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Clarify licensing issues.
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licenses.d/by-sa/legalcode (legal code, the full license)
- Files found in patches/*/ are available under the same license as the
- software they apply to.
- As a rule of thumb:
- patches/uClibc/*/*.patch : available under the LGPL v2.1
- patches/glibc/*/*.patch : ditto
- patches/dmalloc/*/*.patch : ditto
- patches/*/*/*.patch not covered by any license above:
- GPL v2 (some are GPL v2 or later, see the
- full source).
+ upstream software they apply to.
+ That means that you can't use those patches if you were licensed the
+ software under a specific license which is not the one the software is
+ commonly available under.
+ As an example, if you ever managed to get the Linux kernel under a license
+ other than the GPLv2, you are not allowed to use the Linux kernel patches
+ coming with crosstool-NG, as those are available under the GPLv2, which is
+ the license the Linux kernel is most commonly available under.
+ As a convenience, the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v2.1 (for the
+ glibc, uClibc, and some other libraries) is available there:
+ licenses.d/lgpl.txt
- Other files not covered by the above licenses, and not covered by an
individual license specified in the file itself, or an accompanying file,