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Merge pull request #672 from stilor/freebsd-fixescrosstool-ng-1.23.0-rc2
Freebsd fixes
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@@ -50,6 +50,22 @@ config GDB_CROSS_PYTHON
have been reports of problems when linking gdb to the static
libpython.a. This should be fixed in gdb >=7.3. YMMV.
+ string "Python binary to use"
+ depends on GDB_CROSS_PYTHON
+ help
+ The path to a binary passed to GDB configure. You may need to
+ specify this if Python is not available under the default name
+ (i.e. 'python'). By default, crosstool-NG will try python, python3
+ and python2, in that order.
+ To use this option in a canadian/cross-native build, you will
+ need to provide a helper script that will report the compilation
+ and linking flags for the host's Python, since configure script
+ will not be able to run the interpreter and query it. See the
+ help message in gdb's configure script for the --with-python option
+ for further guidance.
prompt "Cross-gdb extra config"