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scripts: add support for building manuals
Add support for building the HTML and PDF manuals for the major components. Implement for binutils, GCC, GDB, and GLIBC. Always build all manuals and install a subset. Be explicit about the subset to reduce the clutter and to avoid getting copies of common manuals like bfd from all of the sourceware based components. Downside of being explicit is that you need to update it when a new component comes along. Build the manuals as part of the last GCC build, namely 'cc' for glibc based ones and cc_core_pass_2 for baremetal. An example of the output is at: Signed-off-by: Michael Hope <> [ depends on ! remove docs; gold manual install] Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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@@ -90,6 +90,14 @@ config REMOVE_DOCS
Remove the installed documentation (man and info pages).
Gains around 8MiB for a uClibc-based, C and C++ compiler.
+ bool
+ prompt "Build the manuals"
+ depends on ! REMOVE_DOCS
+ help
+ Build the PDF and HTML manuals for the main components such as
+ binutils, GCC, GDB, and the C library.
prompt "Render the toolchain read-only"