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Remove support for experimental patches and musl patches
This functionality was provided so that crosstool-ng could have a further set of patches considered experimental and unsupported. Now that musl-libc support is making it's way upstream in gcc, I'm removing this support and the experimental musl patches. In later commits, backports from gcc upstream will be added to the supported patch sets to support musl-libc. Signed-off-by: Bryan Hundven <>
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@@ -29,16 +29,6 @@ config EXPERIMENTAL
- non-existant, in which case you could also try hacking it in and send me
the result
- bool
- depends on EXPERIMENTAL
- prompt "Use patches marked as EXPERIMENTAL_PATCHES (READ HELP!)"
- help
- ***WARNING*** This is not supported by crosstool-ng! ***WARNING***
- If you set this to Y, then you will be able to enable experimental
- patches that are not supported by crosstool-ng.
prompt "Allow building as root user (READ HELP!)"