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# 16:49:02 hamishtmb Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to compile for armv5tel with crosstool-ng?
# 16:49:17 hamishtmb I'm new to using this product and a little bit unsure what to do
# 16:56:46 brabo hamishtmb: a quick look around i see something similar regarding armv5te here: https://github.com/crosstool-ng/crosstool-ng/issues/115
# 16:57:21 brabo that got resolved. ymmv as it is not a 100% match (note missing 'l')
# 16:57:47 brabo but the reporter included a config so maybe it offers enough for you to get a proper config
# 16:58:18 hamishtmb Yeah, I'm not sure what the difference is between te and tel. I'll try a build for te, thanks :)
# 16:58:40 brabo hamishtmb: that and/or add the l and see..
# 16:58:47 hamishtmb I'm trying to build for a NAS box anyway, so details on exactly what I need to build with are a bit thin on the ground
# 16:59:00 brabo worth a try while no one knowledgable pipes in ;)
# 16:59:22 hamishtmb It doesn't like the l, it fails with "Unknown target in --with-arch=armv5tel"
# 17:00:04 brabo aha, well then either it is not defined as something seperate and the te one also works, or it is not supported, i guess. note, i guess.
# 17:01:34 brabo if the te fails, i hope someone has a proper answer for you ;)
# 17:02:22 brabo i am atm also as a ct-ng noob trying to see how to properly build a musl toolchain, seems there is experimental support for it
# 17:02:38 hamishtmb You've been helpful :)
# 17:02:54 hamishtmb I haven't even got much of an idea of what musl is
# 17:02:55 brabo hamishtmb: well, i guess in as much as all things are relative ;)
# 17:03:14 brabo hamishtmb: it is a standard c library like gnu libc
# 17:03:27 brabo or newlib
# 17:04:04 hamishtmb Ah okay. Well, it's not failing immediately this time!
# 17:04:36 brabo hamishtmb: considering the armv5te seems to be supported, i would assume the toolchain will build
# 17:04:59 brabo if it however will be capable of building the right way for armv5tel that is the big question
# 17:05:30 hamishtmb Here's to hoping. Yes, especially for this specific CPU. I think I may need to try a good few times before I produce a working setup
# 17:05:36 brabo it can be interesting to check what the l stands for
# 17:05:50 brabo it could be some configuration option can be changed to make it good
# 17:06:28 brabo spose without l it defaults to idk., big endian, and with l to little endian, you could use the non l config and change the endianness
# 17:07:03 hamishtmb Having a look through the GPL code download for this, it appears they used an older version of crosstool-ng for the build!
# 17:08:34 hamishtmb I can probably steal bits of configuration from that. I may end up using an older version of crosstool because old 2.6 kernel and probably binutils and glibc (having a hard time figuring out versions)
# 17:14:06 brabo hamishtmb: i am having trouble finding quickly what the l would stand for. i do however sometimes see a b appended. it could be the endiannes. maybe check the config and see if it is set to little? if so, may be you are lucky
# 17:15:11 hamishtmb Yes, it is set to little endian mode. Thanks for having a look for me
# 17:15:45 hamishtmb By the way, is there any kind of benchmark for how long a build usually takes like the SBUs used in linux from scratch?
# 17:20:48 brabo hamishtmb: idk, i just know sit back and take a bottle of wine and a movie
# 17:21:00 hamishtmb Fair enough XD
# 17:21:12 hamishtmb Already looks like it's nearly done :)
# 17:21:16 hamishtmb No wine for me
# 17:21:34 brabo idk how you would know it's nearly done though, massive output :)
# 17:26:46 hamishtmb It says building final gcc compiler :) I actually think armv5te is fine, because /proc/cpuinfo lists the arch as 5TE, even though uname says armv5tel
# 17:27:24 hamishtmb We'll just see if it works I guess. The version of crosstool-ng used by the manufacturer was apparently v1.4.1, but I can probably do better than that
# 17:27:31 brabo well
# 17:28:00 brabo if it works, that is what counts ;)
# 17:31:34 hamishtmb Yep. Speaking of working, I just got a build failure saying find: File system loop detected right at the end of the build! Have you had this before?
# 17:32:02 hamishtmb I'm gonna build v1.4.1 now if I can anyway - might as well try to get something I know can work to work first
# 17:35:43 brabo hamishtmb: not iirc
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# 19:55:14 brabo damn, i should have phrased my question properly.. hm.. if i ct-ng the arm musl sample config, and ct-ng menuconfig, it still shows newlib selected and only other option being none? did i miss something?
# 19:56:09 brabo reason i'd like to solve it with ct-ng is we have a working toolchain with ct-ng including newlib and elf2flt, and musl-cross doesn't directly indicate how one would have to go about including elf2flt..
# 19:56:20 brabo but musl is nice
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