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Introduce a new option to overide components' config.{gues,sub} with the one provided with crosstool-NG.
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@@ -209,6 +209,26 @@ config FORCE_EXTRACT
Usefull if you suspect a previous extract did not complete (eg. broken
tarball), or you added a new set of patches for this component.
+ bool
+ prompt "Override config.{guess,sub}"
+ default y
+ help
+ Override tools' versions of config.guess and config.sub with the ones
+ from crosstool-NG. This means that all instances of config.guess and
+ config.sub in gcc, binutils, glibc, etc... will be replaced.
+ Most of the time, the versions of those scripts found in packages are old
+ versions, thus lacking some target definitions. This is the case for
+ uClibc-based tuples in old versions of gcc and gdb, for example.
+ Also, doing so will guarantee that all components have the same tuples
+ definitions for your target, and not diverging ones.
+ You can update the ones provided with crosstool-NG by first running:
+ ct-ng updatetools
+ in the directory where you want to run crosstool-NG prior to the build.
prompt "Stop after extracting tarballs"