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# 18:55:04 mingwandroid y_morin: hi.
# 18:56:58 y_morin mingwandroid: Hey!
# 19:01:03 mingwandroid y_morin: Happy New Year.
# 19:01:06 mingwandroid y_morin: brb.
# 19:01:36 y_morin mingwandroid: Best Whishes for 2015, too.
# 19:05:02 mingwandroid y_morin: so I got a quick question.
# 19:06:19 mingwandroid y_morin: I'm having a look at CT_GetGit, and wanted to allow cset to be passed in as, for example, "ref=HEAD". in there, I use git ls-remote to get the SHA1, but I kind of need to pass that back out to the caller so I know the name of the tarball ..
# 19:06:54 mingwandroid what do you recommend for that? the usual pass a var name in and use eval dance?
# 19:08:39 y_morin mingwandroid: Sorry, I don;t understand why you would need that. Caller must now the version. If you pass a floating reference, there's no guarantee it can be reproduced over time.
# 19:09:02 y_morin mingwandroid: If you want to play wih 'bleding-edge' development stuff, it's better to use a local tree of the sources.
# 19:09:30 y_morin mingwandroid: And no, there is currently no way to pass back values to a caller. And using the eval-dance is ugly.
# 19:09:52 y_morin mingwandroid: Also, that would be the first time an eval is used to pass info back to the caller.
# 19:10:02 mingwandroid y_morin: I am updating mingw-w64 stuff, and they don't release nearly often enough, but they have various branches (master, 3.1.0 that's stable ..)
# 19:10:22 mingwandroid y_morin: very similar actually to glibc's svn branches that we already handle in a similar way.
# 19:10:31 y_morin mingwandroid: Then, directly use a sha1.
# 19:11:29 mingwandroid y_morin: you don't see value in just saying "I want master", then having the CT_GetGit figure out the sha1 and return it to the caller for later extraction?
# 19:11:33 y_morin (and I am not too happy that it is possible to use svn HEAD revision to start with... If I had have foresight back in the day, I'd have made that impossible)
# 19:11:50 y_morin mingwandroid: No, I say that using 'master' is just not stable over time.
# 19:12:22 y_morin mingwandroid: If you use 'master' right now, it will give you a sha1. Then you come back tomorrow, it will give you another sha1.
# 19:12:30 mingwandroid y_morin: granted, but I do name the tarball with the full sha1, so reproducability isn't a problem.
# 19:12:34 y_morin mingwandroid: Thus: toolchain not reprodicible with the same .config.
# 19:12:59 y_morin mingwandroid: No, because tomorrow, you'd still be using 'master' in your toolchain's .config.
# 19:14:01 y_morin mingwandroid: It is not how you name the local tarball. It's about reproducing the same output (the toolchain) with the same input (the .config).
# 19:14:29 mingwandroid y_morin: I could bake the sha1 out into the generated .config, would that be more acceptable or do you just not want such a thing?
# 19:14:53 y_morin mingwandroid: Well, I am no longer the maintainer, so what I want does not matter. It's just my opinion.
# 19:15:29 y_morin mingwandroid: However, overwriting the .config is probably something we do *not* want. .config is provided by the user, we should not touch that; in any case.
# 19:15:31 mingwandroid y_morin: well your opinion matters anyway.
# 19:15:38 y_morin mingwandroid: Thank you! :-)
# 19:16:18 y_morin mingwandroid: It's 20:15 here, dinner is almost ready, I have to go. Cheers, TTYL...
# 19:16:29 mingwandroid ok thanks. i will soon eat too.
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# 21:50:27 y_morin mingwandroid: Hello again. I was looking at the bash manual (sonce ct-ng is mostly bash scripts), and there is a better way to pass back values to a caller (not that I suggest we do it, mond you)
# 21:51:20 y_morin mingwandroid: In bash, it is posible to declare a variable that is a nameref, that is a reference to abnother variable (like a pointer in C, if you want, or better yet, like a reference in C++)
# 21:52:50 y_morin mingwandroid: For example, in a function: local -n ref="${1}"; ref=foo would set the variable passed as first argument to the value 'foo'
# 21:53:31 y_morin mingwandroid: That is a bit nicer that the eval-dance, but not much more (e.g. changing the variable that is referenced is a bit convoluted)
# 22:53:14 mingwandroid y_morin: oh interesting.
# 22:54:21 mingwandroid y_morin: what's the compatability of that? dash for example? I will test actually as MSYS2 has dash.
# 22:55:17 mingwandroid y_morin: I have coded it already as I discussed earlier, but I am actually somewhat in agreement with you about repeatability. I might run the idea past Bryan, but I don't mind forcing the user to pass the sha1 in .config.
# 22:56:51 mingwandroid y_morin: perhaps a compromise of providing a tool to pre-process a .config that has ref names in it could be comtemplated?
# 22:59:20 y_morin mingwandroid: We do not care about comatibilty with dash: ct-ng is nade of bash scripts.
# 23:00:30 y_morin mingwandroid: As for a pre-processing: it would not solve the issue: the .config is stil the input, has floating referecnes, and we can't tweak the .config.
# 23:00:50 y_morin But I'm off to bed now, it's been a pretty hard day here in .fr
# 23:01:25 y_morin Walking all the afternoon until pretty late has been a bit tiring! :-)
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