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authorYann E. MORIN" <>2011-10-08 20:57:21 (GMT)
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debug/gdb: new option to enable/disable use of python
Add a new option to enable/disable the Python scripting in gdb. Hide the option (ie. disable it) when statically linking the cross-gdb. Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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@@ -33,4 +33,20 @@ config GDB_CROSS_STATIC
That way, you can share the cross-gdb without installing a toolchain
on every machine that will be used to debug target programs.
+ bool
+ prompt "Enable python scripting"
+ depends on CONFIGURE_has_python
+ depends on ! GDB_CROSS_STATIC
+ default y
+ help
+ Say 'y' if you want to use Python scripting inside gdb.
+ Say 'n' if you do not want to.
+ Beware that enabling Python scripting could render the gdb
+ executable non-functional if you move it to another machine.
+ Building a static gdb can help in this regard, although there
+ have been reports of problems when linking gdb to the static
+ libpython.a. This should be fixed in gdb >=7.3. YMMV.
endif # GDB_CROSS