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Add a new option to set connection timeout while downloading.
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@@ -20,6 +20,31 @@ config ONLY_DOWNLOAD
Usefull to pre-retrieve the tarballs before going off-line.
+ int
+ prompt "connection timeout"
+ default 10
+ help
+ From the curl manual:
+ Maximum time in seconds that you allow the connection to the server to take.
+ The scenario is as follows;
+ - some enterprise networks have firewalls that prohibit FTP traffic, while
+ still allowing HTTP
+ - most download sites have http:// equivalent for the ftp:// URL
+ - after this number of seconds, it is considered that the connection could
+ not be established, and the next URL in the list is tried, until we reach
+ an URL that will go through the firewall, most probably an http:// URL.
+ If you have a slow network, you'd better set this value higher than the default
+ 10s. If you know a firewall is blocking connections, but your network is globally
+ fast, you can try to lower this value to jump more quickly to allowed URLs. YMMV.
+ Note that this value applies equally to wget if you have that installed.
+ Of course, you'd be better off to use a proxy, as offered by the following
+ choice of options.
prompt "Proxy type"