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# 12:56:38 dzan__ mingwandroid, hi :)
# 12:57:03 dzan__ mingwandroid, i was debugging the issue a bit and it's at scripts/build/libc/glibc-eglibc.sh-common: linescripts/build/libc/glibc-eglibc.sh-common: line 106scripts/build/libc/glibc-eglibc.sh-common: line 106 106
# 12:57:38 dzan__ it looks for gcc multilibs=( $("${CT_TARGET}-gcc" -print-multi-lib) ) do build libc
# 12:57:43 dzan__ but shouldn't it look for clang?
# 13:04:42 mingwandroid dzan__: well, I don't know if you can build *glibc with clang easily, when I build a clang-y toolchain I also build GCC.
# 13:04:55 mingwandroid dzan__: did you get my build.log?
# 13:05:26 dzan__ mingwandroid, downloading as we speak :)
# 13:05:33 dzan__ i'll try building gcc with
# 13:05:50 dzan__ mingwandroid, when should CT_TARGET be set? it's not in the config rigth?
# 13:06:16 mingwandroid CT_ARCH, CT_VENDOR, CT_OS AFAIR
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# 13:58:59 An_Ony_Moose oh! There's been a new release?
# 13:59:37 fauno and my patch couldn't make it :(
# 14:00:35 An_Ony_Moose I've intended to submit a patch for quite a while now but I can't remember how x)
# 14:18:08 fauno An_Ony_Moose: wait a sec
# 14:18:30 fauno An_Ony_Moose: https://sourceware.org/ml/crossgcc/2014-01/msg00042.html
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# 14:50:41 dzan__ mingwandroid, you were rigth, when building gcc along it works
# 14:51:00 dzan__ mingwandroid, should be technically able to do without but ok :)
# 14:51:16 An_Ony_Moose weeeeeelll that failed!
# 14:51:24 dzan__ mingwandroid, when compiling with the resulting toolchain: hello.c:1:10: fatal error: 'stdio.h' file not found
# 14:51:27 An_Ony_Moose segfault on "Installing final compiler"
# 14:51:28 An_Ony_Moose :(
# 14:51:44 dzan__ gheh An_Ony_Moose what segfaulted?
# 14:52:24 mingwandroid dzan__: hmm, ok. I'll need to do some patching for that then :-(
# 14:52:46 dzan__ mingwandroid, you rock! :-)
# 15:01:31 dzan__ mingwandroid, if you point me to the issue maybe I can solve it for you
# 15:03:20 mingwandroid dzan__: thanks ;-) dirocety did most of the clang bits though to be honest.
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# 15:04:18 dzan__ mingwandroid, he's not on irc then? If I can help to get this issue fixed i'm all set
# 15:05:06 An_Ony_Moose dzan__: gcc I think. I was stupid enough to relaunch it before recovering build.log though >_>
# 15:05:12 mingwandroid dzan__: Well, there's various patches to aid the finding of the headers. AFAIR, Clang is never told of the actual sysroot folders that we specify to GCC/*glibc.
# 15:05:54 mingwandroid dzan__: there's e.g. crosstool-ng/patches/clang/head/140-default-gcc-paths.patch
# 15:06:00 An_Ony_Moose anyway, trying again with 1.19.0 (was on 1.18.0) and all packages updated
# 15:06:06 dzan__ An_Ony_Moose, enable build step saving :-) and debug output then just execute what ct did manually with vallgrind
# 15:06:48 dzan__ mingwandroid, i'l have a look at that patch
# 15:07:01 dzan__ mingwandroid, iirc there is a flag to make clang show where he's looking right?
# 15:07:10 mingwandroid just -v
# 15:07:15 An_Ony_Moose dzan__: where are those options?
# 15:07:26 mingwandroid compare and contract with gcc -v hello-world.c for example.
# 15:08:21 dzan__ An_Ony_Moose, if you use nconfig on your config file the first entry (paths & misc ) has debug options you can enable
# 15:08:22 mingwandroid dzan__: other thing to do is to use CT_DEBUGGABLE_TOOLCHAIN=y .. I added that.
# 15:08:44 An_Ony_Moose dzan__: thanks
# 15:08:46 dzan__ mingwandroid, what does that do/enable?
# 15:08:54 mingwandroid "-O0 -ggdb", no stripping.
# 15:08:57 An_Ony_Moose ugh why must compiling all the tools take so long though :(
# 15:09:18 dzan__ An_Ony_Moose, that why those steps are useful :) you can restart from where it crashed
# 15:12:48 dzan__ mingwandroid, http://paste.debian.net/77399/ guess line 12 & 13 are the issue? :p
# 15:13:15 mingwandroid dzan__: yeah, now it's ringing some bells!
# 15:14:15 mingwandroid dzan__: so we added Prefix calculation patches (search for "Driver::Prefix" or "Prefix" in the src or patches) but they don't get hit when doing C Preprocessor AFAIR ..
# 15:14:47 mingwandroid dzan__: now, it's been a week or two since I looked at it and will be a few days before I can get back to it.
# 15:16:40 mingwandroid dzan__: you may be able to pass -isysroot on the clang commandline (but I don't recommend that as it's a Darwin GCC 4.2.1 option that we ported across to Clang)
# 15:17:39 dzan__ mingwandroid, ok i'll try the isysroot for now, ping me if there would be a solution :-)
# 15:17:49 dzan__ mingwandroid, is it a problem I have a custom 'triple' name? the vendor is set
# 15:21:09 dzan__ mingwandroid, passed the prefixdir or the ct build as isysroot without result ( just letting you know )
# 15:29:31 An_Ony_Moose dzan__: I don't want "Debug crosstool-ng", right?
# 15:30:16 dzan__ An_Ony_Moose, if you want to save the intermediate steps you do
# 15:30:23 dzan__ iirc
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# 15:30:33 dzan__ enabling it will show you the other option
# 15:30:37 An_Ony_Moose aah yes
# 15:30:37 An_Ony_Moose thanks
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# 15:33:43 An_Ony_Moose Is there a way to display all the config options that have been changed from their initial values?
# 15:37:26 mingwandroid dzan__: I think someone is going to have to roll their sleves up and get stuck into solving the bug properly to be honest with you.
# 15:38:09 dzan__ mingwandroid, that sucks, I don't have time for that :p maybe have to switch to building without ct then for now..
# 15:38:22 dzan__ An_Ony_Moose, yes do a diff of the .config against .config.old
# 15:38:24 mingwandroid dzan__: we checked as far as cross Darwin working correctly and maybe native Linux and that it compiles on Windows but not really much beyond that.
# 15:38:49 dzan__ mingwandroid, ok I see :)
# 15:39:02 mingwandroid dzan__: I think you'll probably run into the same issue, that Clang isn't very good at searching for headers.
# 15:39:45 dzan__ mingwandroid, so clang/llvm isn't used a lot atm for cross compiling? but I thought google's ndk for android used it by default now
# 15:40:50 An_Ony_Moose dzan__: and for the config you get when you simply run ct-ng menuconfig and exit?
# 15:41:18 dzan__ An_Ony_Moose, yes it should create an .config.old
# 15:41:26 dzan__ but i'm always using nconfig instead of menuconfig so not sure
# 15:41:40 mingwandroid yeah, but they don't build with weird sysroot folder that ctng uses in general:
# 15:42:04 mingwandroid e.g. I have prefix/x86_64-apple-darwin10/sysroot/include ..
# 15:42:08 An_Ony_Moose dzan__: but if I go into menuconfig multiple times it will replace the config.old won't it?
# 15:42:22 mingwandroid now if I had: prefix/x86_64-apple-darwin10/include then it'd probably be fine.
# 15:42:33 An_Ony_Moose Oh wait I can use ct-ng saveconfig and just look at the file that creates
# 15:42:35 mingwandroid you may want to try to specify CT_SYSROOT as "." instead of sysroot, maybe.
# 15:42:52 mingwandroid .. it's a bit of a hack
# 15:43:27 mingwandroid CT_FORCE_SYSROOT=y
# 15:43:27 mingwandroid CT_USE_SYSROOT=y
# 15:43:27 mingwandroid CT_SYSROOT_NAME="sysroot"
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# 15:53:56 dzan__ mingwandroid, thanks i'll try that but I won't get the results today anymore :p took 2 hours :p
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# 15:56:41 mingwandroid maybe CT_SYSROOT_NAME="./." or something, i seem to remember that some specific values are disallowed!
# 15:56:53 mingwandroid but those restrictions could be removed too.
# 16:07:49 dzan__ mingwandroid, trying as we speak i'll let you know
# 16:08:42 dzan__ Sysroot name contains forbidden slash(es): './.' ;-)
# 16:09:51 dzan__ Sysroot name is set to '.' which is forbidden
# 16:10:14 mingwandroid urgh, remove those checks I reckon!
# 16:11:07 dzan__ doing so :)
# 16:40:36 An_Ony_Moose aaaaand the error didn't happen this time OH WELL
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# 17:34:31 memleak hello! i'm using make 3.82 trying to compile glibc 2.18 for arm and i'm getting a "cannot remove /usr/include/limits.h: permission denied" y_morin i believe you found a fix for this?
# 17:35:09 memleak using the latest hg checkout of "default" branch, head is at "adding patch for glibc 2.10.1 for make 3.82 and later"
# 17:38:47 memleak glibc log is at pastebin.com/pRPPWac2
# 17:44:44 y_morin memleak: No, that's a different issue. I don't know why/how it happens, I never had it on my machine...
# 17:44:50 y_morin memleak: what's your host distro?
# 17:46:22 memleak sadly it's archlinux
# 17:46:33 memleak i should really move back to gentoo
# 17:47:18 y_morin memleak: Yes, IIRC, the other reports about this /usr/include failure all occured on Arch.
# 17:47:41 y_morin But as I do not have Arch here (only Debian or Ubuntu), I can't test.
# 17:49:46 memleak ok back to gentoo! thanks y_morin not a problem, ill make the switch
# 17:49:54 memleak this distro sucks
# 17:50:26 fauno haha
# 17:50:45 fauno i us ct-ng on parabola with the same toolchain from arch and it doesn't throw this error
# 17:50:49 fauno use*
# 17:51:11 fauno not for arm though
# 18:00:18 memleak is crosstool-ng stable enough to be used for a complete distribution??
# 18:00:46 memleak i have an ARM board and i rather cross compile everything to it than compile natively and i could see crosstool-ng saving me a lot of time
# 18:01:50 y_morin memleak: Yes, I use it all the time to generate ARM (mostly) and MIPS (a bit) compelte setups (from kernel to userland) with Buildroot.
# 18:01:55 y_morin memleak: works like a charm.
# 18:02:10 y_morin memleak: What board is it you're using?
# 18:02:37 memleak cubieboard2 with an allwinner a20 cortex a7 MP dual core processor
# 18:03:48 memleak cross compiling with an AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz quad core so its a lot faster :P
# 18:03:53 y_morin memleak: That should be pretty easy to setup.
# 18:04:02 memleak it is :)
# 18:04:44 memleak ive got u-boot a custom kernel and all kinds of stuff running on it right now, just wanted to make sure i can build more than firmware and kernels
# 18:05:54 y_morin memleak: I know some guys even go as far as building Qt, Xorg and other large userspace with toolchains built with ct-ng. :-)
# 18:06:26 memleak perfect that's what i need!
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# 18:16:08 memleak y_morin, for the cortex-a7 optimization you think i should put it under mtune or mcpu?
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# 18:17:16 y_morin memleak: Both. :-p
# 18:17:30 memleak you can do that?
# 18:17:56 y_morin memleak: -mcpu tells what actual CPU to emit instructions for; -mtune tells what CPU to order intructions for.
# 18:18:08 y_morin memleak: man gcc <- will tell you you can. ;-)
# 18:18:57 memleak i read the official gcc documentation actually but it said mtune can have better performance than mcpu under some circumstances, didn't know you could use both though
# 18:20:01 memleak one other thing it doesn't talk about is the vfpv4-neon option. the vfpv4 unit it has is d16, if i use vfpv4-neon will it use vfpv4-d32 or d16 with neon instructions?
# 18:20:11 y_morin memleak: They are not exclusive. You can specify both. Although if you provide the same value to both, then -mtune is not needed.
# 18:21:45 y_morin memleak: Not sure about neon... :-/
# 18:23:15 aalv parts #crosstool-ng
# 18:25:08 memleak well if you don't specify -d16 or -fp16 for -mfp will it compile by default 32?
# 18:25:57 memleak (hinting that vfpv4 is basically vfpv4-d32 even though vfpv4-d32 isn't a specific flag)
# 18:27:03 memleak i've been wondering about all that for years and the docs aren't clear at all about it
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# 18:32:11 y_morin memleak: I don't know. I sually let gcc decide, and it has always worked so far...
# 18:32:16 y_morin *usually
# 18:32:51 memleak ok :)
# 18:33:23 y_morin memleak: But if you know your FPU, then you may want to specify it explicitly. YMMV, as they say... ;-)
# 18:35:00 memleak wow i had to dig through the gcc source to find this out!
# 18:36:08 memleak gcc/config/arm/arm.c about 800 lines down, vfpv4 is d32 (as i assumed) and neon-vfpv4 is d32 (hoping it was d16 but it is rather d32) so for my a7 i really shouldn't be using vfpv4-neon considering the FPU only supports d16
# 18:36:46 memleak yet the kernel loaded... i guess ARM processors can still understand and emulate D32 even if they don't have it?
# 18:38:17 y_morin memleak: the kernel does not use floating points.
# 18:38:44 y_morin memleak: The real test is with floating point in userland.
# 18:38:56 memleak ah so basically my distro would have been broken :P
# 18:39:54 memleak i wish there was a vfpv4-neon-d16 xD
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# 18:40:35 y_morin memleak: I guess your best bet would be with vfpv4-d16, no?
# 18:41:39 memleak you are correct i'm just saying truly ideally
# 18:46:42 An_Ony_Moose y_morin: is this useful? http://soundray.org/linus/casio-sample.tar.gz
# 18:47:41 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: What's in there?
# 18:48:27 y_morin Ah, a sample...
# 18:48:58 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: Well, you can submit it, yes! :-)
# 18:49:22 An_Ony_Moose How? Can I just say "I hereby submit the sample I just posted a link to"? :P
# 18:49:50 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: Send a patch to the list.
# 18:50:08 An_Ony_Moose do I have to do mercurial stuff for that?
# 18:50:22 An_Ony_Moose Because I don't have mercurial and can't *really* be bothered to install it...
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# 18:51:05 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: On principle, yes. But if you just send the tarball as-is, with a Signed-of-by: Your Name " in the mail body, I'll add it myself.
# 18:51:40 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: "Signed-of-by" is described there: http://elinux.org/Developer_Certificate_Of_Origin
# 18:52:04 y_morin "Signed-off-by", even...
# 18:52:23 memleak y_morin, do you plan on ever switching to git?
# 18:54:07 y_morin memleak: Yes, I had hoped to do it before Christmas, but I'm late on it (need to upgrade the VM first)
# 18:54:24 An_Ony_Moose Um, the crossgcc mailing list?
# 18:54:28 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: Yes.
# 18:55:05 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: As instructed on: http://crosstool-ng.org/#contacts
# 18:56:25 memleak i take it the mailing list used to get spammed a lot judging from this line here: "You are a nice girl from Russia (or wherever), and you have pictures of your big breast to show me."
# 18:57:09 y_morin memleak: Not really, I picked that from somewhere else, and since it made me laugh, I replicated it. :-)
# 18:57:40 memleak heh :)
# 18:58:44 An_Ony_Moose shent!
# 18:59:16 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: Thanks!
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# 19:00:48 dvaerghoffmann y_morin: Here. I'am
# 19:00:49 dvaerghoffmann :)
# 19:01:25 y_morin dvaerghoffmann: :-)
# 19:01:31 dvaerghoffmann tried a grep -i usleep .config within my ct-ng profile
# 19:01:34 dvaerghoffmann no result
# 19:03:03 y_morin dvaerghoffmann: That's because it's a uClibc option, not a ct-ng one.
# 19:03:35 y_morin dvaerghoffmann: And it's removed if you don't set UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY
# 19:03:40 dvaerghoffmann ahhh
# 19:04:10 dvaerghoffmann is it the same like 'Use obsolte features'?
# 19:05:05 y_morin dvaerghoffmann: No, that is a crostool-NG option. You need to first configure your uClibc manually, then configure crostool-Ng to use the uClibc's .config file you generated.
# 19:05:12 dvaerghoffmann i see
# 19:05:28 y_morin GTG for dinner. Back later tonight (GMT+1)
# 19:06:36 y_morin An_Ony_Moose: Just a quicky before I go for dinner: your sample has not yet arrived on the list. Don;t post HTML mail, it's gonna be rejected by the list server.
# 19:06:42 y_morin Now, I'm off...
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# 22:11:40 memleak hey y_morin you seem like a really cool guy
# 22:12:42 y_morin Thanks! :-)
# 22:12:55 memleak that'
# 22:12:55 memleak s like the 10th time i saw someone k-lined
# 22:13:48 memleak so we're friends? :)
# 22:14:22 y_morin K-lined?
# 22:15:06 memleak yeah basically just an IP-address ban from freenode
# 22:15:28 memleak i'm in a few channels and everyone is getting k-lined like crazy, and now this channel too
# 22:17:44 y_morin Ah, wikipedia says what k-lined means. Did not know...
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# 22:30:03 memleak i got k-lined once for trolling thats why i know
# 22:30:15 memleak IRC and thirteen year olds don't mix
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