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# 09:42:52 xxlsm Hello. Is it possible to read out the settings for the target architecture from a build crosstool toolchain ?
# 09:43:58 y_morin xxlsm: What 'settings' are you after?
# 09:44:32 xxlsm Especially the Mips Architecture Level.
# 09:46:54 y_morin xxlsm: Well, you can do different things:
# 09:47:48 y_morin xxlsm: 1) run: .../tuple-gcc -v <- it will return the configure command line with the --with-arch and --with-cpu and what not, so you can inspect that
# 09:48:37 y_morin xxlsm: 2) You can also ask gcc to dump all the preprocesor macro it knows of, and look at the result to see what it define _MIPS_ (or the likes) to.
# 09:52:01 y_morin xxlsm: gcc -x c -E -dM /dev/null will return you all the macros
# 09:52:21 xxlsm Thanks. I will give it a try and report here if I was successful.
# 10:04:59 xxlsm Ok. Option 1 didn´t worked because in the toolchain was no file with the name tuple-gcc but option 2 worked. Now I am try to debug the output after my settings.
# 10:06:03 y_morin xxlsm: Well, you should replace 'tuple' with the actual tuple of the toolchain, something like 'mips-unknown-linux-gnu'
# 10:06:31 y_morin xxlsm: Ditto for the second case, you should use your cross-compiler, not the native one.
# 10:17:28 xxlsm Output 1 : /home/christophe/ngtools/.build/src/gcc-4.8.1/configure --build=i686-build_pc-linux-gnu --host=i686-build_pc-linux-gnu --target=mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu --prefix=/home/christophe/x-tools/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu --with-sysroot=/home/christophe/x-tools/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/sysroot --enable-languages=c,c++ --with-arch=mips32 --with-abi=32 --with-float=soft --with-pkgversion='crosstool-NG 1.19.0'
# 10:19:37 xxlsm oh its to short i will upload a text file.
# 10:25:58 xxlsm https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0M6RkiM4-ILbFhLZmRieGtzVTA/view?pli=1 . It seems like tune for a special cpu is blank and architecture level is "mips32". But I am not sure. Am I right ?
# 10:44:04 xxlsm Is it not possible to debug this "settings" from both outputs and I must compile till I have nearly the same outputs or is there a different solution to debug it ?
# 10:50:44 xxlsm Well I can understand if you want myself to find out. However if anyone wants to tell it anyway I will see it in the logs.
# 10:50:44 y_morin xxlsm: So, you want to reproduce the same toolchain from an existing one?
# 10:51:27 y_morin xxlsm: Please, be patient. People have real lives, and this is a volunteer-driven project. Answers may get some time to get in
# 11:00:12 xxlsm I want to compile a new toolchain but with the same architecture options. I want to find out what options were used for "tune for cpu" and "architecture level". As far as I have seen tune for cpu was leaved blank and architecture level was set to "mips32". But I am not 100% sure. My Question was If someone can validate it with the textfile I uploaded because compiling a toolchain is very cpu sensitve.
# 11:01:48 y_morin xxlsm: OK, so you also have the .config file that was used by ct-ng to build the existing toolchain. Just run: mips-unknown-linux-gnu-ct-ng.config it will spit it out.
# 11:07:23 xxlsm My text editor can´t read some ares of the file but i guess crosstool can ?
# 11:08:26 y_morin xxlsm: What? Just *run* that file, it outputs the config on stdout.
# 11:08:54 y_morin xxlsm: You can then redirect the output to any file you want and load it from 'ct-ng menuconfig'
# 11:42:39 xxlsm Thanks it worked. You helped me a lot. :). Maybe you can add this topic to your site or create a FAQ. Thanks.
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# 15:19:35 Eisi Hi everyone, when i try to build the "arm-cortex_a15-linux-gnueabi" sample, i get an error in the step "Checking that gcc can compile a trivial statically linked program (CT_WANTS_STATIC_LINK)". In the build.log i can see: [DEBUG] /usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.8/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lc & [ERROR] collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status.
# 15:19:41 Eisi Someone has an idea?
# 15:20:43 y_morin Eisi: You are missing the 'development' packages on your machine.
# 15:20:56 y_morin Eisi: What distro are you using?
# 15:21:17 Eisi OpenSuse 13.2
# 15:21:28 Eisi wait i have to check those packages
# 15:21:56 y_morin Eisi: They are usually named something like libc-dev or libc-devel or libc-static or whatever.
# 15:22:05 y_morin or glibc-something
# 15:22:49 Eisi glibc-devel is installed
# 15:23:46 Eisi but not glibc-devel-static
# 15:24:13 Eisi that's it :)
# 15:24:17 Eisi Thanks a lot!
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