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# 20:42:29 xrl_ anyone have ideas on why I can't get past building libc? Here's my build log https://gist.github.com/xrl/ed80f353decec1f6dd3d/raw/4cc0ad031d3166eb68c8a296f9f6232d86924083/build.log
# 20:42:50 xrl_ I might have to go the easier route and install ubuntu x64 on a VM
# 20:43:20 xrl_ is there an easy way to create an "interactive" session at the step which is failing? drop in to a shell?
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# 20:56:47 y_morin xrl_: Building on OS-X, right?
# 20:57:32 y_morin xrl_: If so, you must configure crosstool-Ng specially. See: docs/C - Misc. tutorials.txt │ │[INFO ] =================================================================
# 20:57:47 y_morin Doh. sorry, bad-copy-paste... :-(
# 20:59:23 y_morin xrl_: Especially step '5' of the MacOS-X example
# 21:02:37 xrl_ y_morin: I installed crosstool-ng 1.19.0 using a system called homebrew, here's the configuration it uses: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/blob/master/Library/Formula/crosstool-ng.rb#L27
# 21:03:22 xrl_ I suspect it's a problem with clang using the name "gcc"
# 21:03:35 xrl_ and clang just doesn't support the options that automake is testing for
# 21:04:37 y_morin xrl_: It really smells like you are not using GNU awk, since the failing check uses awk GNUisms to perform the failing check
# 21:05:05 y_morin xrl_: No the error message you poitn out is abut failing on 'implicitly enables -fstack-protector'
# 21:05:27 y_morin I meant: 'checking whether armv6-rpi-linux-gnueabi-gcc implicitly enables -fstack-protector'
# 21:05:47 xrl_ yes, it's failing on whatever stubbed input.c is being passed to the compiler (I assume)
# 21:06:13 y_morin xrl_: And the compiler being tested is the target compiler, not your native one (whatever that be).
# 21:06:23 xrl_ oh
# 21:06:45 xrl_ ok, let me see if that compiler supports it by doing my own test...
# 21:06:53 y_morin xrl_: Also, what hints at you not using GNU tools is a few lines above in your log file: These auxiliary programs are missing or incompatible versions: msgfmt sed
# 21:07:20 y_morin xrl_: msgfmt: not a problem, doc won't be build. But the fact that sed is considered too old means it is not GNU sed.
# 21:07:47 xrl_ gsed --version => gsed (GNU sed) 4.2.2
# 21:07:52 y_morin mshroyer_: So, I'd suggest you look at the procedure listed in "docs/C - Misc. tutorials.txt"
# 21:07:53 xrl_ that's in my $PATH
# 21:08:20 y_morin xrl_: But crosstool-NG's ./configure does not look for gsed, only for sed. You have to tell it explicitly to use gsed.
# 21:08:24 xrl_ and gsed is provided to the crosstool-ng configure step in the formula used to install on my system
# 21:08:34 xrl_ https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/blob/master/Library/Formula/crosstool-ng.rb#L35
# 21:08:51 xrl_ that line shows how crosstool-ng was configured on my system, it specifies the gsed in my path
# 21:09:26 y_morin xrl_: Also, did you read the 'caveats' section of your recipe? It states: You will need to install modern gcc compiler in order to use this tool.
# 21:09:40 xrl_ yes, I did install gcc-4.9
# 21:09:55 xrl_ maybe that is the issue? how can I configure crosstool-ng to use that as the host gcc?
# 21:10:13 y_morin xrl_: I don't know how homebrew works.
# 21:10:34 xrl_ does crosstool-ng expect gcc in the path to be the version of CC I want? or can I pass CC somewhere?
# 21:10:53 y_morin xrl_: Could you first try the tutorial listed in "docs/C - Misc. tutorials.txt" to see if it wiorks on your system first?
# 21:11:07 y_morin xrl_: That procedure is known to work, at least. ^^^^^^^
# 21:12:07 y_morin xrl_: Then, if that works, then (and only then) you can try to reproduce the build with your homebrew stuff.
# 21:12:38 xrl_ ok, fair enough! thanks for the help!
# 21:12:42 xrl_ I've got plenty of things to try now :)
# 21:13:33 y_morin xrl_: Cheers!
# 21:14:39 y_morin xrl_: You could also poke the homebrew guys, since they most probably know how to make it run undr MacOS-X (which I don't have, don't want, so can't test).
# 21:15:42 xrl_ it's very not cool of Apple to have a "gcc" in the $PATH which is actually clang ;)
# 21:19:50 y_morin xrl_: A lot of things about Apple is not very cool, if you want my opinion! :-]
# 21:27:12 xrl_ the desktop is so nice and shiny!
# 21:27:13 xrl_ :)
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