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binutils/sstrip: remove
sstrip has been obsoleted for a while now, as it's still broken for some archs, and there seems to be no incentive to fix it upstream. Besides, the space gained with sstrip is marginal at best. Signed-off-by: Yann Diorcet <> Message-Id: <65c8bf534d0647ce52cd.1353320545@macbook-smorlat.local> Patchwork-Id: 199970
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-# Configuration file for sstrip tool facility
-comment "sstrip"
-config SSTRIP
- bool
- prompt "sstrip (OBSOLETE)"
- help
- The sstrip utility, to maximise the striping of ELF binaries
- (executables and libraries).
- Buildroot version, forked off the original from ELFkickers.
- This one is somewhat maintained by the buildroot guys.
- Supports big-endian systems.
- NOTE! Please read.
- sstrip is now deprecated in crosstool-NG, as it has a few
- shortcomings. For example: it breaks for PPC targets, it
- does not build on non-ELF hosts (eg. mingw32, MacOS-X...).