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# 10:59:20 s1341 hi
# 10:59:41 s1341 i'm trying to use crosstool-ng (git version), and I get the following error:
# 10:59:48 s1341 *** These critical programs are missing or too old: make
# 11:01:22 s1341 this is in step: 'Installing C library headers & start files'
# 11:08:23 s1341 any help?
# 11:16:19 s1341 i figured it out... i am using a very old version of glibc (2.13) and it doesn't correctly detect my newer version of make.
# 11:16:39 s1341 i patched .build/src/glibc-2.13/configure hopefully that will work.
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# 15:26:44 blino hello
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# 18:20:04 f8l Hello.
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# 18:31:18 bhundven s1341: right, older source components can't foresee new versions of dependencies. So, older glibc don't recognize newer versions of make, for instance.
# 18:51:52 giminy is there a preferred distro for running crosstool-NG on top of?
# 18:52:19 giminy so far I haven't had any luck building a cross-compiler on top of a newish ubuntu distro, I'm lazy and would rather set up a new VM than troubleshoot =)
# 19:02:00 bhundven giminy: I've built crosstool-ng on a number of distros and versions.
# 19:02:28 bhundven I've built it lately on ubuntu 14.04 through 16.04
# 19:02:49 bhundven I'm currently running 15.10 and just built three toolchains
# 19:04:57 bhundven the only distribution I do not support is archlinux, since they are missing static libraries for required packages.
# 19:05:14 bhundven but some people have had success on archlinux
# 19:06:40 enunes I don't have any problem with up-to-date arch linux (I rebuild required packages with staticlibs enabled though), I use ct-ng regularly and for various targets
# 19:07:13 enunes something which eventually bothers are old packages such as ones that don't recognize make 4.0. For that, I usually enable all of the ct-ng 'companion tools' including make.
# 19:08:02 bhundven enunes: yup ;)
# 19:08:34 giminy hrm, I've been spending the last day trying to build a cross compiler manually. now crosstool seems to be providing me with different options than I remember =)
# 19:08:58 giminy somehow it is not even showing me glibc versions in the menuconfig, hrm hrm
# 19:09:07 bhundven enunes: I don't support it from the "technical support" side. If someone comes in to this channel asking for help, I point them back to the archlinux folks.
# 19:09:41 giminy ah okay, wrong directory
# 19:09:49 bhundven giminy: ct-ng clean; ct-ng oldconfig
# 19:10:00 enunes bhundven: understandable, I once (and only once) spent a considerable ammount of time with the staticlibs issue, when nothing seemed wrong
# 19:10:02 bhundven giminy: or... be in the right directory :D
# 19:10:06 giminy so, I am trying to build a cross compile environment with an old glibc. currently just trying 2.8 which seems supported
# 19:10:55 giminy well, I should learn a little more about the linker anyway so I will tinker a bit and formulate an actual question
# 19:10:59 bhundven giminy: the current mantra with master branch is that older versions of components are being removed
# 19:11:07 giminy ah okay
# 19:11:26 bhundven giminy: hence sooner or later older glibc, binutils, gdb, etc... will be removed.
# 19:11:43 bhundven I would suggest using the 1.22 release or branch
# 19:11:49 giminy my goal was to get a cross environment with glibc 2.3.5 set up, having some issue linking a new program with my binary-only shared library
# 19:11:58 bhundven I do plan to port some fixes to the 1.22 branch soon.
# 19:14:14 bhundven bbiab
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# 20:12:01 giminy well, I think I have my cross compilation environment rockin' and rollin'
# 20:12:24 giminy anybody an expert on convincing gcc to correctly link to shared libraries in a strange environment? :)
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# 23:51:21 giminy well, I've learned a lot about compilers and linkers today =)
# 23:51:46 giminy so I need to build a toolchain which can compile glibc with 2.0 support
# 23:52:49 giminy anywho, I tried building a basic example with ct-ng 1.22, telling it to build 32-bit arm compiler with glibc 2.8 (not sure if this will be backwards-compatible enough)
# 23:54:04 giminy sadly on 'ct-ng build' fails in the pass-1 gcc compiler phase
# 23:54:18 giminy Error happened in: CT_DoExecLog[scripts/functions@257]
# 23:54:29 giminy I'll dig into it some tonight and see what I learn
# 23:54:52 giminy doesn't seem to be mentioned in the known issues file though

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