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# 19:56:49 Guma Hello. I am trying to build arm-cortexa9_neon-linux-gnueabihf tools on Mac OS Sierrs. I have external drive that I am building on and this drive was formated "Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)". When I try to start build From error message I see that x-tools is placed in my home folder which is case NOT sensitive. Is there a way to change location of x-tools?
# 20:01:13 enunes Guma: on ct-ng menuconfig you have "Paths and misc options ---> (${HOME}/x-tools/${CT_TARGET}) Prefix directory", you can change that default to somewhere else you'd like. I'm not sure on how supported mac os is though
# 20:01:18 Guma Never mind. I figured out in menuconfig
# 20:01:37 Guma enunes What a timing :) But thank you
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# 20:05:31 Guma enunes Since at this moment I only have external USB drive that is Case-sensitive, will I be able to install/move final build to my internal SSD that is NOT Case-sensitive and use it?
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# 20:10:23 enunes Guma: the ct-ng toolchain by itself should be relocatable, you should be able to move it somewhere else and use it. However, I have no idea about case insensitive filesystems, if I had to guess I'd think it wouldn't work...
# 20:12:05 Guma So after successful build the output x-tools I should be able to tar/gzip and move to other Mac with sam OS version?
# 20:12:39 Guma I will figure out if case-sensitive issue exists then
# 20:16:59 enunes Guma: yes you should be able to tar it and redistribute to other machines, which may untar it in some different path
# 20:17:41 Guma enunes Very nice.
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# 20:38:44 Guma Ok so I started build after running "arm-cortexa9_neon-linux-gnueabihf" And just updating "Local tarballs director" and "Prefix directory" and I am getting this error. No other changes were done to .config.
# 20:38:57 Guma clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
# 20:39:09 Guma Build failed in step 'Checking that gcc can compile a trivial statically linked program (CT_WANTS_STATIC_LINK)
# 20:41:08 Guma I am on Mac Sierra with latest command line tools installed
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# 22:07:19 Guma Looks like the issue on Mac Sierra is in crosstool-NG.sh. Needed to find -static and switch to -Bstatic. It is building now
# 22:19:28 Guma enunes So I started to build and got to "Building binutils" section and got error: crosstool-ng/.build/src/binutils-2.22/gold/gold.h:101:12: error: use of undeclared identifier '__stl_hash_string'
# 22:19:44 Guma Do you or anyone know if this is known issue?
# 22:24:00 enunes Guma: I haven't seen it recently, maybe you can pastebin the full logs somewhere. However, if this is just binutils and you already have had problems with that static flag with your host compiler, I'd expect a lot more of issues still to happen in your mac environment.
# 22:24:35 Guma ok I found this issue for previous version
# 22:24:35 Guma https://github.com/Kentzo/armv6-rpi-linux-gnueabihf/issues/5
# 22:24:48 Guma Let me pastebin in a sec
# 22:25:48 Guma http://pastebin.com/rKdjUnjh
# 22:25:59 enunes Guma: any chance you can use any linux distribution instead?
# 22:26:26 Guma That is my point. Very little disk space to install VM
# 22:27:10 Guma enunes Let me ask you this. Could I build it on Linux to run on Mac? I have to run it on Mac.
# 22:27:35 Guma But I could find build machine to build it just once. If that would work
# 22:30:40 enunes Guma: I don't know anything about a mac but I don't think it would work. Maybe building a static toolchain, so that you wouldn't have to carry libs from the linux host? But even then I have never done that myself so I don't know how supported it is... Sorry I can't help too much with a mac host.
# 22:31:17 Guma enunes With my previous note is there a way to update cross tool-NG.sh to handle -static / -Bstatic based on tools installed?
# 22:33:08 Guma I will try in a few the suggested "brew install gcc" and set CC and CXX. See if this works and will report here for others
# 22:33:21 enunes Guma: you can send a pull request to bhundven through github, although you should probably make sure that your modification doesn't break it with gcc and linux
# 22:34:04 Guma Ok will when I first resolve all my issues
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