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misc: change references to point to the new website
It's been a while now that crosstool-NG has been hosted on it's own website, and not at my home. Change every reference to the old site to the new one, everywhere is makes sense to. Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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@@ -73,17 +73,20 @@ config MIRROR_BASE_URL
prompt "Base URL"
depends on USE_MIRROR
- default ""
+ default ""
This is the base URL searched in for tarballs.
- I (Yann E. MORIN) have set up such a mirror to host snapshots of
- some components, when those snapshots are volatile on the upstream
- servers. The mirror is *slow*, because it is hosted behind an ADSL
- line. For the time being, I haven't set up bandwidth limitations,
- but should the mirror be abused, I will. Please avoid using my
- machine when you can... Also, no guarantee is made as to its
- availability. Use at your own risks.
+ The crosstool-NG server hosts a few of the required components, but
+ it is limited to volatile snashots (eg. uClibc) that are used in some
+ samples, or to mirror some archives which upstream can be flaky (eg.
+ mpfr), or for which upstream releases can be missing due to upstream
+ not doing archives (eg. glibc-ports).
+ The mirror is provided as-is, no guarantee is made as to the actual
+ content of the archives, or to the availability of the mirror.
+ Excercise caution, use at your own risks!
The mirror is available at: