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# 00:00:38 mingwandroid you definitely need more than that, I'll check the android NDK, one sec.
# 00:00:56 Botanic thats the flags i used on osx for the linker
# 00:01:01 Botanic and they worked ;)
# 00:02:26 mingwandroid well, of course I can't bundle the Apple SDK so I can't bake in paths like they can.
# 00:02:32 Botanic ;)
# 00:02:46 mingwandroid here's what we do for Android NDK to use my old toolchain4 stuff:
# 00:02:49 mingwandroid HOST_CFLAGS="-isysroot $1 -mmacosx-version-min=$2 -DMAXOSX_DEPLOYEMENT_TARGET=$2"
# 00:02:54 mingwandroid HOST_LDFLAGS="-syslibroot $1 -mmacosx-version-min=$2"
# 00:03:11 Botanic whats the $1 and $2 equal to?
# 00:03:47 mingwandroid $2 == 10.5 usually, or 10.6 if you want.
# 00:03:57 mingwandroid $1 == $HOME/MacOSX10.6.sdk for me.
# 00:04:00 Botanic ok tks
# 00:04:18 mingwandroid now those LDFLAGS are raw ldflags for ld64 AFAIR.
# 00:04:51 mingwandroid so to pass them through GCC as you are doing, you need to prepend "-Wl," and turn spaces into , .. again, AFAIR.
# 00:05:04 bhundven you know what, I'm using xubuntu trusty
# 00:05:06 bhundven :(
# 00:05:29 bhundven I think I'm just having beta ubuntu install issues.
# 00:05:32 mingwandroid let me check what the Tor guys are passing for Firefox.
# 00:06:00 mingwandroid bhundven: Arch Linux for me, because I like bleeding out on the cutting edge.
# 00:06:31 bhundven yea, idk what is going on, I just keep running into problems.
# 00:07:05 bhundven bbiab
# 00:10:28 Botanic ironically cmake is making this harder -.-
# 00:10:33 Botanic lol
# 00:11:45 mingwandroid Botanic: well, the tor stuff is hidden behind configure scripts etc, so I can't pull it out so easily.
# 00:11:51 Botanic np
# 00:12:06 mingwandroid Botanic: I got a horribly hacky cross compile Python project that can use these compilers if you wanted to try that?
# 00:12:54 Botanic well at least 1/2 the problem is cmake
# 00:13:05 Botanic ill screw with it a bit more first
# 00:13:07 mingwandroid yeah.
# 00:13:09 Botanic dling the sdk again
# 00:13:53 mingwandroid write some shell code to find all symlinks and verify their target exists in the sdk
# 00:14:14 Botanic im trying the flowsoft one
# 00:15:05 mingwandroid Botanic: ok, for NDK and my Python, we create the wrapper tools and call those.
# 00:15:36 mingwandroid Botanic: including e.g. i686-apple-darwin10-ld .. so they have all the extra options baked into them.
# 00:18:09 mingwandroid that cuts out so much hassle and makes the job feasible.
# 00:18:14 mingwandroid I strongly recommend it
# 00:28:18 mingwandroid I must go to bed, Botanic check: https://github.com/mingwandroid/crucifixion-freedom/blob/master/scripts/tools/gen-toolchain-wrapper.sh
# 00:28:24 mingwandroid and https://github.com/mingwandroid/crucifixion-freedom/blob/master/scripts/tools/common-build-host-funcs.sh
# 00:28:36 mingwandroid for how we create these wrappers.
# 00:31:04 mingwandroid bedtime. night all!
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# 11:17:22 oskude FWIW, i think i got ct-ng to build with make 4.0 using https://projects.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/plain/trunk/glibc-2.18-make-4.patch?h=packages/glibc
# 11:18:59 memleak mingwandroid, i use gentoo unstable, still more stable than arch and sometimes still newer
# 11:19:04 memleak arch devs are nubs
# 11:19:07 memleak i used to be one
# 11:31:25 oskude hmm, seems ct-ng was not able to find glibc-ports-2.18 yet the build went fine. i wonder what i will be missing
# 11:34:38 mingwandroid memleak: gentoo is for ricers though, so I'll stick with arch thanks
# 11:36:02 memleak people who use -funroll-loops and -O3 give gentoo a bad name actually
# 11:36:09 memleak gentoo is basically arch but stable
# 11:36:27 oskude i havent had any stability issues with arch for years...
# 11:36:58 mingwandroid memleak: I ran gentoo for a while some years ago, my ps3 still has it on there, but I'm not a fan. too many idiots.
# 11:36:59 memleak even y_morin and i were discussing arch specific issues with crosstool-ng heh
# 11:37:18 mingwandroid memleak: apart from gnumake 4, there's been no probs.
# 11:38:07 oskude i just made a successful (well, at least ct-ng said it was) build on arch, with make 4
# 11:39:31 memleak i have issues with system.d udev python make automake X and kde problems but only with arcy
# 11:39:33 memleak *arch
# 11:39:38 memleak they cannot code and built for shit
# 11:41:27 oskude yup, arch sucks. lets move on.
# 11:47:47 oskude ah! https://sourceware.org/ml/libc-announce/2012/msg00001.html "The add-on ports collection is now distributed in the "ports" subdirectory
# 11:47:48 oskude of the main GNU C Library distribution, rather than separately." can i tell ct-ng not to try to download the seperate file?
# 11:51:40 memleak if you choose glibc 2.17 or higher (maybe 2.16 too i havent tested) it will not download the ports add-on
# 11:51:46 memleak crosstool knows its included
# 11:51:57 memleak at least with latest default checkout
# 11:52:01 memleak (hg)
# 11:52:25 oskude roger, will update to that then
# 12:01:30 memleak roger roger
# 12:01:34 memleak star wars
# 12:01:43 memleak i love when they say roger roger
# 12:01:52 oskude yeah :D
# 12:02:30 memleak wow i just finished this game in NHL 14, scored with 0.7 seconds left on the clock, it was tied 1-1 and i won on superstars with the AI difficulty maxed out
# 12:02:48 memleak it was AWESOME
# 12:03:30 memleak chicago blackhawks vs st louis blues btw, 20 min periods hardcore simulation mode
# 12:04:30 memleak ah oskude if you use eglibc you never run into that problem either
# 12:04:41 oskude ice hockey, oh how i miss snow
# 12:04:46 oskude memleak: roger
# 12:05:10 memleak i played for 12 years in chicago
# 12:05:16 memleak started when i was 3
# 12:05:47 oskude and all limbs still attached? ;)
# 12:06:56 memleak heh im not like patrice bergeron who plays with broken ribs
# 12:13:06 memleak i havent played in awhile, i was an defensive D man, never really took a lot of hits
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# 17:10:55 memleak y_morin wud up mun?
# 17:13:15 y_morin memleak: Sorry, English is not my primary language, so I have difficulties parsing slang. And I'm not the only non-native English speaker here, so please try to speak a correct English.
# 17:13:26 y_morin memleak: Otherwise, I'm fine, if that was the question! ;-)
# 17:14:46 memleak Mon dat is good to hear!
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# 17:15:37 memleak I type inna jamaican accent sorry bout dat mun
# 17:17:24 y_morin memleak: Although I agreee this can be entertaining, please refrain from doing so. Just write correct english, please. ;-)
# 17:18:01 memleak ok :)
# 17:18:23 memleak hey do you know if oskude is a regular here?
# 17:18:28 memleak he's a cool guy much like yourself
# 17:19:00 y_morin memleak: s/yourself/you/
# 17:19:07 y_morin is being pedantic tonight! ;-)
# 17:19:20 y_morin memleak: No, I don't even know who oskude is.
# 17:19:22 memleak yourself is correct actually.
# 17:21:22 memleak if the word "much" wasnt in there, then it would be "you"
# 17:22:01 oskude im a newbie here
# 17:22:15 memleak ohhhh
# 17:22:20 oskude just got a raspberry pi and was curious :D
# 17:22:37 memleak heh
# 17:22:55 memleak the ARM device that's "supposed" to be 100% open
# 17:23:15 memleak i got myself a cubieboard2
# 17:23:15 crazedpsyc only nobody ever said it was supposed to be open at all? :P
# 17:23:45 mingwandroid it's not got a case, so that's open.
# 17:23:55 crazedpsyc true
# 17:24:50 memleak broadcom actually went into great detail about how the chip is supposed to be all open and whatnot before it was released, and in fact bragged about it in great length on slashdot
# 17:25:10 memleak kind of funny though considering broadcom isn't known for having anything open, and everyone else realized that as well
# 17:25:23 crazedpsyc heh
# 17:25:30 crazedpsyc seems like most chip manufacturers are doing that
# 17:25:53 Botanic tbh open doesnt always mean better
# 17:26:01 Botanic like intel gpu's compared to nividia ;)
# 17:26:05 Botanic on linux
# 17:26:05 Botanic :)
# 17:26:17 memleak well the intel hardware sucks to begin with
# 17:26:25 Botanic yup :)
# 17:26:26 memleak thats another story :P
# 17:26:39 crazedpsyc Allwinner does open source! if you close your eyes and really truly believe in it!
# 17:27:02 memleak allwinner has uboot support and everything you'd need for developing with it...
# 17:27:09 Botanic mingwandroid, thanks for the help yesterday tracked down some of the issues
# 17:27:22 mingwandroid ok great. I had to go to bed.
# 17:27:23 Botanic not working yet but at least i got somewhere to run in
# 17:27:31 Botanic oh np i totally get it :)
# 17:27:32 mingwandroid did you make wrapper scripts?
# 17:27:33 memleak matter of fact coreboot is nearly functioning 100% with the cubieboard2
# 17:27:48 Botanic mingwandroid, well im tryin to make it work via cmake using a toolchain
# 17:27:54 Botanic as thats our build env
# 17:28:05 crazedpsyc memleak: sort of. watching developers, it seems to take a lot of effort to get anything useful out of them (for new chips which haven't been "open sourced" yet, or whatever)
# 17:28:06 mingwandroid Botanic: well, you can use wrapper scripts for any build system of course ..
# 17:28:22 Botanic all cmake does is load a toolchain file
# 17:28:31 Botanic so no real reason to write a script arount that
# 17:28:32 mingwandroid Botanic: they're just fake compilers if you like that add a few arguments on the way to calling the real compilers.
# 17:28:54 Botanic ya I can specify the compiler with CMAKE_CXX etc
# 17:29:04 Botanic i just gotta learn how to use all the commands :)
# 17:29:06 mingwandroid Botanic: well, it comes down to either you make wrappers to augment arguments or else you work it out so everything is passed down correctly via variables and what-not.
# 17:29:34 mingwandroid Botanic: ok, yeah. thing with doing it the prescribed way is at some stage someone will have not bothered ;-)
# 17:29:37 memleak crazedpsyc, hmm interesting. i've had it and i built gentoo on it and a custom kernel, boot loader and everything while hardly following any of the documentation for the board
# 17:29:49 mingwandroid Botanic: with wrappers, if they get run then you get your options added.
# 17:30:03 memleak also a completely custom toolchain, built by crosstool-ng rather than the "recommended" toolchain binary repos they say to use
# 17:30:09 Botanic ya i can add flags as well via cmake
# 17:30:10 memleak psh.. codesourcery...
# 17:30:15 Botanic just gotta figure out how it all works
# 17:30:19 mingwandroid Botanic: yes.
# 17:30:21 Botanic shouldnt be -too- hard :)
# 17:30:28 memleak you guys don't like codesourcery either, yes?
# 17:31:03 Botanic mingwandroid, thanks for the binaries tho the other ones i had were i686
# 17:31:11 Botanic wasnt ever able to get x86_64 workin
# 17:31:12 Botanic :D
# 17:31:38 mingwandroid Botanic: well, we should get to the bottom of that of course, diorcety wasn't aware that x86_64 was possible, but I fixed it on October.
# 17:32:02 mingwandroid Botanic: but I only know of myself and Tor project who've built these toolchains.
# 17:32:23 Botanic i wouldnt be suprised if i find some bugs :)
# 17:33:03 Botanic tor and firefox doesnt use much in the way of graphics and low level gpu programming
# 17:33:12 Botanic so will be intresting so see how well it all works
# 17:33:40 Botanic we actually even load our own custom drivers for some cards
# 17:33:50 Botanic so be really sweet if everything "just works" :D
# 17:34:13 mingwandroid Botanic: there's no chance you'll find any bugs :-)
# 17:34:21 mingwandroid Botanic: unless Apple wrote them.
# 17:35:01 mingwandroid Botanic: seriously though, Firefox is a pretty damn good test case, and they've compiled firefox 17, 24 and mozilla-central all without a single hitch.
# 17:35:18 Botanic ya agreed
# 17:35:20 mingwandroid Botanic: and also Python 2.7.5 and 3.3.3
# 17:35:28 Botanic firefox is fairly complex
# 17:35:35 Botanic only thing we do they dont is the low level gpu stuff
# 17:35:44 Botanic everything else tho they do as well
# 17:35:44 mingwandroid WebGL?
# 17:35:51 Botanic well we load our own drivers etc
# 17:36:00 Botanic webgl doesnt do that :)
# 17:36:30 mingwandroid not sure I get what you mean by "load our own drivers"?
# 17:36:41 Botanic some of the apple drivers had issues especially on ati cards
# 17:36:52 mingwandroid ok, compiling kexts?
# 17:37:02 Botanic that as well as like opencl kernels etc
# 17:37:29 mingwandroid Ok, I admit that's one thing that's not been exercised too much.
# 17:37:38 Botanic I also work with blender so would love to see if i can get blender working as well after this :D
# 17:37:52 mingwandroid opencl kernels is just LLVM working ok, no more complicated than Clang working ok.
# 17:38:09 mingwandroid Botanic: ok cool. I work on MSYS2, we added Blender to it there.
# 17:38:23 mingwandroid Botanic: via Pacman from Arch Linux.
# 17:38:27 Botanic ya only problem is that the ati side they got issues :P
# 17:38:29 Botanic nice
# 17:39:10 Botanic nividia has less issues on CUDA but obv thats nividia only
# 17:39:15 Botanic they aint any better at opencl
# 17:39:17 Botanic :(
# 18:13:14 memleak boooo CUDA! BOOOOOOOOOO
# 18:13:29 memleak mantle all the way
# 18:14:06 memleak i love mantle, runs bf4 a hell of a lot faster
# 18:21:40 Botanic mingwandroid, humm getting some wierd issue where it cant detect pthread
# 18:21:49 Botanic you compile those binaries with support for that?
# 18:24:05 mingwandroid of course.
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# 18:24:20 mingwandroid you probably haven't passed the SDK to the configure side of things.
# 18:24:50 mingwandroid native compilers will tend to find those things in "/usr/include" .. cross compilers of course can't.
# 18:25:07 mingwandroid is it cmake still?
# 18:25:23 Botanic ya
# 18:25:28 Botanic it found everything but pthread
# 18:25:37 mingwandroid You're probably best rolling the CFLAGS into CC to ensure that they don't get dropped looking for pthread.
# 18:25:56 Botanic ya the flags are find
# 18:25:59 mingwandroid or else the cmake nonsense (sorry I don't like cmake!) for finding pthreads may be busted.
# 18:26:10 Botanic thats kinda what im thinking
# 18:27:12 mingwandroid so instead of CMAKE_CC="x86_64-apple-darwin10-gcc" CMAKE_CFLAGS="-sysroot $HOME/MacOSX10.6.sdk" I'm proposing CMAKE_CC="x86_64-apple-darwin10-gcc -sysroot $HOME/MacOSX10.6.sdk"
# 18:33:12 mingwandroid but with clang instead probably, and using the right var. names would help too.
# 18:33:16 mingwandroid got to go
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# 19:58:48 Botanic mingwandroid, you have any issues with path's? getting some cant find file errors on opengl even tho i included the framework
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# 19:58:59 Botanic wondering if there are some internal hardcoded paths or somethin
# 19:59:46 mingwandroid got a testcase?
# 20:00:33 mingwandroid if you got a branch somewhere I can join the fun?
# 20:00:51 Botanic i got a server you can login to :B
# 20:02:22 mingwandroid lol, I wouldnt trust me on a server. three weeks ago I did "sudo rm -rf /" by mistake
# 20:02:42 mingwandroid .. that was a tricky one to explain at work ;-)
# 20:03:39 Botanic meh its a vm :)
# 20:03:42 Botanic just for this :P
# 20:03:53 Botanic and im always scared ill do that oneday :D
# 20:04:15 Botanic rm -rf / (OH SHIT I HIT ENTER RIGHT AFTER /)
# 20:04:16 Botanic :P
# 20:04:45 mingwandroid it was a shell script gone awry.
# 20:04:51 mingwandroid very very awry
# 20:06:39 Botanic lol
# 20:07:06 Botanic mingwandroid, http://lug.wsu.edu/node/414
# 20:07:07 Botanic :)
# 20:17:06 mingwandroid Botanic: for your problem, can you isolate it down to a single invocation of clang?
# 20:17:34 Botanic im sure i can
# 20:17:42 Botanic since is gl.h thats complaining
# 20:17:48 Botanic its pretty much any invocation :P
# 20:18:03 Botanic http://codepad.org/71BXbiHB
# 20:18:45 Botanic iirc on OSX OpenGL/gl.h will use the framework OpenGL.framework and auto point ot the include dir
# 20:18:52 Botanic but doesnt seem to be doin that :)
# 20:19:38 mingwandroid make VERBOSE=1 please
# 20:19:51 Botanic ya fixin another issue atm give me a few
# 20:19:54 mingwandroid ok
# 20:20:16 Botanic cross compiling really tells ya when the people writing your build scripts take shortcuts :P
# 20:30:04 Botanic http://codepad.org/oidbgJI9 mingwandroid
# 20:31:12 bhundven mingwandroid: finally getting to final gcc with my arm toolchain. Maybe tonight I'll figure out what is up with powerpc builds on my box.
# 20:31:34 mingwandroid bhundven: great.
# 20:32:23 mingwandroid bhundven: after that we can formulate a plan of attack for multilib?
# 20:32:52 bhundven yes, that would be ideal. If I can build what is currently in y_morin's tree, then multilib.
# 20:33:08 bhundven if I can't, it needs to get resolved, then move on to multilib.
# 20:33:11 mingwandroid Botanic: well, you're not passing -sysroot in there : /home/taadmin/x-tools/x86_64-apple-darwin10/bin/x86_64-apple-darwin10-clang++ -arch x86_64 -DENABLE_LOGS -DHAVE_X64 -DHAVE_X86_64 -DHAVE_X86 -D_REENTRANT -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -gdwarf-2 -ftemplate-depth-48 -DNL_RELEASE -DNDEBUG -O3 -I"/home/taadmin/MacOSX10.6.sdk/usr/include" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/build" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/include" -
# 20:33:11 mingwandroid I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/nel/include" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/include/libxml2" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/include/freetype2" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl/(" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl/ADVANCED" -I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl/)" -I"/home/taadmin/MacOSX10.6.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/AGL.framework" -
# 20:33:11 mingwandroid I"/home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl" -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DHAVE_REVISION_H -DFINAL_VERSION=1 -DLIBXML_STATIC -DNL_STATIC -fobjc-abi-version=2 -fobjc-legacy-dispatch -x objective-c++-header -o /home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/build/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl/nel_drv_opengl_pch_x86_64/stdopengl.h.pth -c /home/taadmin/rc-
# 20:33:11 mingwandroid osx/ryzomcore/code/build/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl/nel_drv_opengl_pch_x86_64/stdopengl.h
# 20:33:11 mingwandroid /home/taadmin/rc-osx/ryzomcore/code/build/nel/src/3d/driver/opengl/nel_drv_opengl_pch_x86_64/stdopengl.h
# 20:33:28 mingwandroid oops, sorry! didn't realise that line was so long, apologies for spamming everyone.
# 20:33:33 Botanic XD
# 20:33:50 mingwandroid also, I didn't see the end of the line, so I must re-examine ;-)
# 20:33:56 Botanic the sysroot shouldnt fix it =/
# 20:34:10 Botanic its including the framework
# 20:35:14 bhundven mingwandroid: I really don't want to start multilib with the hardest arch (arm).
# 20:35:38 mingwandroid bhundven: well, since I already have it working on x86, I'm well up for that fight ;-)
# 20:35:52 bhundven actually, harder is x86/x86_64/x32, because you have to worry about host pollution more.
# 20:36:25 mingwandroid bhundven: I didn't take a poke at x32 yet actually, I may have a crack at that then ..
# 20:36:42 mingwandroid bhundven: --enable-targets=all doesn't seem to be picking it up, interesting ..
# 20:36:56 bhundven heh, go figure.
# 20:38:14 mingwandroid but arm with all it's extra flags for neon/vfp is still I think the most tricky one as you say
# 20:38:53 bhundven yup
# 20:39:01 mingwandroid Botanic: I don't see MacOSX10.6.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework in there?
# 20:39:24 mingwandroid Botanic: just AGL.framework
# 20:40:11 mingwandroid bhundven: My arm cross work so far has been for raspi, so I will give a go at armv7a instead now.
# 20:40:21 mingwandroid bhundven: then there's thumb2 etc etc!
# 20:40:30 bhundven yea, I'm doing cortex_a8/armv7a right now
# 20:40:37 bhundven bleh
# 20:41:18 bhundven y_morin: why do I get myself involved in things like "static toolchain" and "multilib"? lol
# 20:41:45 y_morin bhundven: You have to learn to say 'no', I guess?
# 20:41:47 mingwandroid bhundven: if you have the patches to split up cody's function fire them my way and I'll intergrate them into my stuff.
# 20:41:49 y_morin :-p
# 20:42:00 bhundven mingwandroid: ok.
# 20:42:11 bhundven y_morin: I'm a sucker for complicated things, I guess.
# 20:42:12 mingwandroid bhundven: try Windows and Darwin as host and target if you want some really hard jobs ;-)
# 20:42:29 bhundven I have to reinstall my mac
# 20:42:31 mingwandroid .. though respect for the static and multilib too of course.
# 20:42:38 bhundven upgrade to 10.9 screwed stuff up
# 20:43:02 bhundven I don't like running windows, If I don't have to.
# 20:43:16 mingwandroid no, for me it's like Stockholm Syndrome.
# 20:43:21 mingwandroid I love my captor.
# 20:44:26 bhundven ok, so arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi built for me.
# 20:44:42 bhundven now back to e500v2
# 20:45:54 bhundven bbaab
# 21:00:55 mingwandroid bbl. going to watch some TV.
# 21:12:33 Botanic mingwandroid, AH HA! seems that with precompiled headers things go wonky
# 21:12:39 Botanic i spose that makes sence
# 21:17:03 bhundven mingwandroid: back to the insn. gonna go look at upstream changes to see if there is anything related.
# 21:19:32 memleak *random guitar solo*
# 21:27:27 bhundven o.O so binutils and gdb are in the same source tree now?
# 21:27:49 bhundven https://sourceware.org/git/?p=binutils-gdb.git;a=summary
# 21:28:31 bhundven I guess that makes sense.
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# 21:29:05 memleak i think so too!
# 21:29:13 memleak i'm so glad the two of us can agree on something like that :)
# 21:29:15 memleak <3
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# 22:50:47 mingwandroid I best go to bed, hopefully catch you all tomorrow.
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