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# 19:47:37 y_morin smartin_: For 1.19, I have no definitive plan. Let's say end of July.
# 19:48:25 y_morin smartin_: There hasn't been much on-going since 1.18 (and that's y fault), so 1.19 will be light in changes...
# 19:48:41 y_morin s/y fault/my fault/
# 19:50:26 y_morin smartin_: I've been pretty much busy with some Buildroot and kconfig related stuff since January, so crosstool-NG has suffered from lack of time since then...
# 20:03:57 smartin_ y_morin: ok. yeah, i've followed your work on br too...
# 20:04:39 smartin_ so, no gcc 4.8.1 in the pipe so far...
# 20:07:23 smartin_ y_morin: a quick last question: what's your policy about cve patches on gcc or the libc? do you check for them?
# 20:08:34 y_morin smartin_: Well, gcc-4.8 is in the repository, so you can use that. It's pretty stable, and I've been using it, at least for all my RPi related devels.
# 20:08:46 y_morin smartin_: Re. CVE: no, I don't follow them.
# 20:09:23 y_morin smartin_: Also, I'm a bit reluctant at adding patches to gcc/glibc/whatever. I believe it's better to push changes upstream, and benefit in the next release.
# 20:10:09 y_morin smartin_: patches to fix the build are OK, but they have to be fairly simple.
# 20:10:38 smartin_ y_morin: ok, i ask because i recently found that archlinux patchs glibc to fix cve with upstream patches
# 20:10:41 y_morin smartin_: Adding patches in crosstool-NG has been debated over-and-over-again, and have been the subject of relatively heated discussions.
# 20:11:07 y_morin smartin_: Upstream patches are OK to bundle in ct-ng until the next release comes.
# 20:11:19 y_morin smartin_: I'm more worried about non-upstream patches.
# 20:12:32 smartin_ y_morin: ok, good to know your opinion about this.
# 20:13:40 y_morin smartin_: If people want to carry non-upstream patches, they can do so locally, and use the 'bundled-then-local' feature of crosstool-NG.
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# 22:15:59 sh4rm4 getting patches into gcc is like fighting with windmills
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