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scripts/functions: add a generic custom location infrastructure
Add a generic custom location infrastructure (inspired by the one in kernel/linux) to allow the user to use custom tarballs or directories for any component. Signed-off-by: "David Holsgrove" <> [ move config option, improve help text, fix API doc] Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <> Message-Id: <131c163c69f9cc81d2be.1349931191@localhost.localdomain> PatchWork-Id: 190784 Message-Id: <0bbaba9190a76ba97f72.1349931192@localhost.localdomain> PatchWork-Id: 190785
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@@ -19,6 +19,15 @@ config SAVE_TARBALLS
If you say 'y' here, new downloaded tarballs will be saved in the
directory you entered above.
+ string
+ depends on EXPERIMENTAL
+ prompt "Directory containing custom source components"
+ help
+ This is the path CT-NG will attempt to use as a root for locating
+ local copies of source components (CUSTOM_LOCATION_ROOT_DIR/component)
+ unless a component declares its own specific custom location.
config WORK_DIR
prompt "Working directory" if ! BACKEND