56:33 EsbenH_ but spawning make in an infinite loop, or recursively, is a rather blunt way of telling me :-D
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# 12:47:42 imMute xD
# 12:47:58 imMute "you're an idiot, and to make you feel bad I'm going to fork bomb your system, HAHA!"
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# 19:26:22 EsbenH_ what about *-*-uclinux-uclibcelf or *-*-uclinux-uclibcfdpic or *-*-uclinux-uclibcpic
# 19:29:51 y_morin EsbenH_: Hello! I am personally not against a saner semantic for the tuples, but we have to live with the existing stuff.
# 19:30:08 y_morin EsbenH_: And that's dictated by the config.{guess,sub} scripts.
# 19:30:41 EsbenH_ what are the requirement for bfin there?
# 19:31:39 y_morin EsbenH_: IMHO, your patch could well be something like: case "${arch}" in bfin) tuple_part=linux;; mips) tuple_part=uclinux;; *) ERROR;; esac
# 19:31:49 EsbenH_ looking at gcc's config.gcc, it seems like bfin is special, in that uclinux is strictly static linking, and linux-uclibc is therefore used for uclinux with fdpic-elf
# 19:32:43 y_morin EsbenH_: config.sub says: http://code.bulix.org/ouhfgm-82211
# 19:32:57 EsbenH_ my gut feeling say that setting it to linux for bfin, and uclinux for everything is rather safe
# 19:33:21 EsbenH_ anything else that crops up can get an additional special handling.
# 19:33:55 y_morin EsbenH_: probably. But I'd rather play it safely, and only handle the exact cases we know of, and error-out on any other.
# 19:34:43 EsbenH_ ok, "m68k) tuple_part=uclinux" then, I don't do mips currently
# 19:34:58 EsbenH_ m68k is rather interesting in this respect
# 19:35:24 EsbenH_ there actually is m68k cpu's where gcc specifically supports both linux and uclinux, and both with uclibc of-course.
# 19:35:40 y_morin EsbenH_: yep, my bad (doing multiple things in // is not really one of my best skills!)
# 19:35:59 EsbenH_ so using linux-uclibc for uclinux-uclibc is bad.
# 19:36:03 y_morin EsbenH_: Gah! :-/
# 19:36:39 y_morin EsbenH_: I still think the "case $arch in..esac" is what we need/want.
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# 19:37:57 EsbenH_ yes, sounds good,
# 19:39:09 EsbenH_ I might even consider adding something after uclinux-uclibc, which I believe most config.{guess,sub,gcc} cases will handle just fine
# 19:39:28 y_morin EsbenH_: in a separate patch, then.
# 19:39:36 EsbenH_ similar to the *-*-linux-gnueabi and powerpc-*-linux-gnualtivec
# 19:39:53 EsbenH_ well, I don't need to do that in ct-ng
# 19:41:15 y_morin EsbenH_: sorry, I'm not sure I understand your "not in ct-ng" part.
# 19:41:16 EsbenH_ something else, did you ever give it more thought on how much it would require to add back support for building canadian cross with a pre-built cross?
# 19:41:56 EsbenH_ I can add to the end of the tuple in OE-lite, without ct-ng caring.
# 19:42:54 y_morin EsbenH_: (canadian) no, not really so far. I'm currently running multiple hares at the same time, which has every one knows, will guarantee I won't catch any! ;-)
# 19:43:02 EsbenH_ this is what plan to do to get powerpc-*-linux-gnualtivec
# 19:43:07 y_morin *as everyone knows...
# 19:43:47 y_morin EsbenH_: I am all for adding that stuff to ct-ng (currently playing with arm's gnueabihf here).
# 19:43:49 EsbenH_ I might have to do that myself then. I need (want) to go with a newer ct-ng for this coldfire stuff
# 19:44:21 y_morin EsbenH_: that would be nice! :-)
# 19:44:28 EsbenH_ he, we also have been looking at gnueabihf here.
# 19:45:10 EsbenH_ I wonder if anyone would be interesting to work with coldfire in buildroot again. It has been disabled for quite some time...
# 19:45:18 y_morin EsbenH_: (canadian) What I think would be awsome if we could get it, is rather than build either cross or canadian, we could build both at the same time.
# 19:46:01 EsbenH_ I prefer to build cross first, and canadian(s) later.
# 19:46:16 EsbenH_ I build from 1-3 canadians for each bsp/customer
# 19:46:31 EsbenH_ I don't want to build the same cross more than once.
# 19:47:20 y_morin EsbenH_: yes, of course. But if the options are multiple booleans rather than a choice, then one could build either cross or canadian, or both.
# 19:48:00 y_morin EsbenH_: Of course, re-instated using a pre-existing cross would be laready nice! ;-)
# 19:54:42 EsbenH_ first I need to get coldfire toolchain fully working, and then bringup a demo on the coldfire ev board I have here.
# 19:55:18 EsbenH_ that should hopefully convince the customer to buy a bsp from us, after which I should get time to look at canadian stuff :-)
# 19:55:35 EsbenH_ are you coming to ELC-E 2012?
# 19:55:47 y_morin EsbenH_: Yes I am!
# 19:56:39 y_morin EsbenH_: But as my GF comes along with me, and she's not into geeking at all, I won't have much time off the conference to stalk along with you guys.
# 19:57:07 y_morin EsbenH_: but there will be plenty of time to talk during the conference! :-)
# 19:57:28 EsbenH_ yes, 3 days :-)
# 19:57:43 EsbenH_ did you get a room on the conference hotel?
# 19:58:20 y_morin EsbenH_: nope, too much expensive, as I'm on my own (company's not paying this year)
# 19:58:51 EsbenH_ I haven't booked hotel yet, as the conf hotel was fully booked
# 19:58:57 EsbenH_ do you have a good suggestion?
# 19:59:39 y_morin EsbenH_: we're staying there: http://insidebarcelona.com/
# 20:00:26 y_morin EsbenH_: looks like a 15-minute walk from the conference. First time there. (first time in Barcelona either).
# 20:00:34 y_morin either -> as well.
# 20:01:39 y_morin EsbenH_: that's some apartments, and it looks pretty OK. But I can give no guarantee at all! ;-)
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# 20:02:49 y_morin And it's relatively cheap.
# 20:02:53 EsbenH_ judging from the photos, it looks really nice :-)
# 20:03:11 EsbenH_ the top-level appartments with private terrace :-D
# 20:03:37 y_morin EsbenH_: forget about hose! Not really cheap, I guess! ;-)
# 20:04:22 EsbenH_ well, if company pays, I can invite you for drinks there at night ;-)
# 20:05:06 y_morin EsbenH_: YEAH! :-)
# 20:05:41 y_morin EsbenH_: IIRC it's like ~90E per night for a 2-person apartment.
# 20:06:10 EsbenH_ yep
# 20:06:22 y_morin 39.94€ per person per night, plus 10% VAT
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