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# 13:18:29 michael_ Salut
# 13:20:17 michael_ Hy
# 13:26:51 michael_ I'm having a problem with cg-nt build, the url to get cloog-15-11 tarball is dead, i can't find it elsewhere, and more recent version give compilation errors about .h file missing
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# 19:29:40 mjrosenb I think this channel may have the lowest ratio of answers to questions of any channel I've had the pleasure of idiling in :-/
# 19:30:11 mjrosenb although I do feel privledged that I had two separate questions answered on my first attempt!
# 19:33:15 y_morin mjrosenb: Well, usually people only answer when they know the answer. There's no point in answering "sorry, I don;t know".
# 19:33:31 y_morin mjrosenb: What was your question(s), by the way? ;-)
# 19:33:53 y_morin is not always ogling the cahnnel, has a real life of his own, too.
# 19:39:26 mjrosenb y_morin: ct-ng was complaining that my make was too old (it was in fact too /new/)
# 19:39:54 mjrosenb and I flubbed, and stomped over one toolchain with another
# 19:40:01 y_morin njAh, yes, the infamous make-4.00 issue.
# 19:40:20 y_morin Doh, keyboard-dislexia...
# 19:40:29 mjrosenb then thought that they were separate because there was a failed compilation with a very old config that actually put it under a different name.
# 19:41:02 y_morin mjrosenb: What step really complained about the make being too old? The ./configure step of ct-ng itself, or later on during the build ?
# 19:41:32 mjrosenb y_morin: the build. I installed ct-ng via aur, and that worked flawlessly.
# 19:41:44 mjrosenb y_morin: you happen to see sfink's question about two days ago?
# 19:41:52 y_morin mjrosenb: During glibc build, right?
# 19:42:07 mjrosenb y_morin: yup.
# 19:43:26 y_morin mjrosenb: Does the build fail as thus: glibc start files and headers fail with: [/usr/include/limits.h] Error 1 ?
# 19:44:01 mjrosenb y_morin: I don't remember, and I /think/ I can't actually reproduce it anymore.
# 19:44:43 y_morin mjrosenb: Anyway, did you have a look at the known issues in: "docs/B - Known issues.txt"
# 19:45:02 mjrosenb y_morin: yeah, eventually.
# 19:45:10 y_morin mjrosenb: There is an issue that is very similar to your own, with a workaround explained in there.
# 19:45:22 mjrosenb yup. I did that, and it worked like a charm.
# 19:45:40 y_morin mjrosenb: Ah, good. So no question, in fact? ;-)
# 19:45:45 mjrosenb y_morin: like I said, I actually had two of my problems fixed!
# 19:46:03 mjrosenb err, I guess I said 'answered' rather than fixed, but they were indeed fixed.
# 19:46:06 y_morin OK, problem one: fixed. Now on to problem two, then. ;-)
# 19:46:35 y_morin Yep, whatever gets you running. :-)
# 19:47:01 y_morin mjrosenb: I just built a toolchain with ct-ng. Now I want to go back and mess around with the gcc build, relinking it with different options. What's the easiest way to do that?
# 19:47:05 y_morin mjrosenb: That one ?
# 19:47:22 mjrosenb y_morin: yeah. since you have an '@', I tend to assume that you know everything :-p
# 19:47:56 y_morin mjrosenb: Well, I know probably a lot, but not everything, for sure. ;-)
# 19:48:10 y_morin All I know is that I know nothing. (TM)
# 19:48:26 y_morin mjrosenb: Short answer: it is not possible: you have to restart afresh from scratch.
# 19:48:46 y_morin mjrosenb: There is a longer answer, but it is a bit more involved. Ready for that? :-]
# 19:49:04 mjrosenb let me poke sfink, and get him back in here.
# 19:49:56 mjrosenb ok, he's not in atm, probably lunch. I'll just copy it for him.
# 19:50:34 y_morin mjrosenb: So here it is , then:
# 19:51:27 y_morin mjrosenb: It is possible to start ct-ng in "debug" mode. In debug-mode, ct-ng will save its internal state between each step (eg. between binutils and core-gcc, between libc and final gcc, and so on)
# 19:51:49 y_morin mjrosenb: So you configure ct-ng in debug-mode, and start a build from scratch.
# 19:52:17 y_morin mjrosenb: Then you can restart at whatever step you want (provided the previous build went that far, of course)
# 19:52:33 y_morin mjrosenb: BUT! There is a catch: you can not change the option from the menuconfig
# 19:53:03 y_morin mjrosenb: The debug mode is not meant to fiddle with the configuration, only with the build procedure of each component.
# 19:53:29 y_morin mjrosenb: End of long answer.
# 19:54:01 y_morin mjrosenb: So if you want to "fiddle" with the option used to configure and build gcc, using debug-mode is not useful.
# 19:54:15 y_morin mjrosenb: In that case, the only solution is to restart afresh.
# 19:54:37 y_morin And that's the reall end of the long answer.
# 19:54:39 y_morin :-)
# 19:55:03 mjrosenb I suspect starting afresh is feasable, iirc, he was trying to get gmp to link slightly differently, so certain symbols would be available.
# 19:55:24 mjrosenb along with a neat plugin for gcc that does tons of static code analysis.
# 19:56:14 y_morin mjrosenb: Ah, the debug-mode is probably fit to use to tweak the gmp build process, yes.
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# 19:57:16 mjrosenb y_morin: thanks!
# 19:57:16 y_morin mjrosenb: Look at "docs/4 - Building the toolchain.txt" the second chapter in this file is named "Stopping and restarting a build"
# 19:59:18 y_morin should definitely review this file, there are really old info in there, that is no longer true (tool wrapper is long gone)
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# 20:21:45 y_morin sfink: I guess there's something for you there: http://crosstool-ng.org/download/ibot-logs/today.html
# 20:21:52 y_morin mjrosenb: ^^^^^
# 20:22:05 sfink yes, thanks!
# 20:22:17 sfink mjrosenb pasted it to me on another channel
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