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authorYann E. MORIN" <>2010-02-11 20:28:10 (GMT)
committerYann E. MORIN" <>2010-02-11 20:28:10 (GMT)
commit013230cda91a104af9e1344ccf926c19c52d9e1d (patch)
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scripts: add action to extract config from a build.log file
That got removed quite some time ago, but is really usefull to get the configuration from a build.log file of a failing build.
3 files changed, 31 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/ct-ng.comp b/ct-ng.comp
index e14b48e..f6759a7 100644
--- a/ct-ng.comp
+++ b/ct-ng.comp
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ _ct-ng () {
start_steps=$(echo "${steps}" |sed -r -e 's/($| )/\1+/;')
stop_steps=$(echo "${steps}" |sed -r -e 's/(^| )/+\1/;')
- actions='help menuconfig oldconfig saveconfig
+ actions='help menuconfig oldconfig saveconfig extractconfig
build build. build-all build-all.
list-samples list-steps show-tuple show-all show-config
clean distclean wiki-samples updatetools
diff --git a/docs/overview.txt b/docs/overview.txt
index 206e8c9..a0e1222 100644
--- a/docs/overview.txt
+++ b/docs/overview.txt
@@ -331,11 +331,20 @@ If you have an existing toolchain, you can re-use the options used to build it
to create a new toolchain. That needs a very little bit of effort on your side
but is quite easy. The options to build a toolchain are saved with the
toolchain, and you can retrieve this configuration by running:
- ${CT_TARGET}-config
+ ${CT_TARGET}-ct-ng.config
-This will dump the configuration to stdout, so to rebuild a toolchain with this
-configuration, the following is all you need to do:
- ${CT_TARGET}-config >.config
+An alternate method is to extract the configuration from a build.log file.
+This will be necessary if your toolchain was build with crosstool-NG prior
+to 1.4.0, but can be used with build.log files from any version:
+ ct-ng extractconfig <build.log >.config
+Or, if your build.log file is compressed (most probably!):
+ bzcat build.log.bz2 |ct-ng extractconfig >.config
+The above commands will dump the configuration to stdout, so to rebuild a
+toolchain with this configuration, just redirect the output to the
+.config file:
+ ${CT_TARGET}-ct-ng.config >.config
ct-ng oldconfig
Then, you can review and change the configuration by running:
diff --git a/kconfig/ b/kconfig/
index 296ca5e..88dcdd3 100644
--- a/kconfig/
+++ b/kconfig/
@@ -24,12 +24,29 @@ oldconfig: $(obj)/conf .config
+# Always be silent, the stdout an be >.config
+ @awk 'BEGIN { dump=0; } \
+ dump==1 && $$0~/^\[.....\][[:space:]]+(# |)CT_/ { \
+ $$1=""; \
+ gsub("^[[:space:]]",""); \
+ print; \
+ } \
+ $$0~/Dumping user-supplied crosstool-NG configuration: done in/ { \
+ dump=0; \
+ } \
+ $$0~/Dumping user-supplied crosstool-NG configuration$$/ { \
+ dump=1; \
+ }'
# Help text used by make help
@echo ' menuconfig - Update current config using a menu based program'
@echo ' oldconfig - Update current config using a provided .config as base'
+ @echo ' extractconfig - Extract to stdout the configuration items from a'
+ @echo ' build.log file piped to stdin'
# Hmmm! Cheesy build!