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# 03:19:48 imMute now you wait.
# 03:54:06 herdingcat hi, what's the usage of sysroot in ct-ng installation directory? Can I install other libs to this place?
# 03:54:26 imMute herdingcat: you know when you compile things normally how it looks for headers and libraries and stuff?
# 03:54:41 herdingcat imMute, ah, got it.
# 03:54:51 imMute the sysroot is where the cross compiler looks for those things.
# 03:54:56 herdingcat imMute, So I can install other libs I need in that dir..
# 03:55:07 imMute so if you want to compile a library to be used by another program, put the headers and library files in the sysroot
# 03:55:23 imMute (bonus is that you don't have to specify those things when compiling the other program)
# 03:55:31 herdingcat imMute, got it... :)
# 04:03:04 herdingcat imMute, it seems I cannot mkdir in sysroot
# 04:03:14 herdingcat [huli@localhost sysroot]$ pwd
# 04:03:15 herdingcat /home/huli/Projects/arm-devel-rpi/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabi/sysroot
# 04:03:15 herdingcat [huli@localhost sysroot]$ mkdir opt
# 04:03:15 herdingcat mkdir: cannot create directory `opt': Permission denied
# 04:03:59 imMute permissions
# 04:04:35 imMute also, you'll want to put the includes in /home/huli/Projects/arm-devel-rpi/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/usr/include and the libraries in /home/huli/Projects/arm-devel-rpi/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/usr/lib otherwise the compiler wont find them
# 04:06:21 herdingcat imMute, because there's no ld.so.config so I need to copy those headers and libs to the default places, right?
# 04:06:51 imMute ld.so.config has zero interaction when compiling. the places the compiler searches is hardcoded when the compiler was compiled
# 04:09:48 herdingcat imMute, I installed openmpi so I need to copy those libs to the sysroot, right?
# 04:10:26 imMute if you indend to compile something that uses that library. also, when you say "installed" did you install using the host computer's pacakge manager?
# 04:12:19 herdingcat imMute, yes, I use Fedora
# 04:12:31 imMute then you can't use those when cross compiling
# 04:12:45 imMute they're compiled for your host computer, which is most likely not ARM
# 04:12:56 herdingcat imMute, you are right... hmm
# 04:13:11 herdingcat imMute, So I still need a platform to do compile ARM programs.
# 04:13:30 imMute you have one - your fedora machine.
# 04:17:05 herdingcat imMute, I mean, here's my current situation. I have compiled openmpi ARM version in mu x86_64 host and I need to compile other MPI-based programs which using the ARM openmpi libs and binaries. So is that possible?
# 04:17:11 herdingcat *my
# 04:17:44 imMute if you compiled the openmpi library using the cross-compiler, then copy the headers and library files to the cross-compiler sysroot, and off you go
# 04:19:30 herdingcat imMute, but the ARM openmpi binaries are not executable in x86_64.
# 04:19:54 imMute so? your host system won't be executing the binaries
# 04:20:25 herdingcat imMute, so the MPI-based programs I wanna compile cannot be generated..
# 04:20:27 herdingcat right?
# 04:20:32 imMute of course they can
# 04:21:05 imMute the cross compiler can link against libraries that aren't compiled for the host system
# 04:21:42 herdingcat imMute, cannot executable but can link against libs?
# 04:23:01 imMute yes, that is the point of a cross-compiler
# 04:23:15 imMute to link against a library, you don't have to execute anything from that library
# 04:27:38 herdingcat imMute, that's interesting....
# 04:28:46 imMute not really. canadian cross compilers. those are interesting
# 04:29:18 herdingcat imMute, what's canadian compiler?
# 04:30:11 imMute a "canadian cross" is a term used to describe a cross compiler that was created on one architecture which targets a second, but intended to be run on a third. Like building the cross compiler on x86 that targets ARM, but the compiler is intended to run on a SPARC system.
# 04:32:09 herdingcat imMute, is that possible?
# 04:32:32 imMute possible? definitely. useful? not entirely
# 04:33:21 herdingcat imMute, hmm, make sense.
# 04:33:35 herdingcat imMute, ./configure --prefix=/home/huli/Projects/arm-devel-rpi/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/opt/mpiblast --build=x86_64-redhat-linux --host=armv6-rpi-linux-gnueabi --with-mpi=/home/huli/Projects/arm-devel-rpi/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/opt/openmpi
# 04:34:00 herdingcat imMute, then still cannot find the mpicc compiler..
# 04:34:01 herdingcat checking for mpicc... no
# 04:34:02 herdingcat checking for mpicxx... no
# 04:34:02 herdingcat configure: error: no MPI C compiler found
# 04:34:36 imMute that seems like openmpi is looking for a special compiler.. I've never used OpenMPI, so I have no idea
# 04:36:30 herdingcat imMute, following paste would be more interesting:
# 04:36:39 imMute pastebin it, please.
# 04:36:51 herdingcat imMute, http://fpaste.org/pCDu/
# 04:37:22 herdingcat imMute, "C compiler cannot create executables"
# 04:38:05 imMute heh, I've seen that before. And I recall it being that the ./configure script forgot that it was cross compiling, and tried to execute something it built (which obviously fails). no idea how to fix that, sorry.
# 04:38:47 herdingcat imMute, okay..
# 04:41:27 herdingcat imMute, thank you very much..
# 04:46:26 herdingcat ls -l
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# 12:36:50 smartin y_morin: hi
# 12:38:14 smartin any specific reason to restrict CT_LOAD to an integer, and more specifically the -l argument passed to make?
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# 13:17:32 herdingcat y_morin, hey mate
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# 13:40:18 y_morin smartin: No, not really. 'load' can indeed be a float.
# 13:40:23 y_morin herdingcat: howdy?
# 13:41:40 herdingcat y_morin, I'm good and still working on cross-compile
# 13:42:11 herdingcat y_morin, I have built up the openmpi well w/ the tool chain but seems cannot compile other MPI-based programs
# 13:43:46 y_morin herdingcat: waht's the error?
# 13:45:04 herdingcat y_morin, http://fpaste.org/Af8a/
# 13:45:29 y_morin herdingcat: what is the "MPI C compiler found" ?
# 13:46:09 herdingcat y_morin, that makes me confused, I have installed ARM version openmpi in /home/huli/Projects/arm-devel-rpi/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/opt/openmpi
# 13:46:14 smartin y_morin: CT_LOAD could be the percentage of load...
# 13:46:25 herdingcat y_morin, I think it would find the mpi C compiler
# 13:46:41 herdingcat y_morin, let me paste config.log
# 13:46:47 herdingcat y_morin, http://fpaste.org/gOif/
# 13:47:21 y_morin smartin: CT_LOAD has to be a value accepted by 'make -l'.
# 13:48:21 smartin y_morin: yep, something like that: -l$((${CT_LOAD}/100)).$((${CT_LOAD}%100))
# 13:48:27 y_morin smartin: as 'make -l' accepts a floating-point number, CT_LOAD can indeed be a float (and not an integer). But we can invent a new meaning to CT_LOAD
# 13:48:54 y_morin smartin: No, too complex. Just accept that CT_LOAD is passed as-is to 'make -l'
# 13:49:06 smartin with this, the entry in ct-ng still expect an integer, just the range change
# 13:49:32 y_morin smartin: kconfig does not have a 'float' type, only integer. The only way is to have CT_LOAD be a string.
# 13:50:18 y_morin herdingcat: again: what is an 'MPI C compiler' ?
# 13:51:02 herdingcat y_morin, it's openmpi C compiler.
# 13:51:13 herdingcat y_morin, do you know openmpi?
# 13:51:37 y_morin herdingcat: I know MPI only by name. Never used it, even less openmpi.
# 13:52:50 y_morin herdingcat: I think the underlying issue is that, when you cross-compile openmpi, it cross-compiles everything, even its compiler. What you want is that openmpi cross-compiles only its libraries( if that makes sense), but natively builds its compiler.
# 13:52:58 y_morin herdingcat: that's an openmpi issue.
# 13:53:04 smartin y_morin: i know, i see 2 solutions, 1) ask for the percentage (so an integer in kconfig) + some trivial math; 2)ask the actual 'make -l' value (so a string in kconfig) and add some pattern check.
# 13:53:51 y_morin smartin: definitiely, we want 2). And I don;t care about insane values passed by the user, so no need for a check: the build will fail anyway.
# 13:53:58 smartin y_morin: don't know which on is the best one, and at the end, it'll be your call ;)
# 13:54:11 y_morin smartin: we can't protect the user against his/her own foolishnes.
# 13:54:46 smartin agree
# 13:57:06 herdingcat y_morin, the program I wanna compile is mpiblast which also needs mpi compiler and libs both..
# 13:57:37 y_morin herdingcat: that's an issue with openmpi. Ask them how do properly handle cross-compilation.
# 13:57:46 y_morin *how to...
# 13:57:48 herdingcat y_morin, ah okay.
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