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gcc: Remove gcc <= 4.7.x
As per #222, in crosstool-NG >= 1.23.0, we will only support: [upstream supported gcc versions] - 1 As of this writing, these versions are: * 5.2.0 * 4.9.3 * 4.8.5 (the -1, since development on 4.8.x is now closed) I plan to keep 4.8.5 around because of some architectures having issues with over-optimization or just faulty optimization in the 4.9.x and possibly newer versions. I also cleaned up a requirement for glibc to depend on >= gcc-4.6.x for >= glibc-2.20, but since the lowest gcc we support after this change is >= 4.8.5, this condition can go away. Patches for older gcc versions are removed in the next commit. This closes #222 Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
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@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ config STRIP_HOST_TOOLCHAIN_EXECUTABLES
prompt "Strip target toolchain executables"
- depends on CC_GCC_4_6_or_later
It means using install-strip target for GCC 4.6 or later.
An install-strip make target is provided that installs stripped