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debug/gdb: remove insight
Insight seems to be very slow to follow up on mainstreram gdb. Latest snapshots are more than 6 months old. Moreover, I don't have time to maintain insight support in crosstool-NG; and, because I don't use it, I am unable to find any breakage.
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@@ -43,15 +43,4 @@ config GDB_CROSS_USE_MPC
Say 'Y' here if you want to use MPC.
- bool
- prompt "Use Insight instead (EXPERIMENTAL)"
- default n
- depends on EXPERIMENTAL
- help
- If you say 'Y' here, then Insight will be used to build the cross
- debugger, instead of the plain gdb.
- Insight is gdb plus a TCL/TK GUI:
endif # GDB_CROSS