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# 15:44:50 dyblast hi
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# 15:47:04 mingwandroid Martell: hey. I got a meeting in 15 mins :-(
# 15:47:07 mingwandroid dyblast: hi
# 15:47:19 Martell No worries
# 15:47:27 Martell I'll email you that build log
# 15:47:59 mingwandroid ok, I think that MSYS2 is being a bit weird with not overwriting files and reporting an error, and I think that is all that broke my build.
# 15:48:22 mingwandroid Martell: dyblast is Yann, Yann, meet Martell.
# 15:49:18 mingwandroid Martell: Did your build then progress to Firefox and do anything there? (Yann, Martell has been trying out the MSYS2 / ctng / OS X stuff for now ..)
# 15:49:45 Martell Hey :)
# 15:49:51 Martell It got as far as here
# 15:50:36 Martell ~/ctng-firefox-builds/mozilla-esr24.patched-HEAD-i386-dbg-0616c4e4 ~/ctng-firefox-builds
# 15:50:36 Martell ~/ctng-firefox-builds
# 15:50:36 Martell Configuring, to see log, tail -F /home/Martell/ctng-firefox-builds/mozilla-esr24.patched-HEAD-i386-dbg-0616c4e4/configure.log from another terminal
# 15:50:36 Martell real 0m58.737s
# 15:50:37 Martell user 0m4.251s
# 15:50:39 Martell sys 0m5.389s
# 15:50:41 Martell configure failed, see /home/Martell/ctng-firefox-builds/mozilla-esr24.patched-HEAD-i386-dbg-0616c4e4/configure.log
# 15:53:29 mingwandroid ok, send me that file too if possible.
# 15:53:36 mingwandroid I will kick off a fresh new build now.
# 15:55:13 dyblast Martell: hello
# 15:55:30 Martell Hi dyblast :)
# 15:55:41 mingwandroid bbl
# 15:55:59 Martell bbl?
# 15:58:04 dyblast Martell: he has a meeting
# 15:58:30 Martell *be back later?
# 15:59:45 Martell I didn't know what the Abbreviation meant
# 16:00:04 dyblast Martell: yes one hour at least
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# 17:16:55 mingwandroid hey.
# 17:17:27 mingwandroid anyway, that merge request seems fine, I built Firefox again on Arch Linux using the changes.
# 17:18:54 mingwandroid Martell: "Building openssl ... cryptlib.c:1:0: error: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set" <- is that the thing you said you got a fix for?
# 17:19:25 Martell no I switched over to msys32
# 17:19:28 Martell and it passed
# 17:19:57 mingwandroid ah ok. my msys32 is now building clang so fingers crossed.
# 17:20:15 Martell Mine did so hopefully
# 17:20:17 Martell :)
# 17:20:23 mingwandroid Martell: dyblast: what do you think about commit access directly to our fork?
# 17:20:53 Martell I've done a pull request already
# 17:21:01 Martell Ahh that would be great
# 17:21:12 Martell As long as I don't break it :D
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# 17:21:53 mingwandroid Martell: yeah, I saw it. but .. if Yann's (D) ok with giving you direct access then I'm ok with it too. You know llvm better than I anyway.
# 17:22:37 mingwandroid Martell: Yann's got buildbot on the go now, so breakages can be found easily and the responsible party punished (usually me)
# 17:23:24 Martell I have to run for a meeting
# 17:23:29 Martell be back in 20mins
# 17:23:40 Martell Otherwise that sounds great
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# 17:48:21 mingwandroid Martell: "ld: in E:/usr/home/Martell/MacOSX10.6.sdk/usr/lib/libSystem.dylib, file too small for architecture i386" .. indicates a problem with your SDK extraction.
# 18:00:21 mingwandroid y_morin: hi.
# 18:03:18 y_morin mingwandroid: Hello!
# 18:08:39 Martell I will fix that then
# 18:08:42 Martell :)
# 18:08:45 Martell any try again
# 18:08:48 mingwandroid y_morin: hi man, long time since we spoke!
# 18:09:00 Martell *and
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# 18:09:47 y_morin mingwandroid: Indeed! Any progress in preparing your changes for upstreaming?
# 18:10:35 mingwandroid y_morin: well, this is the final goal, made progress on most other things I think ..
# 18:11:09 mingwandroid y_morin: we are keeping track of mercurial reasonably well, Martell has just joined us and his first change was to re-sync ..
# 18:11:29 y_morin mingwandroid: Good! :-)
# 18:12:01 mingwandroid y_morin: I got asked by the Tor Project to help them out with Tor Browser Bundle cross compilation and that's distracted me these last 2 months a little .. but all for the greater good. I can build Firefox 24ESR and also the latest trunk for OS X on Linux.
# 18:12:30 y_morin mingwandroid: Woohoo! :-)
# 18:12:45 y_morin knows how cross-building firefox can be a pain...
# 18:13:03 mingwandroid that's with Clang, older Firefox can be built with GCC 4.2.1.
# 18:13:58 mingwandroid y_morin: Also, I've been doing some MSYS2 stuff .. we've adopted Arch Linux's pacman as a package manager for that, so I can also build Clang Darwin compilers on MSYS2 then commence a Firefox build with them.
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# 18:15:36 mingwandroid y_morin: I want to be cleaner than clean when we submit the patches to you, technically as well as legally .. so I am planning to work on a Clang plugin ASAP to do a static coverage thing at compile time to work out exactly what parts of what headers are needed ..
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# 18:16:25 y_morin_ mingwandroid: Sorry, I may have missed your last comments... :-/
# 18:17:46 mingwandroid (6:13:03 PM) mingwandroid: that's with Clang, older Firefox can be built with GCC 4.2.1.
# 18:17:51 mingwandroid (6:13:58 PM) mingwandroid: y_morin: Also, I've been doing some MSYS2 stuff .. we've adopted Arch Linux's pacman as a package manager for that, so I can also build Clang Darwin compilers on MSYS2 then commence a Firefox build with them.
# 18:17:57 mingwandroid and re: merging:
# 18:18:02 mingwandroid (6:15:36 PM) mingwandroid: y_morin: I want to be cleaner than clean when we submit the patches to you, technically as well as legally .. so I am planning to work on a Clang plugin ASAP to do a static coverage thing at compile time to work out exactly what parts of what headers are needed ..
# 18:20:49 y_morin_ long overdue... :-/
# 18:20:58 y_morin_ mingwandroid: OK, sounds good! :-)
# 18:22:32 mingwandroid y_morin_: I hope that the review process isn't too bad when we get it done. I know diorcety is keen to get on with that side of things too.
# 18:24:13 y_morin_ mingwandroid: I think you could/should post as soon as you have something relativly 'clean', so you do not over-engineer the stuff, or go the wrong direction.
# 18:26:12 mingwandroid y_morin_: well, it's kind of tricky, I mean, most of the hard work is to the external projects like clang and LLVM .. and the patches tend to be fairly minor there, somewhat painful to get just right ..
# 18:27:00 mingwandroid y_morin_: e.g. I'd not be particularly happy to submit until the compilers can be built on all 3 major build OSes both i686 and x86_64.
# 18:27:31 mingwandroid y_morin_: and I *really* don't want to expose any potential legal issues with SDK headers.
# 18:28:19 y_morin_ mingwandroid: Would that be legal uncertainty for crosstool-NG, or for the generated toolchains?
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# 18:29:10 mingwandroid y_morin_: well, for exampe one of the cctools patches (Apple's equiv. of binutils) dumps a lot of Apple's SDK headers in there, now to me they'd fall under fair usage for computer interoperability, but I am no lawyer ..
# 18:30:08 mingwandroid y_morin: so that's the only real concern, and that's the bit I want to minimise. I want to get that down to the essential parts only, because dumping them all in there goes against the xcode EULA ..
# 18:30:22 y_morin mingwandroid: Would it be possible to download the Apple SDK at runtime instead?
# 18:30:42 y_morin mingwandroid: and extract whatever we need?
# 18:31:02 mingwandroid y_morin: yes, that's the other option, I mean, we already require it for other parts of the build .. but I do some (slight) transformations on the headers too ..
# 18:31:46 y_morin mingwandroid: then what about downloading and extracting it, and do your magic at run time?
# 18:31:47 mingwandroid but those transformations are done in shell code anyway, so it could be something that I move into ctng.
# 18:32:23 mingwandroid we require the user to pass the path to their Darwin SDK, so we can just extract and do slight magic at build time yes.
# 18:32:39 mingwandroid by extract I mean cp.
# 18:32:40 y_morin mingwandroid: Although I am not a fan of this kind of mangling, it is far better than putting ct-ng in a legal limbo...
# 18:33:01 mingwandroid yes, I agree with that.
# 18:33:02 y_morin mingwandroid: Oh, the user has to DL the SDK i=himself, we can't downlaod it auto;atically?
# 18:33:36 mingwandroid well, it is available on launchpad (search for flosoft), but I don't think even putting a link in there is a great idea.
# 18:34:00 mingwandroid I think all legal stuff should be pushed back to the user, even to the extent of having a DL URL.
# 18:34:24 mingwandroid Apple don't provide any URL to get this stuff except via their App Store.
# 18:35:16 mingwandroid well, I can work on the massage script then if you think that's preferable. The other choice was to minimize the code down then get someone else to clean room re-implement those headers from a english language description.
# 18:43:51 y_morin mingwandroid: OK, so automatic download is not possible. So, yes, just have the user point to the pristine SDK, etract whatever you need and munge it from a script in ct-ng.
# 18:44:02 y_morin s/etract/extract/
# 19:05:45 mingwandroid yup.
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# 20:09:46 ruabmbua Hello, i have a little question. Where should i install additional libraries, if i want to use them in my ct-ng toolchain? Probably in ${PATHTOMYTOOLCHAIN}/${CT_TARGET}/sysroot/usr?
# 20:18:42 ruabmbua I mean where in the toolchain directory.
# 20:37:46 y_morin ruabmbua: IMHO you should not modify the toolchain with additional libraries.
# 20:38:12 y_morin ruabmbua: Doing so means you won't be able to use the toolchain for anything else (eg. if you want to use a different set of libraries in the future).
# 20:38:29 y_morin ruabmbua: Usually, in this case, you have two options:
# 20:38:57 y_morin ruabmbua: 1) use a complete build system such as #buildroot
# 20:39:35 y_morin ruabmbua: 2) if you insist on doing manual builds: copy the toolchain, and use the sysroot ot the toolchain as DESTDIR for your additional libraries.
# 20:40:52 y_morin ruabmbua: But I would highly suggest you go for a complete build system, it makes things so much easier
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# 20:57:51 ray_ y_morin: I've got a question about CT_GetGit
# 20:59:22 ruabmbua Thanks y_morin
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# 20:59:56 ruabmbua I will use ct-ng, and create a "staging directory".
# 21:00:21 mingwandroid_ y_morin: why does it clone to .build/tarballs instead of $HOME/src ?
# 21:00:22 ruabmbua This should be enough to build a little ncurses app for arm
# 21:01:04 y_morin mingwandroid_: Oh come on, don't change nick, it's disturbing! :-p
# 21:01:14 y_morin mingwandroid_: And don't ask to aks, just ask! :-)
# 21:01:21 y_morin Ah, OK
# 21:01:32 ruabmbua Thanks :D
# 21:01:38 y_morin ruabmbua: Cheers! :-)
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# 21:02:05 y_morin ruabmbua: Of course, if you plan to use the toolchain once and trash it, you can do whatever you want.
# 21:02:09 y_morin Doh, too late...
# 21:02:28 y_morin mingwandroid_: Hold on...
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# 21:03:34 y_morin mingwandroid_: Hold on...
# 21:04:19 y_morin no longer knows who he is talking to: ray_, mingwandroid_, or mingwandroid__ ? ;-)
# 21:05:28 mingwandroid__ I'm all one in the same.
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# 21:06:26 mingwandroid__ now my ethernet cable fell out most recently :-(
# 21:06:39 mingwandroid__ by midnight I will me mingwandroid__________
# 21:06:45 mingwandroid__ *I will be
# 21:07:10 y_morin mingwandroid__: And your keyboard is falling apart, too! :-)
# 21:07:31 y_morin knows about keyboard-dyslexia... :-]
# 21:07:38 mingwandroid__ that is true actually. It overheated because I leave my laptop compiling compilers all night every night
# 21:07:56 mingwandroid__ the buttons stopped working so I got a new one, and now it is failing too :-(
# 21:09:59 y_morin mingwandroid__:So, the idea behind CT_GetGit was to create a local clone, generate a tarball (with git archive) from that, and store the resulting tarball in ${CT_LOCAL_TARBALLS_DIR}
# 21:10:59 y_morin mingwandroid__: Since the local clone would not be used afterwards, and only the tarball we care about, we don't do the clone in CT_LOCAL_TARBALLS_DIR.
# 21:11:21 y_morin mingwandroid__: And we should just 'rm -rf' that clone after we've done the tarball.
# 21:11:50 mingwandroid__ y_morin: well, for me, I regularly build from scratch, and having tarballs in $HOME/src saves time, but I added git cloning for LLVM and Clang and they take *ages* to clone ..
# 21:12:05 y_morin mingwandroid__: Which ultimately means the clone should be done in a temporary place, not in .build/tarballs.
# 21:12:42 y_morin mingwandroid__: I understand. But once you have made the tarball once, it sjhould by re-used without re-cloning.
# 21:13:40 mingwandroid__ y_morin: ok, but if I am tracking head I generally would like it to pull --rebase each time, but maybe this should be optional?
# 21:13:49 y_morin admits the whole download+extract stuff in ct-ng is way too complex, and seemingly borked...
# 21:14:39 y_morin mingwandroid__: If you want to actively track HEAD, then you should manage the sources outside of ct-ng, and use CT_CUSTOM_LOCATION_ROOT_DIR
# 21:15:01 mingwandroid__ y_morin: how about cloning Git to $HOME/src, then making tarball in .build/tarballs that includes the sha1sum in the tarball filename .. then an option to pull --rebase the git repos and clever detection to avoid remaking tarballs that have same sha1sum as HEAD?
# 21:16:31 y_morin mingwandroid__: no, that's not going to work easily. ct-ng is meant to do reproducible toolchains. Once should not use HEAD (or thrunk, or...). But if you want to track such a volatile HEAD, you should point ct-ng to your local copy of the sources that you manage yourself.
# 21:16:44 y_morin s/Once/One/
# 21:17:21 mingwandroid__ y_morin: ok fair enough, I will investigate CT_CUSTOM_LOCATION_ROOT_DIR then.
# 21:18:46 mingwandroid__ FWIW, my suggestion wouldn't preclude reproducability as CT_GIT_PULL would default to n .. so the sha1 would be same as the tarball, so the tarball would be reused (or if someone did a pull themselves then a new tarball would get made and the sha1sum appended to its name)
# 21:19:13 mingwandroid__ but it is fine, I'm happy to go with CT_CUSTOM_LOCATION_ROOT_DIR
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# 21:28:46 mingwandroid_ urgh, how can I work with this laptop :-(
# 21:29:12 y_morin mingwandroid_: WiFi ?
# 21:29:56 mingwandroid_ yes, I should disconnect the wire that keeps falling out, WiFi would work better, but remember what I was saying about the git cloning of clang and llvm .. that's why I plugged in ;-)
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