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authorYann E. MORIN" <>2012-12-27 11:45:22 (GMT)
committerYann E. MORIN" <>2012-12-27 11:45:22 (GMT)
commitae91413aee0b6901ce5a08b86a9c2207217252eb (patch)
parentd565297b97ee51c8e25325c0a860e3744220c55e (diff)
scripts/addToolsVersion: properly handle .in vs. .in.2
While most components have their version in the .in file, some have it in the .in.2 (eg. elf2flt). Currently, to handle this case, we indiscriminately munge both files, but this is wrong: in the elf2flt case, if we add a binutils version, we do not want it to be added to elf2flt, and conversely. So, for each tool, we need to explicitly know what file to munge. Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
1 files changed, 19 insertions, 22 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/ b/scripts/
index 26fdfe4..e7d59bb 100755
--- a/scripts/
+++ b/scripts/
@@ -187,24 +187,24 @@ fi
while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
case "$1" in
# Tools:
- --gcc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=CC; tool=gcc; tool_prefix=cc;;
- --binutils) EXP=; OBS=; cat=BINUTILS; tool=binutils; tool_prefix=binutils;;
- --glibc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_GLIBC; tool=glibc; tool_prefix=libc;;
- --eglibc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_EGLIBC; tool=eglibc; tool_prefix=libc;;
- --uClibc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_UCLIBC; tool=uClibc; tool_prefix=libc;;
- --newlib) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_NEWLIB; tool=newlib; tool_prefix=libc;;
- --linux) EXP=; OBS=; cat=KERNEL; tool=linux; tool_prefix=kernel;;
- --gdb) EXP=; OBS=; cat=GDB; tool=gdb; tool_prefix=debug;;
- --dmalloc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=DMALLOC; tool=dmalloc; tool_prefix=debug;;
- --duma) EXP=; OBS=; cat=DUMA; tool=duma; tool_prefix=debug;;
- --strace) EXP=; OBS=; cat=STRACE; tool=strace; tool_prefix=debug;;
- --ltrace) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LTRACE; tool=ltrace; tool_prefix=debug;;
- --gmp) EXP=; OBS=; cat=GMP; tool=gmp; tool_prefix=companion_libs;;
- --mpfr) EXP=; OBS=; cat=MPFR; tool=mpfr; tool_prefix=companion_libs;;
- --ppl) EXP=; OBS=; cat=PPL; tool=ppl; tool_prefix=companion_libs;;
- --cloog) EXP=; OBS=; cat=CLOOG; tool=cloog; tool_prefix=companion_libs;;
- --mpc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=MPC; tool=mpc; tool_prefix=companion_libs;;
- --libelf) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBELF; tool=libelf; tool_prefix=companion_libs;;
+ --gcc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=CC; tool=gcc; tool_prefix=cc; dot2suffix=;;
+ --binutils) EXP=; OBS=; cat=BINUTILS; tool=binutils; tool_prefix=binutils; dot2suffix=;;
+ --glibc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_GLIBC; tool=glibc; tool_prefix=libc; dot2suffix=;;
+ --eglibc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_EGLIBC; tool=eglibc; tool_prefix=libc; dot2suffix=;;
+ --uClibc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_UCLIBC; tool=uClibc; tool_prefix=libc; dot2suffix=;;
+ --newlib) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBC_NEWLIB; tool=newlib; tool_prefix=libc; dot2suffix=;;
+ --linux) EXP=; OBS=; cat=KERNEL; tool=linux; tool_prefix=kernel; dot2suffix=;;
+ --gdb) EXP=; OBS=; cat=GDB; tool=gdb; tool_prefix=debug; dot2suffix=;;
+ --dmalloc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=DMALLOC; tool=dmalloc; tool_prefix=debug; dot2suffix=;;
+ --duma) EXP=; OBS=; cat=DUMA; tool=duma; tool_prefix=debug; dot2suffix=;;
+ --strace) EXP=; OBS=; cat=STRACE; tool=strace; tool_prefix=debug; dot2suffix=;;
+ --ltrace) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LTRACE; tool=ltrace; tool_prefix=debug; dot2suffix=;;
+ --gmp) EXP=; OBS=; cat=GMP; tool=gmp; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
+ --mpfr) EXP=; OBS=; cat=MPFR; tool=mpfr; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
+ --ppl) EXP=; OBS=; cat=PPL; tool=ppl; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
+ --cloog) EXP=; OBS=; cat=CLOOG; tool=cloog; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
+ --mpc) EXP=; OBS=; cat=MPC; tool=mpc; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
+ --libelf) EXP=; OBS=; cat=LIBELF; tool=libelf; tool_prefix=companion_libs; dot2suffix=;;
# Tools options:
-x|--experimental|+s) EXP=1;;
@@ -219,10 +219,7 @@ while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
# Version string:
*) [ -n "${tool}" ] || { doHelp; exit 1; }
- # Components have their version selection either
- # in the .in or the .in.2 file. Handle both.
- addToolVersion "$1" "${file_base}"
- addToolVersion "$1" "${file_base}.2"
+ addToolVersion "$1" "${file_base}${dot2suffix}"