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Building multi-lib aware toolchains is not supported, and won'yt be before a loooong time. Remove the associated config entry.
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@@ -51,24 +51,6 @@ config THREADS
default "linuxthreads" if THREADS_LINUXTHREADS
default "none" if THREADS_NONE
-# bool
-# prompt "Enable 'multilib' support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
-# default n
-# depends on EXPERIMENTAL
-# help
-# Enable the so-called 'multilib' support.
-# With the same toolchain, and on some architectures, you will be able to
-# build big and little endian binaries, soft- and hard-float, etc...
-# See the gcc configure manual at
-# to see what multilib your target supports.
-# It's preferable for now to build two (or more) toolchains, one for each
-# configuration you need to support (eg. one for thumb and one for ARM,
-# etc...). You can use the vendor string to diferentiate those toolchains.
prompt "Vendor string"