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# 16:51:09 Jacky79 Hi, Yann.
# 16:51:14 y_morin Jacky79: Hello! I'm just back from work... Just give me a few minutes for me to get hold of myself...
# 16:51:21 Jacky79 OK
# 17:00:18 y_morin Jacky79: OK, I'm really on-line now. ;-)
# 17:01:55 Jacky79 sorry for disturpting you! I am recently using ct-ng, and have some confused.
# 17:02:38 Jacky79 In build script gcc.sh, there is a comment "In case the threading model is NPTL,we need a shared-capable core gcc;" Here, does "shared-capable" mean configuing gcc with "--enable-shared" ?
# 17:03:50 y_morin Jacky79: Yes. See in that same file, we pass 'core_opts+=( "mode=shared" )' to the backend,
# 17:04:09 y_morin Jacky79: and in the bakend we set: extra_config+=("--enable-shared")
# 17:04:19 y_morin Jacky79: ... if mode == shared
# 17:05:12 Jacky79 so, my question is : Shared-capable gcc just provides libgcc_s.so, instead of libgcc.a. Why supporting NPTL need shared-capable gcc ?
# 17:06:10 y_morin Jacky79: Ah, it's you asking on the list and privately? This is a bit annoying. Do not expect people to answer straight after you send your mail. We're basically all vounteers, and doing this on our spare time (at least, I am).
# 17:06:18 Jacky79 yes.
# 17:06:25 y_morin Jacky79: I have started replying you. Please be patient...
# 17:06:36 Jacky79 OK, Great!
# 17:08:09 Jacky79 I am an fans for OS and toolchain. Hope I can contribute to ct-ng in future.
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# 19:08:18 crazedpsyc getting so close to functioning binaries on my new MIPS router... ct-ng built me a toolchain which properly outputs mipsel binaries. seems like the only problem is the router runs MIPS-II, while these binaries are MIPS-I
# 19:08:30 crazedpsyc I don't see an option for that in ct-ng though, am I missing something?
# 19:53:43 braunr if it can run mips-II, it should run mips-1
# 19:55:26 Jacky79 Hi Yann, my time zone is GMT + 8 and it's 4 am, I have to be in bed. Thanks for your great help and looking forward to your reply.
# 19:56:48 Jacky79 Good night!
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# 20:19:39 dalias yes, you can just mips1 binaries just fine
# 20:20:55 dalias however one possible binary compat issue is float
# 20:21:06 dalias some routers have hacked-up kernels where float support has been removed
# 20:21:36 dalias in which case, unless your toolchain is soft-float, the binaries you generate may not work if they happen to hit any float code
# 20:43:05 braunr if unsure, compile with soft-float
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# 22:14:06 crazedpsyc braunr, dalias: thanks, looks like my failing was probably because I accidentally built with glibc
# 22:14:32 braunr why would that be a problem ?
# 22:14:49 crazedpsyc because the target has no glibc, and it was dynamically linked? :)
# 22:16:02 braunr ah, you didn't build the whole root file system
# 22:16:08 crazedpsyc nope
# 22:16:18 braunr i see
# 22:17:09 crazedpsyc the machine actually has kernel 2.6.10 or some such thing and a decently real-ish environment (mostly busybox) already
# 22:17:39 braunr like most linux based routers i'd say
# 22:18:06 braunr so yes, your main problem was the ABI, and thus probably the c library
# 22:18:18 crazedpsyc this is the first I've gotten my hands on that actually has a service other than a webserver for controlling
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