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# 02:48:54 Jacky79 Hello, in "How is a toolchain constructed.txt", it said when compile gcc core pass 2, gcc need start files. As far as I know, he start files will be linked to the executable and shared files, so why gcc also need start files in compiling time ?
# 03:03:26 imMute Jacky79: that doc does a good explanation
# 03:06:48 Jacky79 Yes. But the docs just say "The start files are a very few files that gcc needs to be able to
# 03:06:48 Jacky79 turn on thread local storage (TLS) on an NPTL system."
# 03:07:00 Jacky79 why ?
# 03:07:30 imMute the start files are the stuff that runs before main()
# 03:07:49 imMute such as that stuff or copying down constant data or other architectural specifics
# 03:08:21 imMute I think they also handle loading shared libraries
# 03:09:19 Jacky79 I know, the crt* is linked into executable and shared, and is the entrence for executable and shared.
# 03:09:51 Jacky79 so, why gcc need these in compiling time ?
# 03:10:22 imMute My guess would be because the start files are C rather than object code.
# 03:10:30 imMute someone who knows GCC would know
# 03:11:21 Jacky79 The startup files are compiled as object files and are keeped in filesystem. When linking, these start files will be linked into executable.
# 03:14:18 Jacky79 I mean that the crt* deals with TLS, but it is in runing time. and crt* are linked into executable and shared. So it seems that it is useless in compiling time.
# 03:15:06 imMute because they have to be compiled at compile time?
# 03:18:24 Jacky79 You mean that only core gcc pass 2 knows about TLS, so it can build crt* files which can dealing with TLS ?
# 03:19:28 imMute no idea
# 03:19:59 Jacky79 while like core gcc pass 1 know nothing about TLS, so if use core gcc pass 1 builds crt*, the crt* will not support TLS ?
# 03:20:32 Jacky79 you know, all I am confused is 3-step gcc.
# 03:21:57 Jacky79 I think 2-step gcc is ok, just like : 1 binutils; 2 freestanding gcc ; 3 kernel headers; 4 glibc; 5 final gcc.
# 03:22:36 Jacky79 In crosstoo-ng, it said to support TLS(nptl), the gcc is compiled 3 times.
# 03:23:19 imMute the first compilation is a bare minimum. the second is to create a compiler that has zero dependency on the host system. the third is to add in libc support
# 03:24:35 Jacky79 yes, what I just said "freestanding" is "bare-metal" you just said.
# 03:25:52 Jacky79 And another, the first bare-metal gcc depends on host ?
# 03:26:44 imMute not really, but it can't really do much other than compile the kernel headers
# 03:26:54 Jacky79 no.
# 03:27:19 Jacky79 the bare-metal gcc can build self-containd, including kernel and glibc.
# 03:28:29 imMute I'll admit I don't really know why it has to build gcc so many times - I trust y_morin to know WTF he's doing and that it's actually necessary
# 03:28:43 Jacky79 so you can see that when use LT thead model, the toolchain just use 2-step gcc.
# 03:29:21 Jacky79 I agree, but I can not find the rootcause.
# 03:29:34 imMute then my guess is that the gcc-that-can-do-TLS can't be compiled with the host compiler, so it has to have another gcc do it instead (the core pass 1)
# 03:32:01 Jacky79 I also doubt, if the host gcc can not compile cross gcc supporting TLS, the simpler gcc can do it ?:)
# 03:32:19 Jacky79 host gcc should be strong than core gcc pass 1.
# 03:32:30 imMute well apparently it can't
# 03:32:42 Jacky79 more detail ?
# 03:32:53 imMute nevermind
# 03:35:42 Jacky79 For gcc, the crt* are needed by libgcc*so, and libgcc*.so will be replaced by the final gcc. so...
# 03:38:19 Jacky79 it is so confused that compiles crt* before core gcc pass 2...
# 03:43:18 Jacky79 The crt* is just need by libgcc, so why not use static libgcc, I mean configure gcc with --disable-shared, then the libgcc will not depend on crt*, and crosstool-ng just installs libc header is ok, instead of libc headers and crt*.
# 03:47:14 tkil it's not a single-dimensional "stronger". the host gcc does not have the same environment as any of the ct-ng compilers.
# 04:14:29 Jacky79 tkil, you mean "gcc-that-can-do-TLS can't be compiled with the host compiler" ?
# 04:19:05 tkil very possibly.
# 04:19:24 tkil but i think that if you're really that concerned, the correct action is to write to the list, pointing out exactly what has you confused in the docs.
# 04:19:50 tkil because if you're confused, then maybe someone else is too, and improving the docs would help everyone.
# 04:23:31 tkil yann is sometimes here, but it's only 5a or so in france right now...
# 04:23:54 tkil depending on your time zone, you can try asking again in 4 hours, or maybe even after end of european working hours.
# 04:24:14 Jacky79 ok, thanks.
# 04:25:33 Jacky79 I will mail my confured to list. and I will post here later, hope someone can clarify.
# 04:34:40 Jacky79 Let me clarify what I am confused.
# 04:34:40 Jacky79 Before using ct-ng, I built a toolchain as the following steps:
# 04:34:40 Jacky79 1 build binutils;
# 04:34:40 Jacky79 2 bare-metal(freestanding) gcc
# 04:34:40 Jacky79   a configured with "--with-newlib" not to depend on glibc;
# 04:34:40 Jacky79   b configured with "--disable-shared" to build static libgcc, because shared libgcc will linked start files, crt*.o,  which will be built in glibc.
# 04:34:40 Jacky79 3 use the bare-meta gcc builing glibc;
# 04:34:41 Jacky79 4 glibc is ready, so compile the full gcc.
# 04:34:42 Jacky79 while studying ct-ng scripts, I found ct-ng add another gcc step:
# 04:34:42 Jacky79 after building bare-meta gcc, ct-ng install libc headers and build crt*.o files, then build gcc pass 2, then building glibc using gcc pass 2, then final gcc.
# 04:34:43 Jacky79 What I am confused is:
# 04:34:43 Jacky79 The crt*.o files is linked into executable and shared, so why gcc need these files in compiling time, why gcc need crt*.o files ?
# 04:35:00 Jacky79 so sorry.
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# 04:40:24 Jacky79 all, I just send a mail to list which title is "why build start files before core gcc pass 2". the layout is not distorted.
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# 04:42:49 Jacky79 hope you can clarify my confused ,thanks in advance.
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# 05:23:47 tkil and for future reference, his name is Yann. :) (in fact, i think the list has two of those now...)
# 05:25:24 Jacky79 Ok, got it. Thanks!
# 05:25:59 Jacky79 my mistake. The english is not my mother language, so often some type error.
# 05:28:26 tkil understood.
# 05:28:55 Jacky79 another clue, in gcc.sh, I found "In case the threading model is NPTL, we need a shared-capable core gcc". I know, shared-capable gcc will need crt*.o, because libgcc*.so will linked with crt*.o.
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# 08:49:57 kos_tom Jacky79: I've followed your questions on the list, and I would also be interested in understanding why gcc has to be compiled three times.
# 08:50:10 kos_tom two times make sense to me, but three times, not really.
# 08:50:23 kos_tom I've also been given vague explanations, but not real, convincing explanations :)
# 09:01:22 Jacky79 kos_tom, I haven't receive your email. pls double check.
# 09:02:02 kos_tom Jacky79: I haven't sent an e-mail.
# 09:02:07 kos_tom I'm just seeing that I've seen your e-mail
# 09:02:24 kos_tom and I'm also interested in seeing replies from people who will give a detailed answer to your interesting question :)
# 09:02:40 Jacky79 see.
# 09:17:41 Jacky79 kos_tom, I add some hints on the list.
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# 15:31:30 herdingcat hi all, I wanna build openmpi-1.6.3 for rpi pi and here's the output by using my own cross-toolchain: http://fpaste.org/Sg2J/ Can anyone tell me how to fix that? Thanks.
# 16:18:58 herdingcat anyone herE?
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# 17:23:04 herdingcat ping y_morin
# 17:23:30 y_morin herdingcat: Hello!
# 17:23:43 herdingcat y_morin, hey master!!!
# 17:24:10 herdingcat y_morin, sorry to disturb you at this moment. I gonna some issues here to compile some packages for rpi
# 17:24:30 herdingcat y_morin, http://fpaste.org/Sg2J/
# 17:24:49 herdingcat y_morin, I don't understand what it means
# 17:25:49 y_morin herdingcat: what version of gcc are you using?
# 17:27:21 herdingcat y_morin, gcc version 4.7.2 (crosstool-NG 1.17.0)
# 17:28:05 y_morin herdingcat: Well, it means that there are no atomic primitives! ;-)
# 17:28:23 y_morin herdingcat: atomic primitives are small functions that are called for locking and so on.
# 17:28:44 herdingcat y_morin, so is there any way to fix that?
# 17:29:09 herdingcat y_morin, do you need ct-ng .config file?
# 17:29:11 y_morin herdingcat: Those functions basically wrap up one (or a very few) assembly instruction for the processor it is running on. Those functions are not available for all processors.
# 17:29:22 y_morin herdingcat: Yes, .config would be usefull.
# 17:29:47 herdingcat y_morin, http://fpaste.org/OJ4D/
# 17:29:55 herdingcat y_morin, .config file
# 17:30:30 y_morin herdingcat: http://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiProblems <-- search for openmpi... ;-)
# 17:30:45 herdingcat y_morin, so can I tell the gcc not to use those functions? Because I asked some guys they told me that armv6/armv5 does not support that functions
# 17:31:00 y_morin herdingcat: openmpi has not been completely ported to ARM.
# 17:31:17 y_morin herdingcat: Yes, probably, armv6/v5 are too "old" for those functions.
# 17:31:37 herdingcat y_morin, yes, I read that. But I do really need to compile openmpi in a faster system it takes me 12 hrs to compile this package in rpi
# 17:31:40 herdingcat sighs
# 17:32:48 y_morin herdingcat: Maybe you could have a look at the gcc-linaro-4.7 (also avail in ct-ng). *Maybe* they have introduced those primitives (as Linaro wants to target a large number of fashionable devices, of which the Pi is).
# 17:32:48 herdingcat y_morin, I can compile openmpi under rpi but cannot compile it by cross-toochain, that does not make sense.
# 17:33:00 y_morin herdingcat: See my suggestion above. ;-)
# 17:33:32 herdingcat y_morin, you mean the workaround is try to use another gcc, right?
# 17:33:48 y_morin herdingcat: AFAICS, *maybe*,
# 17:34:42 herdingcat y_morin, the point I feel confused is even I specify -march as armv7-a it still fails w/ the atomic error.,
# 17:35:25 y_morin herdingcat: I've a few things to do here that I need to focus on for a few minutes. Will be available back in ~15min...
# 17:35:37 herdingcat y_morin, AFAIK, armv7 can support it those function well.
# 17:35:45 herdingcat y_morin, thanks
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# 17:50:22 y_morin herdingcat: Worth a read: http://www.jonmasters.org/blog/2012/11/13/arm-atomic-operations/
# 17:50:35 y_morin is reading it right now...
# 17:51:44 herdingcat is reading it as well...
# 17:54:01 herdingcat y_morin, so?
# 17:54:29 y_morin Still no clue... Still looking for answers...
# 17:56:29 herdingcat y_morin, mate, I even tried jon's patch for openmpi but still get the same error
# 17:57:24 herdingcat y_morin, so I think there must be some options for the compilers to fix this issue.
# 17:58:35 y_morin herdingcat: can you run: arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc -E -dM -xc -
# 17:59:22 y_morin herdingcat: my rpi-optimised toolchain says: #define __ARM_ARCH_6__ 1
# 17:59:37 y_morin herdingcat: which means it is targetting an armv6
# 18:01:05 herdingcat y_morin, [huli@localhost ct]$ arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc -E -dM -xc -
# 18:01:05 herdingcat #define __ARM_ARCH_5T__ 1
# 18:01:16 herdingcat y_morin, armv5, I think
# 18:01:20 y_morin herdingcat: Yes.
# 18:01:31 herdingcat y_morin, is that would be a problem?
# 18:01:40 y_morin herdingcat: There's an optimised sample for the rpi in the current ct-ng tree.
# 18:01:48 y_morin herdingcat: Maybe you could give that a spin...
# 18:01:55 herdingcat y_morin, oh mate, can you download openmpi src package and try to compile it if convenient?
# 18:02:37 herdingcat y_morin, and could you give me an optimized .config file for the current stable released ct-ng?
# 18:02:50 y_morin herdingcat: No, I have far too much on my tablets. I do already do not have enough time to do all what I *have* to do, even much to do what I *want* to do... :-(
# 18:03:08 y_morin herdingcat: look at the ct-ng repository, the sample is right in there...
# 18:03:08 herdingcat y_morin, okay. :(
# 18:04:52 herdingcat y_morin, you mean in samples/ directory?
# 18:05:47 y_morin herdingcat: Yes. But it requries the latest tree, it will (porbably) not work as-is for 1.17.0.
# 18:06:05 y_morin herdingcat: what version of openmpi are you using?
# 18:07:23 herdingcat y_morin, http://www.open-mpi.org/software/ompi/v1.6/downloads/openmpi-1.6.3.tar.bz2
# 18:07:27 herdingcat y_morin, 1.6.3
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# 18:09:32 y_morin herdingcat: 1.6.x looks to have emulated atomic for armv5: https://github.com/open-mpi/ompi-svn-mirror/blob/v1.6/opal/include/opal/sys/arm/atomic.h#L56
# 18:10:13 herdingcat y_morin, so there has been a fix here, right?
# 18:10:36 y_morin herdingcat: probably not. There probably is a much deeper issue...
# 18:11:41 herdingcat y_morin, the current default arch I set up for ct-ng is armv5, can I use march to compile codes for other arm arch?
# 18:13:37 y_morin herdingcat: I'd suggest you look at the arm-hardrpi sample (note the CT_ARCH_ARCH and CT_ARCH_FPU settings), and rebuild your toolchain with these values.
# 18:14:03 herdingcat y_morin, okay, you are right
# 18:14:44 y_morin is always right! (unless proven otherwise!) ;-]
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# 18:28:11 diorcety y_morin: Hi !
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# 20:15:41 y_morin diorcety: Hello!
# 21:09:46 diorcety y_morin: i need your help
# 21:10:04 y_morin gives his help to diocerty
# 21:10:08 y_morin diorcety: happy, now? ;-)
# 21:10:24 diorcety y_morin: thanks, good night
# 21:10:29 y_morin :-)
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# 21:10:56 diorcety haha
# 21:11:12 y_morin had a panic-moment... :-(
# 21:11:29 y_morin OK, seriously, now. What's the issue?
# 21:12:34 diorcety I'm trying to add other compiler
# 21:12:36 diorcety (llvmgcc)
# 21:17:39 y_morin diorcety: So?
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# 21:29:13 diorcety i have strange behaviour
# 21:29:48 diorcety y_morin: in first time st-dummy.c:1:23: error: sys/types.h: No such file or directory
# 21:29:59 diorcety i saw that you already had the same issue
# 21:30:09 diorcety it's not a big deal .. but after that
# 21:30:10 y_morin diorcety: yes, with SuperH
# 21:30:29 diorcety types.h:168: error: two or more data types in declaration specifiers
# 21:34:11 diorcety y_morin: i have this issue with x86, power ... but not ARM
# 21:34:35 y_morin Hmm... Can you pastebin the build.log, please?
# 21:36:48 y_morin diorcety: Also, isn't llvmgcc dead, and 'replaced' by the llvm plugin to gcc?
# 21:51:45 diorcety y_morin: now it clang
# 21:51:48 diorcety it's
# 21:52:30 diorcety y_morin: http://dl.free.fr/kINT693ko
# 21:57:59 y_morin diorcety: is i386-unknown-elf the real tuple?
# 22:00:06 y_morin diorcety: What are you targetting: bare-metal, or Linux kernel?
# 22:00:31 y_morin diorcety: i386-unknown-elf is for bare-metal; i386-unknown-linux-gnu is for Linux.
# 22:02:05 diorcety y_morin: at the end? all . but here yes bare-metal
# 22:05:14 y_morin diorcety: Without the code, I can't say much. But what about: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2098973/two-or-more-data-types-in-declaration-specifiers-error
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# 22:12:04 diorcety pid_t it's two time defined
# 22:12:14 diorcety i just want know ifyou already have this issue
# 22:17:08 y_morin diorcety: No, I don't remember having it so far.
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