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# 10:16:21 c0de1 hey
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# 14:29:51 diorcety c0de1: hy
# 15:29:44 bhundven diorcety: hello!
# 15:31:26 bhundven diorcety: I'm merging the multi_cc stuff today.
# 15:32:14 diorcety bhundven: thanks !!
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# 15:34:00 bhundven I need to find someone that builds cross-canadian to test that patch set though. It can be tested post merge, as we can modify stuff to fix cross-canadian after the merge. But I still want that tested.
# 15:34:44 bhundven I have a couple of open issues on cross-canadian, so I'm expecting some future pull requests to fix cross-canadian as well.
# 15:35:47 bhundven kos_tom: I'm delayed on getting you prebuilts, as I need to do a stable update to fix some blocking issues in 1.21.0. So there will soon be a 1.21.1
# 15:36:32 bhundven kos_tom: also, could you link me to the current prebuilts?
# 16:08:58 bhundven diorcety: if you could have mingwandroid update the one comment about the space damage in the showSamples commit, I'll merge.
# 16:09:17 diorcety ok i will contact him
# 16:09:25 bhundven diorcety: thanks1
# 16:09:36 bhundven s/1/\!/
# 16:10:14 bhundven diorcety: funny enough, that might have been my fault :D
# 16:38:57 bhundven diorcety: could you also get him to checkout this bug for me: https://github.com/crosstool-ng/crosstool-ng/issues/97
# 16:38:57 bhundven since he does work on mingw
# 16:38:57 bhundven I have no windows boxen
# 16:38:57 bhundven and this one: https://github.com/crosstool-ng/crosstool-ng/issues/79
# 16:38:57 bhundven hehe, 97... 79...
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# 16:53:44 bhundven good evening, y_morin!
# 16:54:50 y_morin bhundven: Heya!
# 16:55:05 y_morin OK, git expert in the vincinity... ;-)
# 16:55:07 bhundven did you notice I had made a #101 pull request?
# 16:55:32 bhundven y_morin: :D
# 16:55:42 y_morin bhundven: No, I did not...
# 16:56:00 y_morin bhundven: That's what I find frustrating in github-style pull-requests...
# 16:56:37 y_morin bhundven: In fact, since you sent your patch by mail, I assumed you did not have something ready to commit on your side.
# 16:57:09 bhundven y_morin: yes, I'm still trying to figure out notifications with github and the ML
# 16:57:30 y_morin bhundven: And I definitely do not have the reflex to look at the github stuff for pending issues/pull-requests/...
# 16:57:37 y_morin He!
# 16:57:49 y_morin bhundven: OK, git question for you, if you will...
# 16:57:53 c0de1 hey
# 16:58:00 bhundven y_morin: :) I love git questions
# 16:58:18 bhundven rubs hands in anticipation...
# 16:58:19 c0de1 can you add an option to completely customize --with-pkgversion
# 16:58:30 c0de1 (to stop it adding crosstool-NG)
# 16:58:31 y_morin bhundven: Suppose I did a git clone http://somewhere and that somewhere has a single branch, master.
# 16:58:32 bhundven c0de1: ?
# 16:58:46 bhundven c0de1: explain in detail
# 16:58:48 y_morin bhundven: Then I locally cloen that already local clone.
# 16:59:10 c0de1 basically, when building a compiler with crosstool-ng it will by default set pkgversion to something like
# 16:59:23 c0de1 --with-pkgverson="crosstool-NG ${CT_VERSION}" etc
# 16:59:24 y_morin bhundven: Then upstream adds a new branch, 'next'. When I pull from the first local clone, I get that new branch.
# 16:59:38 y_morin bhundven: But if I pull from the second clone, it does not get that branch.
# 16:59:52 c0de1 you can add something after that from the menu, but you can't remove or modify the crosstool-NG part
# 16:59:56 c0de1 unless you edit the build sh script
# 16:59:56 bhundven y_morin: git pull --all
# 16:59:58 y_morin c0de1: That's customisable in the menuconfig. Except the "crosstool-NG" part is mandatory.
# 17:00:04 y_morin bhundven: Does not work.
# 17:00:05 c0de1 why mandatory?
# 17:00:23 bhundven y_morin: let me re-read and think
# 17:00:42 y_morin c0de1: Well, that's a decision I made back then, that crosstool-NG will add its ID to the gcc versionstring, so ultimate users know who to complain to.
# 17:00:53 c0de1 "ultimate users"?
# 17:00:59 c0de1 oh
# 17:01:20 c0de1 I get that, but it also gets added to final executables compiled with the cross compiler
# 17:02:50 bhundven y_morin: so, let me repeat what you say a different way
# 17:03:20 c0de1 not a big issue :P
# 17:03:26 bhundven y_morin: you clone: git clone --bare http://somwhere somewhere
# 17:03:46 bhundven y_morin: then locally: git clone file:///somewhere something
# 17:03:59 y_morin bhundven: http://code.bulix.org/wfpy3k-88470
# 17:04:02 y_morin bhundven: Yup
# 17:04:41 y_morin c0de1: Well, I did not get the ct-ng version string in executables/libraries built with such a compiler (or I did not look too closely)
# 17:04:48 bhundven y_morin: oh!
# 17:04:51 y_morin c0de1: But if you do not like that, please send a patch.
# 17:05:12 y_morin c0de1: Maybe bhundven Will want to change that behaviour about the version string.
# 17:05:29 y_morin bhundven: Hehe! ;-)
# 17:05:43 bhundven y_morin & c0de1: I've noticed issues with the version string. I'm also looking into an improvement to it.
# 17:05:49 c0de1 i see
# 17:05:56 c0de1 for now I just manually edit the shell script
# 17:06:04 bhundven c0de1: you see, we switch from hg (mercurial) to git
# 17:06:07 c0de1 i don't think many people worry about this though
# 17:06:21 bhundven c0de1: but the version string stuff wasn't well thought out (no offense to y_morin)
# 17:06:29 y_morin c0de1: Well, at least you do, so please send a patch.
# 17:06:32 bhundven (and partially my fault)
# 17:06:40 y_morin bhundven: What's the issue with that?
# 17:06:49 bhundven y_morin: ok, I've had that issue before.
# 17:07:13 bhundven y_morin: and what I found is that the local clone only watches the master branch because that is all that was there.
# 17:07:22 c0de1 what about some sort of "
# 17:07:30 c0de1 "ct-ng branding option" = on/off
# 17:07:39 c0de1 that does complicate things though
# 17:07:48 bhundven c0de1: no we don't want that.
# 17:08:30 y_morin bhundven: Yep, it does not know about those branches, and I was wondering if there was a way to add it 'after-the-fact'.
# 17:08:36 bhundven c0de1: we always want ct-ng branding or whatever is in the version string (from menuconfig)
# 17:09:25 y_morin bhundven: Anyway, don't loose time on it, it's was jsut in-case you knew.
# 17:09:36 bhundven y_morin: when you clone local, try: --no-single-branch
# 17:09:51 y_morin Hmm... But the clone already exists! ;-)
# 17:09:56 bhundven y_morin: I've never tried it, but worth experimenting
# 17:09:57 y_morin Ok, lemme see.
# 17:11:38 y_morin bhundven: Nope, does not even get the next branch when it already exists...
# 17:11:44 bhundven right
# 17:11:45 bhundven ok
# 17:11:48 y_morin Anyway, no big deal,
# 17:11:58 bhundven y_morin: my suggestion
# 17:12:12 bhundven y_morin: when you clone it down the first time, clone it with: --mirror
# 17:12:17 bhundven it will be bare
# 17:12:29 y_morin bhundven: Ah, worth a try.
# 17:12:33 bhundven but it will have refs to all branches and track new branches
# 17:12:35 y_morin lemme check
# 17:12:42 bhundven then locally clone from that
# 17:12:48 bhundven that's what I do ;)
# 17:13:06 y_morin He!
# 17:13:19 bhundven it also keeps me from cloning a whole tree over and over
# 17:13:30 bhundven I have a local mirror! :)
# 17:13:54 bhundven in the local mirror you update with: git fetch --all
# 17:14:10 bhundven then in the local clone: git pull --all
# 17:14:18 bhundven but you must be on master in the local clone
# 17:14:30 bhundven or s*$t gets f*$ked up
# 17:15:43 y_morin bhundven: Yeah, that's about what I do, except I did not use mirror so far (because my first-level clones also contain a lot of remotes themselves)
# 17:15:54 y_morin bhundven: So, is it possible to add remotes to a local mirror ?
# 17:16:03 y_morin Well, I'll try, let's see...
# 17:16:10 bhundven y_morin: yes
# 17:16:22 bhundven but always make sure origin is the original
# 17:16:46 bhundven I should blog my workflow
# 17:17:08 bhundven y_morin: I can explain your problem now
# 17:17:10 y_morin bhundven: Hm... It seems like it is doing what I do need! :-)
# 17:17:27 bhundven in your initial clone, only the master branch is checked out
# 17:17:41 bhundven so locally, that is the only ref that exists checked out
# 17:17:53 bhundven then when you locally clone that
# 17:17:57 bhundven it only picks up master
# 17:18:18 bhundven in the original clone a new branch is availble, but not checked out
# 17:18:31 bhundven so the local clone doesn't pick it up
# 17:18:38 y_morin bhundven: Yep, makes perfectly sense in retrospect.
# 17:18:51 y_morin bhundven: And yes, using a --mirror is working as I expect.
# 17:18:53 bhundven if you went into the original clone and did: git checkout -b next origin/next; git checkout master
# 17:18:59 bhundven the local clone would pick it up
# 17:18:59 c0de1 o.O Don't know how to handle 'gcc-5.1.0': unknown extension
# 17:19:33 bhundven y_morin: that make sense?
# 17:19:37 y_morin bhundven: Note that my second-level clone also automatically inherit the remotes from the first-level clone, but they point to it, not the original remotes' upstreams.
# 17:19:49 y_morin bhundven: Yep, totally makes sense! Thanks! :-)
# 17:19:52 bhundven :)
# 17:20:37 c0de1 nvm
# 17:20:46 y_morin bhundven: I have a little script, git-clone-remotes, that automatically adds the remotes from the first-level clone, adds them to the second-level clone, but points them at the first-level clone.
# 17:21:39 y_morin is going to re-clone all his local 'mirrors', but doign actual git mirrors! :-)
# 17:21:50 y_morin That's gonna be quite some bandwidth...
# 17:21:59 bhundven but will save bandwidth over time
# 17:22:03 bhundven ;)
# 17:22:21 y_morin Yep
# 17:22:32 bhundven expensive up front, savings over time... I'm trying to teach my boss that ;) lol
# 17:22:41 y_morin bhundven: And it's not about saving bandwidth in the future, it's for fast acces, too.
# 17:22:47 bhundven y_morin: yup
# 17:23:35 bhundven moves us back to the regularly scheduled #crosstool-ng, and away from #crosstool-ng_git (OT)
# 17:23:41 bhundven :)
# 17:24:06 bhundven jk, it's all good in the hood
# 17:24:40 y_morin bhundven: Yep, thanks! :-)
# 17:25:02 bhundven y_morin: I only know about the issues with branches, is that I had to deal with deploying from a bare repo
# 17:25:12 bhundven y_morin: sometimes a pita
# 17:26:29 bhundven c0de1: everything good? I sort of lost track there for a minute.
# 17:27:57 c0de1 bhundven, not sure yet, i had forgot to set the right tarball/src path. so we will see
# 17:28:15 c0de1 but i successfully compiled a mips compiler before this, so hmm
# 17:28:37 bhundven c0de1: ok, just let me know.
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# 17:41:25 c0de1 bhundven, compiling final compiler, so looks good :D
# 17:46:26 c0de1 success :)
# 17:54:35 bhundven c0de1: good. We're always here if you need help!
# 17:55:07 c0de1 thanks for making ct-ng btw
# 17:55:12 c0de1 it's awesome :)
# 17:55:22 bhundven y_morin: ^^^
# 17:57:23 bhundven c0de1: I take no credit for that, but I will yield it to y_morin.
# 17:57:34 c0de1 okay
# 17:58:40 RevChas OK, I have my cross compiler built and working and I've managed to build a new kernel with the cross compiler. Now I need to build the compiler libraries and gcc compiler that I'll stand up in the target. I have used the populate script to create a working sysroot to install everything into.
# 18:01:41 RevChas When I try to configure MPFR for build, it keeps on crapping out. The configure script keeps saying that ld.bfd keeps erroring out saying it can't find /lib64/libc.so.6, even though I've told it to use --with-sysroot
# 18:05:11 RevChas The build machine is a 32 bit host that doesn't have 64 libraries available, so I'm built a cross compiler to transition us to 64 bit.
# 18:43:13 RevChas Figured out that setting CFLAGS with --sysroot=/home/tc/dev/workingroot will use the populated sysroot.
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# 19:11:43 bhundven RevChas: ah, ok. Now I understand what you were saying
# 19:11:58 bhundven RevChas: glad you figured it out!
# 19:27:18 bhundven RevChas: it may be helpful for us to add another kconfig option to specify a sysroot if you have a populated sysroot, and have it automatically add --sysroot= to the CFLAGS.
# 19:27:31 bhundven if that option is populated (no pun intended)
# 19:29:09 bhundven say: CT_TOOLCHAIN_POPULATED_SYSROOT=/path/to/populated/sysroot
# 19:31:17 bhundven something like that
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# 21:44:00 RevChas I have thw libraries built, but when I try to compile new compiler with the cross compiler it fails. I suspect that it fails because it tries to build with the 32-bit only g++ compiler on this host. I configured the cross compiler *and* the new compiler with --enable-languages=c, but the new compiler build still tries to use the native g++.
# 21:45:11 RevChas I haven't been able to find a "No just no g++, but fuck no g++" switch anywhere.
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# 21:48:18 bhundven RevChas: c++ is the new default gcc compiler
# 21:48:32 bhundven I think that was in 4.9
# 21:49:00 bhundven nope, 4.8: https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.8/changes.html
# 21:49:21 bhundven "GCC now uses C++ as its implementation language. This means that to build GCC from sources, you will need a C++ compiler that understands C++ 2003."
# 21:49:51 bhundven So you need c++ enabled in your initial cross-compiler
# 21:50:15 RevChas Time to rebuild the cross-compiler.
# 21:50:23 bhundven :)
# 21:51:26 bhundven In hindsight, it really is amazing how much gcc has changed from 4.7 to 5.1
# 21:51:27 RevChas bhundven: I was hoping to lighen things up by having a C only compiler. If C was good enough for Kernighan and Ritchie and Jesus, it's good enough for me.
# 21:51:51 bhundven no cobol support? lol
# 21:52:05 bhundven jk
# 21:52:38 bhundven or java support (which I only know of a few apps that actually support being built by gcc-gcj)
# 22:00:12 RevChas bhundven: Cobol and java make the baby Jesus cry.
# 22:00:36 bhundven Bwahahahaha
# 22:01:32 bhundven Well, don't cry too soon, the gcc/cobol port died 7 years ago
# 22:01:58 bhundven http://cobolforgcc.sourceforge.net/
# 22:02:07 bhundven (links or it didn't happen)
# 22:03:11 bhundven I may have started on a ti-99/4a, but I really cut my teeth on an AS/400 (with JCL/Cobol)
# 22:03:47 bhundven I don't miss either
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# 22:09:11 RevChas I'm just hoping like hell that simply adding C++ to the crosstool-ng config and a rebuild will save me.
# 22:13:40 bhundven RevChas: it should
# 22:13:52 bhundven RevChas: keyword: should
# 22:14:26 bhundven RevChas: I can admit though, that I've never attempted to do a cross-compiler that way (cross-canadian?)
# 22:14:30 RevChas bhundven: I made sure that the candles are black, the silver knife is hsarp and the goat is a virgin. Wish me luck.
# 22:14:42 RevChas s/hsarp/sharp/
# 22:14:55 bhundven you forgot about the wind direction and moon phase
# 22:15:05 bhundven :P
# 22:15:09 RevChas ctngbot: Stop that.
# 22:15:42 RevChas bhundven: That's just a matter of breaking out the compass.
# 22:15:49 bhundven heh
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