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# 16:57:09 abferm Howdy guys, I'm looking to package a toolchain built with crosstool-ng as a debian package. Is there an example of this I can look at, or do I need to roll it myself?
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# 20:44:05 bhundven abferm: I know that looking through the pull requests, I find: https://github.com/crosstool-ng/crosstool-ng/pull/352
# 20:45:10 bhundven so there is a change out there that supports that, but the branch would need to be updated
# 20:48:55 bhundven some where out there is a docker image that installs the crosstool-ng build into the container, and is a "job container", such that it runs the build of your target sample (or pass an environment variable of the built-in sample) and save the results and shared source files to the attached shared volume.
# 20:55:23 abferm @bhundven : I actually have a crosstool-ng package that I hacked together myself, I was looking more along the lines of packaging the toolchain output by 'ct-ng build' into a debian package.
# 20:56:15 bhundven @abferm yes, look at the changes in the pull request I pasted.
# 20:57:04 bhundven in the master branch of crosstool-ng, we have some basic debian packaging.
# 20:57:31 bhundven that pull request updates the debian packaging with some fixes
# 20:58:11 bhundven We are currently behind on getting a release out. I'm hoping to have a release out after the new year.
# 21:00:15 abferm I still don't think you are understanding me. I want to package my toolchains (arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi, etc.) for debian. I already applied similar changes to the ones in pull request 352 to my own fork of crosstool-ng, and have it in a deb already.
# 21:01:39 bhundven oh, not ct-ng itself :P
# 21:01:41 bhundven sorry
# 21:02:21 abferm yeah, sorry if my wording was confusing.
# 21:02:22 bhundven The family kids got me sick on christmas, so I've been on meds since monday
# 21:02:41 bhundven so not all your fault ;)
# 21:03:00 bhundven yea, hrm. I think we could make that possible.
# 21:03:23 abferm I know how that goes, my kids have been driving me crazy this last week.
# 21:04:49 bhundven When the dayquil wears off this evening, I'll take a stab at this.
# 21:05:03 abferm Would changing the prefix to ${destdir}/usr do the trick (along with a rules file that builds with ct-ng)?
# 21:05:23 bhundven that would be part of the template we build out with the debian packaging.
# 21:05:59 bhundven I'll make a new menu (Packaging) that would have a debian packaging option with sub options for prefix and such.
# 21:06:24 bhundven kconfig stuff is super easy
# 21:08:29 bhundven probably would be cool to add rpm, opkg, etc.. sometime in the future.
# 21:09:24 abferm sounds good, you might also look into packaging ct-ng itself, I had issues with dpkg-shlibdeps throwing a fit, so my fork disables it, and I added the necessary deps manually. https://bitbucket.org/Petropower/crosstool-ng
# 21:10:34 bhundven oh cool, you started on the docker stuff I was talking about :D
# 21:11:59 abferm LOL, my co-workers may not be the happiest with me for putting those in a public repository. We use containers to build all our software for repeatability, etc.
# 21:12:00 bhundven @abferm ok, I'll look into that.
# 21:12:53 bhundven our office uses rpms, so we just build stuff in mock, and we're moving to docker/kubernetes... not there yet
# 21:13:48 bhundven https://github.com/rpm-software-management/mock/wiki
# 21:17:07 bhundven but that's the right idea. I'm planning to work out a solution to either buy hardware myself or see if the osuosl will allow us to have a host with a small kube instance or just docker and swarm to schedule one-time jobs to run builds and subsequent jobs to take the build output and run tests (like gcc's test-suite)
# 21:17:37 bhundven travis-ci just can't do what we need
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