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# 13:38:01 enunes giminy: you'd have to post a more detailed error log (probably a pastebin, not pasting here) for people to see if it's any sort of environment or configuration failure, or if it is due to incompatible toolchain components versions
# 13:43:17 enunes giminy: which gcc version are you trying to use with glibc 2.8 ?
# 13:45:10 giminy my host gcc is 4.8.4. crosstool is trying to build gcc 5.2 for the cross compiler.
# 13:45:40 enunes giminy: you should probably use a gcc version from about the same date of your glibc version, as well as binutils
# 13:46:31 giminy fun. I guess my actual target glibc will be 2.3.5. seems like gcc 4.0 as the 'latest and greatest' back then
# 13:46:54 giminy working with old tools is such a joy =)
# 13:47:28 enunes giminy: I'm not sure now scientific is that, but they have some of these compatibility matrices such as this one: http://wiki.osdev.org/Cross-Compiler_Successful_Builds
# 13:48:20 giminy enunes: ah thanks. though :(, it only goes back to glibc 2.16
# 13:48:31 giminy I think glibc 2.3 was ~2005, haha
# 13:48:48 enunes giminy: that's binutils, glibc is not listed unfortunately
# 13:49:08 giminy oh whoops, thanks for pointing that out
# 13:51:17 enunes giminy: so yeah, you're probably on your own for finding a matching combination that will work... unless you can find some reference which uses your versions and points matching versions. maybe an old revision of linux from scratch which used these old versions?
# 13:51:31 enunes giminy: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/6.2/index.html
# 13:52:14 enunes giminy: probably not guaranteed that it will work for your target though, unless it is also x86
# 13:52:29 giminy enunes: yeah hm, target is arm
# 13:52:41 giminy enunes: I suppose I could build an arm vm inside of qemu...
# 13:57:20 enunes giminy: I'd give Glibc-2.3.6 , Binutils-2.16.1 and GCC-4.0.3 a try by setting these versions on crosstool-ng. that might give more googleable errors from forum threads in 2006 ;)
# 13:59:32 enunes giminy: if that works then you may try raising some gcc versions to see if that still works.
# 14:05:08 giminy enunes: thanks for the tip. so I'm kind of a ct-ng noob, is there a way to manually set all these versions?
# 14:05:30 giminy or just edit the .config file?
# 14:06:20 giminy at least via menuconfig, the oldest glibc I can choose is 2.8, even with 'use obsolete features' turned on
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# 14:57:38 enunes giminy: I guess you need to enable 'experimental features'
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# 17:29:51 giminy yeah hm, even enabling experimental still gives the oldest version of binutils as 2.18a
# 17:30:03 giminy and glibc I guess I can choose 'custom'
# 17:30:42 giminy oh I see, then I provide a path to it
# 17:30:43 giminy cool
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# 18:05:15 giminy okay so I've got all the custom stuff going. I hate old versions of tools though, seems gcc 4.0.3 has problems
# 18:06:22 giminy http://pastebin.com/pqz9exZ8
# 18:08:38 enunes giminy: maybe you should select thumb mode for the target processor?
# 18:18:59 giminy oh I get it
# 18:19:25 giminy I basically know nothing about arm processor variants :(.
# 18:31:29 giminy so I know it's an arm926ej, is there an architecture level that I should specify to ct-ng for building gcc?
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# 18:33:33 giminy k, maybe found the relevant stackoverflow =): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10253603/what-are-the-correct-options-for-an-arm-cross-compiler-with-crosstool-ng
# 18:34:08 enunes giminy: did you start from scratch or with a sample config?
# 18:34:38 giminy from scratch
# 18:34:58 enunes giminy: I'd try a sample one (such as arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi sample for linux or arm-unknown-eabi sample for bare-metal) and just adjust the versions
# 18:35:00 giminy made a new directory for my build, and started with ct-ng menuconfig
# 18:35:16 giminy ah okay, will try that if this latest attempt fails
# 18:41:09 giminy yeah still getting weird assembler instruction errors on the stage 1 gcc build, will give the sample a try now
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# 18:54:47 giminy this build process is going much differently. all I changed from the standard arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi sample was to set the binutils/glibc/gcc versions to manual and point them to the tarballs
# 18:56:03 enunes giminy: I don't think that it is a good idea to start a config from scratch, especially if you are new to crosstool-ng
# 18:56:12 giminy probably wise =)
# 19:29:52 giminy yet another weird build failure, from the build log it looks like it created a symlink from my glibc.tar to the build dir glibc-custom.tar, but never untarred the link?
# 19:29:55 giminy http://pastebin.com/MGxKQnmj
# 19:30:15 giminy (greppd out the relevant stuff for easier reading)
# 19:31:33 enunes giminy: not sure but I guess that you need to point to a directory with the extracted source
# 19:33:06 enunes giminy: hmm well it does say tarball in the help, but IIRC when I used 'custom source' I just pointed to an extracted dir
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# 19:35:31 giminy okay. I did try that earlier and the build failed because it expected a tarball
# 19:35:42 giminy I'll make it work, in any case
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# 19:51:28 giminy yeah it seems like pointing it at the directory doesn't work either (it ended up placing a symlink to the tar file into env/.build/src/glibc-custom/glibc-2.3.6.tar, so configure would have failed on this pass too
# 19:51:57 giminy fixed it by hand while it is compiling binutils
# 20:03:59 giminy here's a new one: http://pastebin.com/y340f4Sm
# 20:04:27 giminy I guess the "--enable-add-ons=no" option being passed to gcc is at issue
# 20:05:40 enunes giminy: yeah maybe it is incompatible with the older (unsupported) gcc version. but I have never seen this error.
# 20:07:20 giminy do you think that is something generated by crosstool, or automatically generated by the glibc configure script somehow?
# 20:07:36 giminy I guess I'll find | grep and see what builds it, and remove it
# 20:09:43 giminy k it's in lib/crosstool-ng/scripts/build/libc/glibc.sh
# 20:11:29 giminy hums the compiling again song.
# 20:27:19 giminy hm, failed with same issue. I guess I'm kinda confused, does crosstool-ng clean directories between build attempts?
# 20:27:41 giminy my guess it left some stale build options; should I be wiping my environment between build attempt?
# 21:00:38 giminy strange, the --enable-add-ons=no is still being added to the build script. will try nuking the .build directory
# 21:01:10 giminy I don't really understand where that option is generated from, based on looking through the ct-ng scripts
# 21:01:35 giminy even searching for all occurences in the existing .build/ directory structure, I only found it referenced in the documentation files for glibc
# 21:09:37 giminy seems like every time I start over with building, I get new and interesting errors to troubleshoot =)
# 21:10:01 giminy starts over from the beginning.
# 21:13:53 giminy strange. now the build fails applying patches to my gcc, right away
# 21:14:04 giminy earlier it was getting quite a ways into the process before failing with that strange option
# 21:15:36 giminy ah strange. I guess it is trying to apply patches for gcc 5.2.0 to gcc 4.0.3
# 21:15:53 giminy strange that it applies patches based on the unused stock configuration, when custom is selected. ohwell.
# 21:16:11 giminy I wonder what I changed before that it prevented it from trying to patch
# 21:17:41 giminy set patches origin to none, I guess? I don't remember doing that before.
# 22:08:48 giminy now getting a strange error on configure-liberty
# 22:11:02 giminy http://pastebin.com/acJVaEXX
# 22:16:36 giminy ah okay, HOST_CONFIGARGS has an extraneous quotation mark
# 22:16:39 giminy that's...odd
# 22:17:17 giminy crosstool seemed to add it
# 22:25:48 giminy pretty strange. the Makefile gets generated with these options: ... --enable-threads --enable-plugins '--with-pkgversion=crosstool-NG
# 22:25:55 giminy not sure where the extra single-quote comes from?
# 22:26:33 giminy looking at the binutils.sh scripts in ct-ng I don't get it
# 22:28:17 giminy maybe tomorrow will be the day that I get a cross compiler that can link to my dynamic library :)
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