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script: allow to pass any float value for CT_LOAD
Signed-off-by: Samuel Martin <> Message-Id: <b51acf21c72b4a8e882e.1359320015@laptop> Patchwork-Id: 216062
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@@ -19,19 +19,17 @@ config PARALLEL_JOBS
Enter 0 to set automatically based on how many processors the host has.
config LOAD
- int
+ string
prompt "Maximum allowed load" if ! BACKEND
- default 0
+ default ""
Specifies that no new jobs should be started if there are others jobs
running and the load average is at least this value.
- Makes sense on SMP machines only.
- Enter 0 to have no limit on the load average.
- Note: only the integer part of the load is allowed here (you can't enter
- 0.75 for example).
+ Leave to empty for no load limit.
+ Note: any float value is allowed and will be passed to the '-l' option
+ of make (for further details, refer to the make manpage).
config USE_PIPES